HoH vacation poll

Please take a minute to stop by my Facebook Fan Page and answer the very quick poll I just posted.

If you don’t have Facebook, or are just too lazy to click over, you can answer in the comments here if you’d like.

Here’s the poll:

I’m going on a road trip this summer for 3 weeks. Would you rather…

A) Keep reading the regular home decor and craft posts that HoH usually blogs about.

B) Read about HoH’s road trip for 3 weeks straight (no craft or home decor posts)

C) Half and Half. Regular posts plus vacation posts mixed in.

D) I don’t care. I’ll read whatever HoH blogs about.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I need a vacation too! Bring me with you! My vote is C.

  2. c. i love ya, but i don’t want to read about your vaca for 3 weeks!!!

  3. Half and Half! Love your decor posts but I am not going on vacay so I’d enjoy seeing yours!

  4. I’m with “D” : )

  5. And have fun on vacation!!

  6. Lazy checking in.
    How about E – Surprise us!

  7. One more thing, 3 week road trip – WONDERFUL!

  8. I’ll read it either way. From a misplaced Texan, have a lot of fun!

  9. half and half 🙂

  10. eh, whatever you want. Have some fun, I’ll read anything you write! 😉

  11. I say C. I would like to hear about your vacay!

  12. B or C! Either one would be fine with me. I love road trips. One can see some fabulous things and make some terrific finds!

  13. thanks for giving me the lazy option! i’d choose D!

  14. I am all for half and half so I say “C”.

  15. I vote for half and half.

  16. C) Half and half… please!

  17. If it was me, I’d go on vacation and not blog till I got home, but then that is why my blog isn’t as successful as yours. I’d go for D. Do what you feel like. Enjoy and we hope to hear about your vacation when you come home. 🙂

  18. April in CT says:

    Half and half! And have a wonderful vacation!

  19. Vacation posts are fine. I enjoy reading what folks have experienced on the road.

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