Guest Blogger: Baubles Bubbles and Beauty



Hi folks!

My name is Calina Garcia and I am a: Seattleite, craft-aholic, and an adventurous home cook.  My projects are only limited by my imagination and the space constraints of my condo/balcony (it’s tough crafting in the city!).

A few posts/projects from my blog, Baubles, Bubbles, and Beautiful Things:
A super easy project.  If you can trace and cut, you can make a name banner.
Recipes, favor ideas, and inspiration from my friend, Lis’, baby shower
My first attempt at giving a thrift store find a face lift

If you’d like to check out more of my posts on crafting, food, and life, go to:
Baubles Bubbles and Beauty

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  1. I love that you are creating such cute things from your little space in the city!

    Can’t wait to check our your blog…:)

  2. The nightstand makeover is fabulous!! Well done!
    And those cookies and such look so yummy!!
    Good to meet you

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