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** I LOVE Chelsea from This Fresh Fossil. Her blog is one of my all time favorites. I encourage you to book-mark it! I personally asked her to come guest blog while I’m on vacation, hence her longer post. She’s a keeper! **

Before I introduce myself, let me just say how totally awesome Allison at HOH is? Whenever I need a laugh or inspiration for a cheap and fun project, I always head over here and am never disappointed! I love her great ideas and projects – like her awesome dollar store wreath (which taught me a valuable lesson: when hot glue gets hot, it melts! Imagine that, right?!), which sadly didn’t work out so well for me, but was a  fun (and cheap) project!

Anyways, I’m Chelsea and I run a blog called This Fresh Fossil where I spill the beans about how we’re transforming our fossil of a house into a fresh home that we love. My trusty sidekick Tom and I both get into lots of shenanigans as we remodel our home DIY-style on the cheap! We’re always up to something – just ask our friends our neighbors (they’re used to it by now!).

We’ve done everything from installing doors and new walls to tiling countertops and backsplashes (and even dug up a buried patio!) and we share the details – both the good and the sometimes unavoidable bad – with you every step of the way. We love trying our hands at something new and aren’t afraid to learn-as-we-go!

Since it would take forever to list all the projects we’ve tackled in our casa thus far, I’m going to take you on a quick house tour – and 99.99% of everything you see was done by yours truly (and you can find more details and how-to’s for everything right here on our blog).

Exterior Before:
Exterior Now:

Living Room Before:

Living Room Now:

Dining Area Before:

Dining Area Now:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Now:

Office Before:

Office Now:

Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom Now:

Basement Before:

Basement Now:

Guest Bedroom Before:

Guest Bedroom Now:

Guest Bathroom Before:

Guest Bathroom Now:

Backyard Before:

Backyard Now:

While we love what we’ve done to our house so far, we’ve still got quite aways to go. Our next big project is going to be converting this boring bedroom into a sweet whimsical nursery for our little family member that will be joining us in the Fall!

So for inspiration, tips, tricks, free art, and some laughs, hop on over to This Fresh Fossil – we’d love to see you there!

And thanks so much for hosting us today, Alison! I hope you are enjoying a nice and well deserved break!

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  1. There is so much I <3 about this remodel! Im so glad you left the beams exposed in the living room, (gotta scroll up, cant remember all the goodies!)… Love the kitchen, & the bathroom & the rooms! LOVE LOVE LOVE! OH and let me not forget the "Curve appeal" improvement! I see the previous owners were lovers of wood paneling (Pukes a lil bit in the mouth), what were they thinking!

  2. Look at you on HoH! Am I still allowed to talk to you?

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