Hookin Up with HoH #51

Today is my birthday! Weeeeeee! I’m 31, yo, and as my 10 year old sister says, I better make the best of it because I’ve only “got 9 good years left!” Um, thanks?…

Okay, so technically my birthday is June 1st, so most of you will be a day late and a dollar short. Just wish me a Happy Birthday and I’ll forgive you. 😉


So, are you ready to hook up your awesome posts?! I can’t wait to see all the amazing projects you guys have been working on.

Last week’s links were the bomb-diggity-dog. Srsly, you kids one-up yourselves every week! Here are ten bloggers I just had to share with you.

The Scrap Shoppe created the most chic pin cushion. I’m definitely going to do this!

Are you stat-obsessed like me? (Admit it!) The Speckled Dog shows you how to easily see how many people have liked your stuff on Pinterest. AWESOME.

OhEmGee, check out this fabulous plate wall by The View Along The Way. I LOVE how it wraps around the wall and perfectly frames the tree.

Beach House in the City painted Chevron onto her rug. Love the chevron. Love the color. Love it all.

Check out this fabulous lamp makeover by The Mustard Ceiling. I also love the entire setup.

Holy mother of… Can I have this kitchen? Cottage Beach House makes us all wish we were her with her amazing kitchen makeover.

The Gunny Sack made these absolutely fabulous sunglass cases. Triple love.

How awesome is this painting by Us and Them? Amazeballz.

Shape Moth made one of the most breathtaking quilts ever. I just love the kaleidoscope of colors.

Root beer? Check. Popsicle? Check. Make yummy Root Beef Float popsicles over at Smile Monsters.

If you’ve been featured you are AWESOME so grab a button and tell everyone!


Post about anything you’ve worked on recently!

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A few DON’TS:

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my pincushion, Allison! Loving all of the highlighted projects. And happy birthday!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (And since it’s still the first, I’m not a day late 🙂 )


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it’s fabulous! Thanks for hosting!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you had a great day 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  5. You’re so sweet to be throwing US a party on YOUR birthday! 😉 Happy Birthday! And seriously, you’re barely in your 30’s so I wouldn’t worry too much about 40 yet 😉 Hope you had a great day!

  6. Hope you’ve had a fabulous birthday!!

  7. HAPPY B-DAY!!

    Thanks for the shout-out on the Pinterest scoop.

    That plate wall is awesome. Gotta go pin that sucker!

  8. Happy birthday to you my friend!

    And a giant THANK YOU for featuring my plate wall! 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  9. Happy Birthday, Allison! You’re still a baby darlin’…
    I hope you had a lovely day!!!

    And thank you so much for hosting!!!

  10. Happy birthday!! Hope it was great, and thanks for hosting!

  11. Happy birthday. Only 9 good years left; baaaah! that’s what sisters are for! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Happy Birthday 🙂

  13. Hey girl, hope you have a great B-day!
    I’m curious, what does your son think happens to you at 40? 😀

    Thanks for hosting!

  14. Thanks for the linky party & live it up on your birthday!! Happy bday!

  15. Happy happy birthday! As a party favor, you just gave me ‘amazeballz’, which I am going to call everything from now on.

    Hope you had a fantastic day!

  16. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a great day 🙂

  17. yay! what a nice surprise! thanks for the feature and the “shout out!” i really appreciate it! 🙂

  18. Happy birthday!! (Figured this would be a perfect 1st comment!) Looove your blog and I think you are HILARIOUS!

  19. Hope it was a fabulous birthday! Ugh, just celebrated my 39th so I guess in your sister’s eyes I have one good year left..lol Thank you for hosting the lovely party!

    Heather@At The Picket Fence

  20. Happy Birthday! Thanks for hosting & great roundup, as always =)

  21. eileen@Cottage Beach House says:

    Happy Birthday Allison. Thanks so much for the feature. It’s always fun to visit your linky guests. Have yourself a great day!

  22. Happy BIRTHDAY!!! enjoy these last good 9 years! LOL 😉

  23. Happy birthday! Ah to be 31! Live it up! The 30s were some of the best years of my life so far!

  24. Ok, that pinterest look up is awesome–I had not idea! Happy Birthday!!! I can’t believe you have a 10 year old sister.

  25. Awww…I missed it by 47 minutes but happy “late” birthday anyway! Thanks so much for the feature and for hosting each and every week!

  26. Thanks for hosting and Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  27. TECHNICALLY since I wished you a happy birthday on facebook earlier i’m not late! I am however a dollar short. I wasn’t aware we needed a dollar. I didn’t receive that memo! lol

    Happy Bday again and thanks for hosting! 🙂

  28. Happy Belated Birthday!! Great features today. As always thanks for hosting.

  29. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!
    Thank you for hosting each week!

  30. Hey girl!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! PARTY TIME!!! And I hope it is a great party too. With lots of pressies and a fabulous cake!
    Love the items you featured. Root-beer float Popsicle!! Yummers!
    And that kitchen is to die for. Love the plate wall too. They are fabulous…like I said!!

  31. Happy (day late) birthday!

  32. Thanks for the feature of my little ole root beer popsicles! More popsicles are on the way. I made a very tasty test batch last night. Coming soon!

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope your day is fabulous!

  34. I hope you had the best Birthday EVER!

    I loved the pincushion frame.


  35. Happy Late Birthday Allison! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  36. happy birthday!! hope it was…..amazeballz!!!!

  37. Happy Birthday! I also turned 31 this year. My baby sister just turned 17 this week, and she, too, makes fun of me EVERY birthday for being so OLD, HA!

  38. Thank you for hostessing, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  39. Happy Birthday!

  40. Happy Birthday…my daughter always celebrates a ‘birthday week’, so in her eyes, this wish isn’t late at all!

  41. Thank you for hosting! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  42. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from one Allison to another! I am a crappy follower because, like you said, I’m a day late and probably many dollars short. Hope you had a super day! Those party features from last week are awesome! Def LOVING the wrap around plate wall – amazing!
    Thanks for hosting!

  43. Darn it! I hope your lil’ sis is wrong because that means I only have 10 years left to complete my ever growing to-do list:) Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one. Thanks for hosting.

  44. Happy Birthday! I hope it was fantastic and indulgent!

  45. Happy Birthday! best wishes to the birthday gal! Thanks for hosting!

  46. Happy birthday! My boyfriend’s birthday was June 1st too! He turned 40. I turn 36 on the 10th. Lots of gemini love!

  47. Happy Birthday! Thanks for taking the time out to host another fab linky!

  48. I hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!

  49. You are so funny! You make me laugh everytime! I hope you had a fantastic birthday and enjoy those precious 9 years you have left! What a hoot, your sister is! Thanks for hosting!

  50. I hope you had a great birthday!!
    “Awesomeness” is one of my favorite words.
    The plate display is so cool! Love it!

  51. Happy Birthday! I’m a June 10th baby myself…. just a couple years older! 40 is looking good to me 😉 lol

  52. Happy Birthday and Thank You for the linky party!


    Hope you had a wonderful day!

    thanks for hosting such a great party!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  54. I’m sorry I goofed with link #365, on your latest linky party. It was an accident. It can be deleted I would do it if I could, I’ll be more careful in the future.

  55. Happy Birthday! I’m always a day late and a dollar short so wishing you a great day that way works great for me! And just so you know….life begins at 40!!!!

  56. happy birthday!

  57. Happy belated birthday!

  58. Happy belated birthday!

  59. Happy Birthday gal!


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