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Thanks, Alison, for the chance to come share my fun little blog… Living Laughing & Loving!

I’m Renee, and I like to blog about a little bit of everything…


…from my organizing and decorating fun,
the escapades of my three wild ones
and the ups and downs of homeschooling,
to my weekly Menu Monday post where I share that week’s adventure in planning my menu and prepping all my dinners in less than an hour!

Here’s a few highlights…

First up… One of my craziest organizing projects was a major disaster hiding inside one of our kitchen cabinets.  It was in essence a dumping ground of anything & everything. Basically whenever stuff started to make me twitch my great plan was stuffing it in “the cabinet.” Wala!  Out of sight, out of mind, right?  🙂



Yes, it is shocking and appalling. And yes, I should be embarrassed to show the world this little secret.  My own “Monica’s Closet” if you will.  🙂 It is hard to believe all that stuff fit inside ONE cabinet!

A few bins and some MUCH purging later… the Big AFTER… 


SOOOOO much better!!!!!!!!! 

Next up on the highlights is something I am so proud of… one of the biggest transformations in our house.  We bought an O-L-D 1950 house in 2006, gutted it, and started over.  I mean down to the studs, baby.

The kitchen was oh so incredibly UGLY!  Seriously beyond what you could EVER imagine u.g.l.y. 

Kitchen - Before 2

You honestly can’t even really comprehend the awful-ness just from a picture alone.  Just trust me on this one.  Do you see the wallpaper paneling??  The floors??!!

MUCH diy sweat and a few years of decorating later…

IMG_2523 2

I love it!!

And… LAST on the Blog Tour is my fave!  My 5 Dinners 1 Hour meal prep plan!

Want the low down on this meal prep planning?


Basically I give up about an hour Sunday afternoon whilest my boys are snoozing and my girl is otherwise occupied, and in return I have all my dinners for the week… in the fridge and ready to go!


What’s neat about this plan is that all meals are covered and kept “fresh” in the FRIDGE not the freezer! At dinnertime you just pop one out and in the oven and you are good to go.


I think this is something everyone should at least TRY! It has transformed our dinnertime. I am not stressing {as much}. We are not eating blessed CHICKEN every other night anymore, and we have cut down our eating out drastically. {And saved us much moolah!}

Changing the quality of our meals also somehow motivated us to change the quality of our dinnertime experience. We went from eating in the Living Room most nights {I know. How bad is that?} to eating around the table… as a family. What a concept.

It is definitely a no brainer to me. Giving up an hour on Sunday afternoon gives me my dinners for the week in the fridge and ready to go.

Uh, So. Totally. Worth. It.   Easy peasy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little bloggy preview.  If you did, I hope you’ll pop on over and follow this madness!    🙂

Thanks, Alison, for letting me share while you’re off having a blast!

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  1. Those before and afters are amazing! We need to try out that meal prep thing. That looks like a really good idea.

  2. I love the meal prep idea. I am seriouly going to have to give it a try. Love your organization savy.

  3. Your such a good writer; an easy read– my fav!
    The pre-prepared meals and meals around the table are definitely a game changer! Well done. 🙂

  4. Love the meal prep and the before and afters are always fun! 🙂

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