It’s finished! The dining table is really for real D-O-N-E.

I am so not joking, my friends. I am DONE with the dining table.


…aaaand a before pic to jog your memory:

I bought this table over TWO months ago. Yes, it’s taken me more than two months to strip and stain a table.

I think I’ve just set a new Allison record for the slowest project I’ve ever done.

Let’s back up though… Last time I showed you the table I had just finished staining it.


After that I had to add the Poly. I went with MinWax Polycrylic in a clear satin finish.


It said to use a good bristled brush, but I used a throw away foam brush and it worked just fine.

The legs got 3 coats and the top got 6. I learned a few things about Poly along the way; any little bubbles will dry crunchy and white. Make sure to smooth the bubbles out as you paint it on. Also, the container says to sand in between coats. I sanded once, after 3 coats using 320 grit paper per the instructions on the back of the poly. It was a disaster. It took most of the stain off and left little swirlie marks on the table. I had to buff the top down and re-stain it. Pain in my you know what! In the end, I didn’t sand at all between coats of poly. The table looks perfect in my humble opinion. So, if you use poly, sand at your own risk!

Now for the fun, part loads of “after” pictures, and a few “before and afters” for good measure.


Let me just point out though, I am no where near done with the chairs.


I will give you a full play-by-play on how to remove upholstery in another post. Don’t worry, it’s on its way.

Also, all the “after” pics of the table have the unfinished chairs in them. Now you can easily compare the original color (on the chairs) to the new color (on the table).


Oh meh goshhhhhhhhhh, I’m seriously loving this table. Like, as in, “heart palpitations just looking at it” kind of love.

I also equally love the table centerpiece, which isn’t even finished yet. It’s only half finished. So just picture it about 50x cuter than what’s in the pics.


In an honest effort to “keep it real” for you guys, can I just be frank?

This project was a huge pain in my Derriere. Stripping and staining a table is way more work than I thought it would be. Also, it’s not for a DIY novice. It was hard. Unless you are confident and patient as a saint, I would say either paint it or just buy something else.

Here’s how the top turned out:


I was originally going to paint the table. I knew staining it would be so much work, and I just wasn’t up for it. But fortunately I have some of the best friends online (you!). You guys encouraged me to stain the table so that the interlay could show through. Realizing I needed to suck it up and stain the table instead of painting it was the best decision I could have made. Thank you!


Check out how far this table has come! (And the moulding in the room too!)





Before & After

And finally, the picture I’m most proud of…


…and when we first moved in:

I’d say that’s a pretty huge improvement! I’m so glad the Barny Room is no more.

Now I get to finish the chairs. :) It takes me about 2 HOURS per chair to remove all the upholstery. All the layers of material, and the springs, and the nails. Don’t get me started about how many nails are in each chair! Oh, and staples. Geesh. Whoever assembled these chairs was hell bent of them surviving the Apocalypse. The only things able to survive the Rapture; roaches and my dining chairs.

In case you are just now reading about the table and want to get caught up, here are all the posts in reverse order (newest post first):

1) Stripping, cleaning, conditioning, and staining the table
2) Stripping the table top, curtain fabric reveal, and a run down on the chairs
3) Adding moulding to walls, + my overall plan for the dining room
4) I bought a dining table!

Also, here’s my House Tour: Dining Room and the play-by-play of painting over the Barney Massacre.

Thanks for following along on my journey. I’m glad I get to share the ride with you.

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