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I am Autumn from Space for Living. I am on a quest for an organized home that emphasizes practicality over perfection and joyful living over clutter. With a 3 and 4-year running around, I focus on making my home efficient and livable – not a “perfect” picture from a magazine or a model home. I am constantly inspired by ideas to make the best use of what we have. I love sharing these organizing solutions on my blog and with my organizing clients.

By using simple organizing strategies I have seen overwhelming messes transformed into usable spaces. I know it can feel daunting to dive into that mess, so I try to make the steps simple and accessible so you can get on with what matters most in your life instead of focusing on the clutter.

One of my favorite projects is my own desk. After following the steps of sorting, purging (getting real with myself about what I really use and donating the rest) and with a little cord control, my desk went from a disgrace to a fun, usable space.

As much as I love major makeovers, little blocks of time organizing can make a huge difference! On Tuesdays I focus on a 10 minute project that can be done in every home.

The pictures aren’t always dramatic but they show all that is possible in a small amount of time. I even went behind the scenes in a video version one week to show a 10 minute project in action (sped up to spare you a full 10 minutes!).

A big thrill for me is moving beyond my own messes and into someone else’s home to help organize (I am invited of course, although I sometimes daydream about a TV show where I knock on doors and yell, “Surprise, I am here to help you clean out your closest!” Am I the only one that fantasizes about organizing?)

My dad’s office was one of my latest organizing guinea pigs. Together we tackled decades of paper and found homes for all of those items that quickly turn into mounds of clutter. We didn’t just tackle the existing paper. We also set up systems to help prevent future clutter from creeping in.

We have all done it. Left an item or note out on the counter or table as a reminder of a task that needs our attention. Even with the best of intentions, I know I am not the only one who has left that same item undone and sitting out for weeks. In my dad’s office, years of visual reminders left on counters and desk space created quite a mess.

New organizing systems such as Create clearly labeled, permanent homes to serve as your visual reminders led to a clear desk, but most importantly allowed everything (including incoming papers and reminders) to have a home.

Organizing the desk was more than just getting a clear working surface. We employed loads of organizing tips and tricks hidden behind the pristine looking desk to make sure it was functional and also meshed with my dad’s natural working style.

With limited time in our busy schedules, Space for Living is the place to share ideas to simplify our lives and make room for what matters most.


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  1. ooooo organization makes me happy!!

  2. how funny, I like to organize other people’s stuff, too!

  3. Nice meeting you Autumn!! Love the examples you presented of newly organized spaces. Well done!!

  4. Wow… I’m in the middle of my “NESTING” stage of pregnancy and this site couldn’t have come soon enough! Awesome!

  5. You are NOT the only one that fantasizes about a show like that or cleaning out other people’s closets. I visited my friend several times and each time, kept my mouth shut about her linen closet. Finally, I called her on the phone and said I was making a special trip to visit her (she lives 5 hours away) to clean out her linen closet because I couldn’t take it anymore. She cried tears of joy


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