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I am SO excited for the opportunity to guest blog at House of Hepworths today! Thank you so much for having me, Allison!
My name is Vanessa and I blog over at {nifty thrifty things}. My husband and I are currently living in northern Germany (where I am from), but we met, fell in love and got married in Houston, Texas.
I love decorating, designing and most of all, being thrifty. I started my little blog in late December of 2010, but didn’t make it public until the end of January. It has been the most rewarding hobby. Not only being a creative outlet for me, but also giving me the opportunity to meet wonderful people all over the world.
Here are few of my favorite DIY crafts from my blog:
I made this paper basket out of old newspaper. It was a bit challenging to do, but a lot of fun and turned out really cute!
{it's in the news}
{it's in the news}
These triangle treat boxes I made for Easter, but they look cute for any occasion! Instead of just glueing the sides shut, I used my sewing machine to close them. A very easy, yet simple DIY idea!
{easter treat boxes}
{easter treat boxes}
Another simple DIY project. Making these sugar cubes takes about 10 minutes (+ letting it dry over night). A must have for your next tea party! 😉
{DIY sugar cubes}
{DIY sugar cubes}

Well, thank you again, Allison! 
I’m excited to see all the fellow guest bloggers and making new friends!


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