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Hello there! I am tickled pink to be guest blogging here at House of Hepworths!!! My name’s April and you’ll find me blogging regularly over at Chronicles of a Compulsive Decorator.

My blog’s been up for almost a year. It’s still sort of teeny and tiny but it all started when I decided I needed a place to, well, chronicle our life! In particular, the adventures that my decorating obsession fuels. 🙂 When you follow along you’ll soon realize I’m not “skilled” at much except for dreamin’ big. I don’t sew all that well.

Read about this Swinging Bench Cushion to see how it turned out.

Hot glue and I are likethis and only because I can’t keep it off my fingers.

I made that mirror, too!
Find out Is that a donut? Or a Bichon Frise? and see why hot glue is not meant for fingers. 

I tend to change my mind a lot and I have a knack for thinking up ginormous projects that take a lot of time and energy. Occasionally blood and tears. But since we’re a one-income family, one thing my projects have to be is budget-friendly.

Discover how I made these Gifts on a Budget for right around $5 a piece.

Nothing would get done if it wasn’t for my incredible husband. He’s the worker bee and I’m the director. We make a great team that way and thankfully, our 3 peanuts don’t mind the continuous chaos.

Occasionally I’ll share a quick story from life, a fab recipe or some random thought. It’s casual over here and I’d love for you to stop on by!

Thanks a million to Allison for this awesome opportunity!

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  1. April
    glad to meet you sounds like a fun blog you have
    I have that trouble with hot glue also! and I get paint on everything, Me included… Drives my husband crazy

  2. I am lovin’ all the cute blog names! I will have to pop on over and check your ditty out. 🙂

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