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Why hello there! My name is Kari and I am the blogger over at A Grace Full Life. I have only been a blogger for exactly one year now June 14th, so forgive me for not being too blog savvy but I am learning as I go and lovin’ it one blog post at a time. I am a stay at home mom to two little girls who are wonderful but drive me crazy at times as well as a wife to a great hubby who also drives me nuts at times. If you never have these moments you are either lying or you don’t have kids or a hubby. 🙂 My blog is a mix of all things CHEAP. It is! I love to bargain shop, make things that are ugly look really pretty and I don’t like to spend money on anything. So the three projects I will be showing you have one common theme. Cheap. OK well, maybe two….dollar store. I love this place. My fave is Dollar Tree and I go in weekly just looking for something cheap that I can make into something fabulous. So here are three of my fave project ideas!

Chalkboard Framed Vows
When I turned this:

An old entertainment center door……
Into this:
A cute piece of artwork!
All it took was some chalkboard spray paint, chalk pens and a copy of our wedding vows! Cost to make- $12.00 buckaroos…:)

I also love to decorate and create tablescapes for any occasion on the El cheapo as well. Here is my take on a 4th of July table/decor tablescape all from the dollar sections of stores everywhere. This whole get-up was from the Target dollar spot!


I created this little table vignette from things I found or shopped from my own home.
Total cost for the above:  less than 20 bucks over the course of 15 years or approximately $1.33 a year! 🙂

Finally, this project started as just a little shabby chic frame I had ignored for years around the house. Now it’s a Shabby Chic framed Skeleton Key! Give it some lovin’ and here is what I made of it:

I love this so much! Total cost to me: not one single penny!!

So I hope you enjoyed my little projects! Stop on by anytime! ~Kari

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