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Welcome to This Girl’s Life!

I’m Mandy…

I’m mom to three year-old twin boys, Ben and Landon. Wife to one of the best stay at home dads, Dan. I also work full time, and have an Etsy Shop, love squirrels, where I sell my knitted baby caps and accessories.

Most of all, I love to create! Home decorating, DIY projects, scrapbooking…just about anything I can get my hands on.

Here are three projects that I’ve enjoyed working on recently…

1. Craigslist chair transformation

I am in the process of turning four Craigslist chairs that started like this… to chairs that look like this…

By simply removing the old fabric and padding, and adding new padding and a fun patterned fabric, I have brought new life to these great mid-century modern chairs. Next they will be getting refinished and then we can enjoy them!

2. Mirror turned functional and attractive jewelry storage

I took this mirror and turned it into a great piece of jewelry storage for my bathroom…

I removed the mirror and spray painted the frame and hooks. I used thick jewelry wire and stapled it to the back in rows to hold my earrings. The two hooks also serve as great ring, necklace and bracelet storage. I love how it looks in the room as well!

3. Despicable Three Birthday Party

One of my favorite crafty parts of being a Mom is the fun birthday parties I get to plan. This year, I chose one of the boys’ favorite movies, Despicable Me, for the theme. Since they were turning three, Despicable Three seemed like a more fitting title.

I created a banner using cardstock and images I found online. And the boys got custom Mr. Gru and Vector t-shirts…

My favorite part of the party was the minion cupcakes!

These were super simple to make and were such a hit with the boys and our guests. I used twinkies, cut in half, and decorated them with smarties and black icing. Once these were placed on top of a blue iced cupcake, they made the perfect minions.

So there you have it…three fun projects I’ve been working on lately. And there are always more to come!

Thanks for taking a peek into This Girl’s Life!

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  1. The despicable three birthday party is an awesome idea…love the cupcakes!

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