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Hello to everyone here at House of Hepworths!!I am sooo excited to be posting here today.
My name is Karri and I am the author of House of Tubers. I am a 30-somethingish wife and stay at home mama of 3 kids (my twinadoes and a taiter tot). For years, I before they were school-aged, I focused my everything on them. And now that they are school-aged, and I finished my PTA presidency run, I am focusing on me (well, mostly I also do a lot of community and school volunteering). Anyway, in an effort to do My Thang, I started this blog and am in the process of opening an Etsy store called Green D Designs and am excited and raring to go!

{10 years of marriage done has us good, yes?}

House of Tubers is a lifestyle blog, which means I write about all kinds of things: crafting, cooking, parenting, household, or whatever comes to mind!

{A recent journaling themed birthday gift I made for my daughter’s 7 year old friend. It included a cute clipboard with some stationary that I made out of unused old resume paper, a cute recycled paper journal, and fun pens and pencils tied with ribbon. I whipped up a quick tote to put everything in.}
{Appliques are one of my favorite things to make. They improve my sewing skills while allowing me to be creative. And they are quick and cheap! I draw my designs freehand, cut them out with an old fashioned scissors, applique them using Wonder Under, and then sew them. Sadly, no Silhouette here.}


{an advent calendar I made using a cookie sheet, tiny tins, scrapbook paper, and my Cricut – photo taken before it was adhered down and sealed}

Thanks again, Allison, for this awesome chance to come by and post. I just love HoH. Its one of my daily reads!
And HoH readers…if you have a chance, stop by my blog and become a follower. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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