Guest Blogger: Young and Crafty



Hello House of Hepworth readers! I hope Allison is having a fabulous vacation! In the meantime I’d like to introduce you to my little ole’ blog called Young and Crafty. 

My name is Hannah and I’m 24 years old, just had my 2 year wedding anniversary and I’m nearing my 1 year blogiversary! I started this blog as a way to stay sane while going through grad school. I love all thing DIY and the hubs and I have really worked to make our house into a special place that we call home.

That’s me!

Here are just a few of my favorite projects:

I recently made this “love” wall art for a friend. Let’s just say that I absolutely love it!
This is a wooden tray I made to hold our remotes! It’s so simple to make and I have an easy to follow tutorial.
This is my craft space, you know, where the crafty magicness happens!
I would love for you to pop on over to Young and Crafty to see even more of my projects!

You won’t be disappointed!


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