The kids are getting crafty {learning to sew}

Today I taught my kids how to sew!



They’ve seen me sew and have shown interest in it, so when Elle Sophia Design offered to send them a Learn To Sew kit, I was all, “Heck Ya. We’d love one!”


Elle Sophia Design sent us a Personalized Gift Set for Kinsey and a Sewing Starter Shape Stuffer kit which I split up for them to share.

Learn_To_Sew_Kits_14  Learn_To_Sew_Kits_02

Oh-to the Em-to the Geee. These kits are not only ah-freaking-dorable, they are so fun to boot!

When you open the kit, it comes with everything you need to teach your little ones how to sew; even the needle and thread! And the best part, it’s all pre-cut and ready to go. No.Prep.Work. for me which was awesome.

Learn_To_Sew_Kits_03  Learn_To_Sew_Kits_04

My kids LOVED learning how to sew. I think this has been the highlight of their summer so far.


They were so focused on their project. I’m not sure I’ve ever had the house so quiet. They were concentrating so much you could hear a pin drop!


What I love about these kits (besides being ca-ute!) is that they are geared towards kids who are just learning to sew. The fabric is felt and easy to hold, the needle has a large eye, and the thread is thick and very easy to work with. Even Kinsey, who is only 6, did a fantastic job and needed minimal help from me.


And here they are so proud of themselves. I think Kinsey’s ready to take on a whole outfit now! I may have a few little budding designers on my hands.


A few quick facts about Elle Sophia Design~

Elle Sophia Design specializes in:
1) Learn to Sew Projects – great for summer inside fun (and productive)
2) Gift sets – personalized accessories with a project
3) Girl Scout Badge Kits

Ann, mastermind behind Elle Sophia Design, learned to sew when she was a little girl and started this shop because she knows little girls (and boys!) can do it! She wants the experience to be special and super cute! (I couldn’t agree more.)

In addition to these cute kits she sent me, she also offers a variety of kits for any creative kid on the planet:

Gift Set – Sewing Essentials Bag and Sewing Starter Project – Sweet Pears and Apples – Personalized

Girl Scout Brownie Sewing Badge Kit

…And many more!

If you’d like to purchase a kit for the kiddos (or yourself!) in your life, you are in luck, my friends.

Elle Sophia Design is offering all House of Hepworths readers 10% off from NOW through June 19th! Just use the Coupon Code: HoHShop to receive the discount.

Thanks Ann for sharing your cute and crafty sewing kits!


Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated for this product review. However, all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Awwww this is adorable!

  2. That little tote with the measuring tape & scissors is adorable!

  3. YAY!! Ann’s sewing kits are the BEST! My daughter also learned to sew with them, too! Go have a look:

    My daughter loved it too! I got one for my neighbor girls and they make GREAT and unique gifts for a girls’ birthday present!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. I love it! I will def have to check out her site.

  5. Sewing something is on my kid’s bucket list this summer! But I’m going to teach them on the sewing machine. I think we’re going to make “monsters” – just stuffed rectangles with glued one googly eyes!

  6. Those pillows look great! Your kids are too cute!

  7. OH MY GOSH!! I love this idea!! How cute!! Your adorable kiddos did such a great job too!!! I want to get a kit for Alie….she’s too young still ain’t she! 🙁

  8. Yep- I have mine making xmas stockings out of felt and the 13.5 yr old (boy!) is making a cross stitch! It is a calm quiet thing he can do that does not involve a video screen!

    I was looking for something they could make out of old denim jeans an was thinking of using my cropadile to prepunch the holes but have not gotten around to actually doing it yet – but it is on the list. I am toying with either xmas stockings or small cell phone pockets – that way they can give them as gifts.

  9. This is adorable! Those pillows look great! I love it! I will def have to check out her site.

  10. They are SO adorable!! 🙂

  11. This is SO great! I learned to sew when I was 9 and have been sewing ever since and have taught my girls to sew AND my son at least can sew on a button and fix a loose hem! Those kits are so stinkin’ cute! What kid wouldn’t want to learn to sew with such a great kit all put together in such a great package! Thanks for sharing your cute pics!


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