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Hello fellow House of Hepworth[ers]! I am super excited that you are reading this, because it means that Allison has chosen me as a guest blogger [YAY!]. My name is Connie, and I started Salvage Savvy almost two months ago [yes, I’m a newbie blogger… so can you imagine my excitement today?!].

I am just a regular momma who loves to design and create new things for my home [I began creating out of necessity- you see, I have expensive taste and a limited budget… can you relate?!]. You may have seen a couple of my projects already because Allison was awesome enough to feature them on HoH link parties #53 and #48 [super exciting!!]. Soooo, I have chosen couple other projects that you may not have seen yet…

This project is one of my favorites because it’s so much style for so little cash. You see… I love, love [love] huge mirrors, but they just cost so very much [even the plain-old boring ones.]. So I am really excited to share with you how I made a 6ft. x 3ft. Hand- Antiqued mirror for right around $70. Amazing, right?! Check out how to make one for yourself!

Now, for another project! This is a DIY Pillow Project that recently I made. I completely stumbled onto this project. I found a pillow at the store that was beautiful, but it wasn’t the color I was looking for… so I went home and made this one with items I already had! It isn’t hard to make at all [and I’m not exactly a super-duper seamstress, in fact I’m not a seamstress at all], but it has alot of impact and can be taken multiple directions depending on your own personal style. Actually, I’m planning on making a couple different ones for other rooms… someday it will actually happen [hopefully].
Well, I certainly hope you like today’s little sample of Salvage Savvy projects… please stop by and see what else is happening at my little bloggy-blog! And thank you, Allison, for the privilege of hangin’ with you on HoH today!! ((hugs)) Connie

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  1. Wow! That antiqued mirror is amazing!

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