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Ever had a small child draw a picture for you? Maybe it’s intended to be a picture of a house, but at first you think it might be… maybe a kangaroo… in a tornado…? And you’re like “Ohhh that’s so sweet. Good job, buddy.” So you pat him on the head and smile because he was eager and had so much fun drawing that picture?

That’s totally me! Eager. Having so much fun. But still trying to figure out how to make this house turn out like I imagined it in my head.

I’m Kelly and I chronicle our “starts and stops on the journey to a DIY home” over at

We do a little bit of decorating, like my summer mantle:

And some DIY projects like an upholstered bed frame with nailhead trim which took on a life of its own:

But I just can’t resist a little silliness along the way, like this post about arranging furniture so it’s pleasing to the eye. Click here to see how all you need is a 12-foot tall fuchsia lamp and a glorious fire-breathing dragon.

Huge thanks to Allison for letting me hijack one of my favorite blogs for the day to say hi and send you all a warm, enthusiastic virtual handshake. 🙂

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  1. I love Kelly’s projects, especially that awesome bed. In fact, that’s when I became a follower. Glad to have found a new blog to follow along with:)

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