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Hi! I’m Lisa from Before Meets After and I enjoying bringing old furniture back to life! I also enjoy anything that’s thifty. Because let’s be honest, money’s tight for a lot of poeple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pretty home! My hope is that people can take a look at their old, tired furniture, and give it new life! 
One of my favorite projects I did was this antique dresser. A friend is having a baby and wanted something that could be gender neutral. She didn’t want to buy a matchy-matchy set from a baby store, so we found this 
 and I changed it into this!
Another favorite of mine, Allison was so kind to feature. My friend Christine had an early 90’s pine table from Rooms To Go, and she wanted a more updated look. We took it from this,
To this!
It was a lot of work, but with an electric sander and some paint an stain, it really made a difference!
The last project I have to share with you today was one of my most popular, since it was so easy! You know you have one of these old, oudated end tables at your house.
With some spray paint and glaze, it became this!
I hope you have been inspired to check out my blog and transform some of your own furniture!

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