GIVEAWAY: Ribbons & Bows Oh My

* This Giveaway is now closed *

The winner is comment #27 – Tara from 3 Guys On A Mission

Who wants $100 worth of totally awesomespice ribbon?!

This weekends giveaway is from the crazy cool ribbon and accessories company, Ribbons and Bows Oh My! otherwise known as RABOM.

6korkers 029

Ribbons and Bows Oh My! (RABOM)‘s ribbon is literally the best quality ribbon I’ve found. The grosgrain is THICK so your bows and crafts will be perfect and hold their shape, unlike most grosgrain that is thin and floppy.

7saddle stitch 001

I have purchased huge quantities of ribbon from them and trust me, they are the only site I order from. Their ribbon rocks.


In addition to only selling TOP QUALITY ribbon, they also sell all sorts of clips, headbands, and hardware to accommodate all your crafting needs.

3HAR_CLIP1  4dringrabom  5HAR_SMALL_WIDTH

Ribbons and Bows Oh My! (RABOM) is offering one lucky House of Hepworths reader a gift basket of ribbons, corkers, embellishments, & ruffle ribbon (a $100 value)!

This basket is perfect to accommodate all your crafting needs (and wants!)


If you just love ribbon and can’t get enough of it, you can become a CLUB member as well for additional savings! All Club Members will receive 15% off all hardware & a 10% onetime use coupon for the subtotal of an order.

Again, this giveaway is for a gift basket of ribbons, corkers, embellishments, & ruffle ribbon (a $100 value)!

And now, for the Giveaway:

  • PRIZE: $100 ribbon gift basket from Ribbons and Bows Oh My! (RABOM)
  • TO ENTER: Leave me a comment & tell us your favorite ribbon project!
  • ADDITIONAL ENTRY: “Like” RABOM on their Facebook Fan Page. Leave a 2nd comment letting me know.
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, May 26th at 10pm CST
  • USUAL STUFF:Up to two entries per e-mail address permitted. The winners will be selected using and announced on Friday at the top of this post. Make sure you provide me with a legit email address, or I will select a new winner.

*Pictures from Ribbons and Bows Oh My! (RABOM).

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  1. I love making hair bows! I only have a little man right now, so I’m lucky so many of my friends have girls who I can help accessorize. 🙂

  2. I make hair bows for my 4 granddaughters and also use ribbons in wreath decorating

  3. I like RABOM on FB. 🙂

  4. Why oh why did you have to introduce me to their site?!? It’s one of my weaknesses. I may not know what I’m going to use it for, I just have to buy it.

  5. I liked RABON on facebook!

  6. I love RABOM! My sister and I make hair candy from their ribbon, and I use it as an accent on the military keepsake dresses I make.

  7. I make grosgrain ribbon flowers with some beading for hairclips and brooches

  8. I love ribbon! How can I pick a favorite project? Right now I’m making tons of hair bows for my daughter. I made Christmas ornaments this year using ribbon. I use tons of ribbon to decorate every Christmas. I’m making denim purses and using ribbon embellishments. I love ribbon!

  9. I love ribbon! I use it for scrapbooking, embellishments, and hair bows. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I make tutus and hairbows, so I would love to win this giveaway.

  11. I was already a fan of RABOM on Facebook, and I am going over right now to become a fan of yours! Great site!

  12. I am a follower of RABOM on Facebook!

  13. I love making bows and I taggie blankets!!

  14. I make cookies and use tons of ribbon for the baggies they come in…could use LOTS o ribbon!!

  15. How fun! My favorite ribbon craft was a ribbon wreath I made a few years back. I love it!

  16. I use ribbon all of the time to make my daughter, Lola, her bows for her hair! Nothing is better than mommy made!

  17. I LOVE the key fab project that is on RABOM’s website. So cute!

  18. I want to win! And right now my favorite projects are lady bugs and butterfly clips made out of grossgrain ribbon. 🙂

  19. I “like” RABOM on Facebook!

  20. Beverly Parrish says:

    I “liked” RABOM on Facebook!

  21. Hey!! I love using ribbon to make changeable flip flops!!

  22. Beverly Parrish says:

    I’m GOOFY for grosgrain! I love it for scrapping, cards in hair & party decorating. OH my, I love this prize!

  23. I like ribbon for tying slipcovers and stringing garland and embellishing candles and vases!

  24. I love using grosgrain ribbon as binding for kids capes. Or I love adding it to tutus!

  25. Liked them on FB!!

  26. Korker bows and wreaths! Thanks Allison!

  27. I liked them on FB!

  28. I love making bows and headbands .

  29. I LoVe ribbon! I wear scrubs to work so I try to dress up my hair with a ribbon headband most days! They carry CUTE patterns 🙂

  30. I just redid a lampshade with ribbon. 🙂

  31. I use ribbon all of the time in my scrapbooks/ cards/ wrapping gifts and home decor….I can’t get enough…

  32. I love using ribbon in my holiday wreaths, hair bows, and my mantle designs for display!

  33. I love making bows and bow boards w/ ribbon 🙂

  34. I recently used wide grosgrain ribbon and made a bow holder for a pregnant friend! In pink! It’s Girl!

  35. Found some great projects after I liked RABOM on FB

  36. My most favorite way to use ribbon is on smocked bonnets I make for new babies. I so would like to know how to make bows and hair ornaments for children

  37. I like to use ribbon when wrapping gifts. I think it makes them look more elegant.
    I also have a ribbon wreath which looks awesome!

  38. Christine Poteet says:

    Oh I LOVE RABOM! I really enjoy the ribbon so I can make bows for my daughters hair! 🙂

  39. Christine Poteet says:

    I “Like” Rabom on Facebook! =)

  40. I am drooling over this wonderful place – love to use ribbons when making craft projects such as bows and headbands. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  41. Love anything with ribbon! I like the bow board on RABOM’s blog, absolutely darling.

  42. Susanne Ferreira says:

    sorry..I don’t have a BLOG but I follow yours. Ribbons ? you name it..making cards, crafts and many sewing projects..I have some fav ribbons I am saving for ? not sure I guess they are just part of my collection!! LOL, don’t we all have a collection? I would love to win these!!
    kind regards , susanne

  43. What don’t I use ribbon on? I have three little girls so we dress-up anything that will stand still long enough!

  44. Hairbows are my favorite! 🙂

  45. Samantha C. says:

    Love, love, love making corker bows!

  46. I love ribbon wreaths for different holidays and seasons.

  47. OMW this prize looks like! I use ribbons and bows from everything from hair clips to cards. Lately I’m obsessed with hair clips for my 2 little girls. I would use this all up! Going to check their site now!

  48. Erin Johannes says:

    I love making korker bows for my little girl! This looks like a great basket to win and I’m so excited to venture around this website – I’m addicted to buying ribbon! The hubby’s in trouble now haha!

  49. Donna Bowes says:

    I love making ribbon wreaths for the different seasons!

  50. Donna Bowes says:

    Liked them on facebook!

  51. Erin Johannes says:

    I Like them on facebook!

  52. Just liked them on FB! LOVE their site…i could go NUTS shopping there! WOW!

  53. What a fun giveaway!! I make soaps, and package them in bags with colorful ribbons. Also like making journals with ribbon ties on the spirals! (I LOVE ribbon!!)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Aimee @

    justkiddingaroundatlanta at gmail dot com

  54. I love making hairbows for my little girl!

  55. I just liked them on Facebook!

  56. I love making hairbows!

  57. I liked RABOM on Facebook!

  58. Lisa Dowell says:

    Fav ribbon project: tag blankets….but first I need to learn to sew 🙂

  59. Hannah Smith says:

    Liked them on facebook!

  60. Hannah Smith says:

    Well…I’m doing a better job at collecting ribbon than actually using it! But I do want to make some bows for my daughter….soon!

  61. I have really been wanting to do a ribbon wreath for my office or front door. I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. I am a ribbon ADDICT! I love to make hair clips, headbands and flower embellishments with ribbon. Love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Carrie Jenkins says:

    I love making bows for my 2 girls. This would be an awesome prize!

  64. Bridget Kinnunen says:

    Hair bows for my girls.

  65. Bridget Kinnunen says:

    I like RABOM on FB.

  66. Carrie Jenkins says:

    I liked them on facebook!

  67. I LOVE ribbon and use it for so many things……from home decorating to wrapping gifts. My favorite recent project was a ribbon wreath.

  68. I liked RABOM on FB.

  69. How awesome! I love ribbon! I use it in a lot of things– cards and scrapbooks, wreaths, and decorations!

  70. I would love to win this. I have so many ideas for the ribbon. I recently just wrapped some colorful ribbon around some candlesticks for my daughter’s candlier. I couldn’t find the right colored candlesticks and just came up with the idea!! I loved the look!

  71. Rachel Walker says:

    I am obsessed with making hairbows and hair accessories for my 6 year-old daughter. It breaks my heart to think she will grow out of them one day! I am expecting another baby, and hoping for another girl to lavish the bow-love on!

  72. I liked them on facebook too!!

  73. Rachel Walker says:

    I also liked them on Facebook!

  74. I like to use ribbon as an accessory. Hair, clothes, bags etc. It’s a nice little touch to make things finished.

  75. The ribbon cupcake clippie and the ribbon belt look like a fun challenge!! 🙂

  76. I like on facebook! 🙂

  77. I love using ribbons for my 3 girls, and also for gift wrapping! Would love a supply!

  78. Liked RABOM on facebook!

  79. this month I have been working on a ribbon holder. it is slow going. I am not that great at cutting wood. had to buy more already.

  80. I love making large stacked hair bows and fun clippies.

  81. Liked them on Facebook. 🙂

  82. I love using ribbon to make bows for my girls, and embellish burp clothes and dresses. This would be so fun to win!

  83. I love using ribbon on the cards I make for friends & family and making hair pretties for my three little chicks.

  84. A new RABOM shopper here! Love making bows for my granddaughters

  85. I love making bows for all the sweet girls in my life.

  86. Happy weekend! Don’t forget to come over and share a recipe at Savory Sunday!!

  87. Denise Porter says:

    You can NEVER have too much ribbon!

  88. I love ribbons. I feel like I really scored yesterday when I found vintage rolls of ribbon at a garage sale – I can always use more ribbon. I use ribbons on tons of my handmade cards, my favorite craft.

  89. Oh! So exciting! My favorite ribbon project is using them in shirts like this one!

  90. I love using ribbon to embellish my vases. And to make hair bows. And prettying up towels.

  91. I love RABOM on FB!

  92. Pink Survivor 03 says:

    Oh, my goodness, do I LOVE ribbon! I cannot go into a store that sells it without coming out with at least one new spool. My favorite big project was a ribbon wreath. I also use ribbon in my scrapbooking pages, cards and making cute hairbows for my granddaughter! Surely hope luck falls my way! ptarleton at nc dot rr dot com.



  95. Loretta Porter says:

    I LOVE ribbon!! I use it for bows for my daughters (they have a matching bow for every outfit…yes, I’m obsessed haha). 😀

  96. Tamara Lewis says:

    My favorite ribbon project is making bows for my daughter and my friends daughters. I’ve done many other things with ribbons but bows are just so sweet and girly they are my favorite!

  97. Tamara Lewis says:

    Just “liked” Rabom.

  98. I made some braided ribbon headbands for my sweetie granddaughter. They were a hit.

  99. I’d love this for my girls!

  100. I love making pacifier clips and wreaths!

  101. I am a follower of RABOM on facebook!

  102. I use ribbon on a lot of craft projects for my girls. I’ve glued it to boxes, lampshades and more!

  103. Heather Tucker says:

    I love using ribbon to embellish my daughter’s jeans!

  104. love adding accessories to my little girl’s hairbows!

  105. Alysha Ruse says:

    I love all Ribbon… Maybe it has to do with the fact I have three boys and no sweet girls to adorn in ribbon. I love to embellish presents with ribbon and handmade bows – 110% over the top. Yes, there are times the presentation is more exciting than the gift 🙂

  106. I love adding ribbon as embellishments to pretty much everything 🙂

  107. My little girl wears a bow every single day! I love making them and thankfully she loves wearing them!!

  108. i love to make cute hairbows for my daughter, so this would be a goldmine!!

  109. LOVE their stuff! Ooh, this would be so exciting to win!!!!!!

  110. Also, I “like” RABOM on Facebook!

  111. Melissa Hileman says:

    I love using ribbon to make hairbows for my friends daughters!

  112. Melissa Hileman says:

    Like them on FB!

  113. I love to make hair bows and embelish scrapbook pages. would love to win the basket!!!

  114. Brittney Peterson says:

    My favorite project was using different ribbon to make a bow holder for the many bows (many out of ribbon) for my daughter!

  115. Brittney Peterson says:

    Liked them on Facebook 🙂

  116. little girl hair bows are of coarse my go to but lately I have been loving embelishing canvas tote bags with ribbon!!!

  117. I saw (maybe here?) a cute little picture of flowers made with ribbon…I’d love to try it.

  118. dlonna nelson says:

    I would love to win this! I have jars that I love to fill and decorate. I would add the ribbon around the jars and other frame craft projects.

  119. Oh my gosh! I know your giveaways have always been awesome – but you just hit my B-AWESOME button with this one!!! I am soooo addicted to ribbon it’s wrong! (My husband would die if I won this!!!) WOOPI! Thanks once again for all your awesome ideas and giveaways!

  120. I love making korker bows (there are some AWESOME tutorials on Youtube) for my daughter… She looks absolutely adorable and unique and the bows are much higher quality than what you’d buy in the store.

    PS: I’m loving HOH! especially your “hook-ups”– I’ve gotten sooo many awesome ideas! Thanks!

  121. 6 nieces=a lot of hair whirly doos=RABOM is a must!

  122. Fun site and great basket of goodies! I have to say I have never made a bow which is sad b/c I probably spent over $100 on them in the last 3 years!

  123. I use ribbon all over my house! I hang my picutres with it all the time. I made my daughter a paper mache heart with scrapbook paper and I hung it with this amazing dark pink ribbon. Love it!

  124. I <3 ribbon!! I use it in my art as well as for decorating around the house and for gifts and hair accessories 😀

  125. Hoping to add that to by stash. Thanks HOH for your cool give aways.

  126. Great Giveaway. I love making bows for my niece.

  127. Mandy Atzmiller says:

    My favorite is hair bows!

  128. Mandy Atzmiller says:

    Fan of RABOM on facebook!

  129. LOVE ribbons….now that I have a little girl after two boys I am buying so much ribbon. Favorite project is changing ribbon on her cute infant sandels…until she grows some more hair 🙂

  130. I like RABOM on FB

  131. Judith Reese says:

    I love to make baby towel with this ribbon. I have ordered from there before and would love to start my new stash…since I lost my other one.

  132. I love to use ribbon for scrapbooking pages and to make crafts with my children. I will have to go check out their page.

  133. i’m a lover of woven headbands and korker bows! so glad i have girlie girls! 🙂

  134. My favorite ribbon projects are card making and covering lampshades.

  135. i like rabom on facebook, and i like u 2 🙂

  136. Jessica Hayes says:

    I love using ribbon for wreaths.

  137. I love making bows for my 18 months old little girl! I also use ribon to make letter bow holders !

  138. Liked RABOW on FB too!

  139. my favorite thing to do make bows!

  140. Patty Taylor says:

    I love to make petticoats, tutu’s and hairbows for my granddaughter and her friends! I would love to win this!!!

  141. liked them on FB

  142. Patty Taylor says:

    I am already a facebook fan of RABOM! 🙂

  143. Whitney Bretzke says:

    Ribbon project I like to make are kroker bows and woven headbands

  144. Whitney Bretzke says:

    Like them on facebook

  145. Darci Salinas says:

    In addition to hair bows for my granddaughters, I use ribbon as the perfect embelishment for crocheted hats, blankets and baby booties! I would love to win this prize basket!

  146. Darci Salinas says:

    I “liked” RABOM on FB too!

  147. I love making hairbows and headbands. I shop RABOM all the time for their ribbon and hardware. This prize looks awesome!

  148. Maria Delao says:

    I love RABOM ribbon! I make hair bows for adorable girls!!!

  149. Jodi Raines says:

    I make tutus, bow holders, bows, and hair clips using ribbon & tulle. I, also, use it to accent clothing 🙂

  150. Jodi Raines says:

    I like them on Facebook. 🙂

  151. My current favorite thing to do with ribbon is make placemat purses! If I won though I would also have to make my little diva some bows out of the ribbon.

  152. oh my goodness, this would totally satisfy my ribbon addiction! lol! those are absolutely gorgeous & fabulous ribbons…i especially love the silk flower project kits. definitely awesome!

  153. I liked their facebook page!

  154. I am a ribbon junkie! Mostly I use it on scrapbook pages (a couple pieces make a super quickie border!) but I also like to use it on gift packaging – and everyone knows if they are not going to re-use it, give it back to me!

  155. I love your blog! I am always envious of the way you can see junk and make it magnificent! I love making hair bows for my neice. She is turning one so I’d love to make a great big bow in pinks and blacks.

  156. I’m a fan of both House of Hepworths and RABOM on facebook.

    I use ribbon in tutus, hair bows, ponytail streamers, clippies, ribbon sculptures, french memory boards, embellishing hats, I even make ribbon wands like they use in gymnastics but my favorite uses are those I don’t expect….

    …..tying my daughter’s dress or swimsuit straps with a bow to keep them on her shoulders, adding a splash of color to a vase of wildflowers, making curtain tie-backs, ornaments, interweaving in a wicker basket, fabric wreaths, decorating seasonal trees.

    My absolute favorite was making the hanger for my daughter’s terra cotta clay handprint.

  157. Checked out the website and liked on facebook. O love RABOM! Headbands and shoelaces would definitely top my to do list with this basket!

  158. Breie Baldwin says:

    I like using ribbon for invitations and scrapbooking.

  159. Sara Alatorre says:

    I love to make hair bows….I dunno why but ever since I learned to make them last year I make them all the time. All I know is whomever wins the giveaway is going to love RABOM their ribbon is awesome. Good Luck to all!!

  160. I love to use ribbon in wreaths. It add that special “girly” touch!

  161. My daughter and I like to craft together, and she is great at making headbands. I think she could think of some really creative ways to use the ribbon. Crossing my fingers to win! 🙂

  162. I love making bows for my two little girls.

  163. I “liked” RBOM on FB!

  164. Nicole Pruetz says:

    My favorite ribbon project would be making bows for my 2 daughters! We love us some bows:)

  165. I am a mom of one bow crazy little girl so we LOVE ribbon in our house!!!

  166. Darlene Miller says:

    One of my favorite ribbon projects is the gift that I give to new moms at babyshowers. I make about 18 hairbows in all different sizes and clip them to a paper flower on a dole pole. I them put them in a vase as the center piece on the tables.

    I love ribbons and bows oh my!!

  167. Darlene Miller says:

    I already “liked” Ribbons and Bows Oh My Facebook page.

  168. So far, my favorite ribbon project is making hair bows for my two little girls. I’m sure I could come up with some other uses, given the chance.

  169. I like RABOM on facebook!

  170. I love making cute things for little girls to wear in their hair! I have two little boys and sometimes force them to model the a little for me, but I usually send them all to my nieces!

  171. I love making hairbows for my daughters hair

  172. !GASP! When I had my boutique RABOM was my go to shop for tulle, hardware and fun ribbon…man I miss making those frilly padgent bows. They were my absolute favorite…You could get so creative! Maybe I should start back up again…hmmm…if i win this giveaway…what a great way to start…****WINK**** smooches!

  173. I LOVE using ribbon to embellish my paper crafts and for gift wrapping

  174. i love making bows and clothing with ribbon!

  175. I like Ribbons and Bows Oh My! on Facebook.


  176. Christine DelGuzzi says:

    Hair ribbons! Purse ties! Belts! Dress straps! We LOVE ribbon in this household! 🙂

  177. Christine DelGuzzi says:

    Liked Ribbons and Bows Oh My on Facebook! 🙂

  178. I have a 4 year old that is all girly who would love me to make her some hair accessories to make her look cute. She cut her hair all short in December and now it is in the funky grown out stage. We need some ribbon STAT!

  179. Hair bows, flip flops, and key fobs oh my! I love to make them all!

  180. I love using ribbon on my cards, scrapbook and paper projects.

  181. Bland MacPherson-Reddy says:

    Stain the top and paint the bottom black. Then funky fabric for the chairs… too cool.

  182. Love Love Love the RIBBON!

  183. I make Hairbows for a living! So this would be so nice to have some supplies to use for those close to me and not the business! Gifts are so much more fun than selling! So my favorite ribbon project would have to be my Layla Style bows at!

  184. I have liked RABOM on Facebook for awhile! Best way to find out about Sales!
    my Facebook ID:

  185. Please please let me win!! My favorite ribbon project? I can’t pick just one, but I guess I make hair bows for my Etsy shop and my daughter the most.

  186. I liked them on Facebook!

  187. I like making neat ribbon bows for gifts.

  188. adorable giveaway! my fav ribbon project ever was sitting at the kitchen table with my husband, putting together out wedding favors, assembly line style. [organza bags with aqua and white m&m’s tied with lovely aqua ribbon!]

  189. fun! i love to make little hair accessories with cute ribbon

  190. I’d love to win! my 4 year old is very specific about how her bows should look- and the 7 year old will only wear very simple things. Thanks!

  191. I LOVE making cheerbows and streamers using curly ribbon! Those are my favorite!!

    thanks for hosting the give away !

  192. Just left a comment on RABOM Facebook page. Thanks again for the chance to win 🙂

  193. How perfect! I just found out I am having a girl, so I can’t wait to get started making bows!!!

  194. I love making bows for my darling 3 year old and all of my nieces!

  195. my favorite ribbon thing is just bow making i LOVE bows and making different hair pretties!

  196. I like RABOM on FB!!

  197. I like to make bows, but I really just like using ribbon to embellish gifts and shirts and such.

  198. I liked their FB page.

  199. My husband said I can’t start any more projects or buy anything else until I finish the others…I can hide these nicely in my closet…with my other stash…that he knows absolutely nothing about! Love the ribbon!

  200. I don’t work with ribbon much simply because of the cost. I love looking at it. I can envision embellishing lots of pillows and bags with different kinds of ribbons.

  201. I liked the Rabom on facebook

  202. I like the corker bows! They are so cute!

  203. I liked RABOM on facebook!

  204. Tara Marchido says:

    I love hair clippies. My daughter was the kid with a giant ribbon turkey in her hair at preschool for Thanksgiving. Oh those were the days. Now my daughter is in 1st grade & wears ribbon headbands & simple clippies to match her outfits.

  205. Darci Salinas says:

    Don’t have a blog, but LOVE yours! Currently making ribbon roses to accent crocheted hats for babies. Would love to win this.

  206. Andrea Watts says:

    Bows for wrapping gifts

  207. Janina Postma says:

    What a great give away…hope I get it!!!

  208. I use ribbons from everything to scrapbooking to decorating to hair bows, to binkie clips. Love love love this ribbon! wait.. Need need need this ribbon!

  209. I love sewing ribbon on to sweet little bags for my girl!

  210. i love RIBBON.. i love to make hairbows and all sorts of other things…. thanks for this awwesome giveaway…

  211. i like RABOM on facebook. thanks

  212. I LOVE ribbon!! I love making hair bows for my 2 littles! Thanks for the chance to win! You’re the best!

  213. I like RABOM on Facebook!

  214. Crystal Williams says:

    Hairbows for my 23 year-old daughter when she was young. I was ecstatic to give birth to a little girl and greatly enjoyed making her long blonde locks look beautiful as long as she would let me.

  215. Like to make hair bows, use it to dress up a lamp shade or dress up a handbag. The options are endless!

  216. Like RABOM on Facebook 🙂

  217. I love Ribbons and Bows Oh My! and have been a fan for years. And have been using their ribbon to make pacifier clips.

  218. I like RABOM on FB!

  219. My favorite ribbon project I have done to date is a ribbon harlequin pillow and a ribbon lampshade. So much stuff you can do with ribbon. Thanks so much for the chance to win an awesome giveaway!!

  220. I make bows for my daughter, her cheerleading squad, and friends’ kids. I am also in the process of making bows for my new daughter, due at the end of August! I love your blog and would love to win this giveaway!

  221. I love making bows on aligator clips for my 2 girls. They lose them all the time so I’m constantly replacing them!

  222. I like them on facebook

  223. I LOVE to make my 2 year old daughter and 3 year old niece cute bows and clips. This basket would be perfect!

  224. I love using ribbon for party decorating!

  225. I love ribbon! I use it for many things, home decor crafts ,gift wrap, burp cloths. The colors are gorgeous on ribbon and the texture really adds something special .