Guest Blogger: The Scott’s Crib



Wondering who I am?

Well I’ll make this as brief as possible.  I’m Latoya and I am doing my best to make what we call the “crib” a home.  I am a lover of everything diy (there is very little that I wouldn’t try to do myself), family, and God.  Over at The Scott’s Crib we love to have fun and kick back and enjoy each and every space we transform (even if it’s crappy!)

A few things that I have done on my blogging journey include:

Making delicious treats with my daughter…don’t they look yummy?  You know you want some!

Getting a little spray painting in (I believe that this is cardinal rule number one in diy)

Last but not least the dreaded kitchen transformation (I promise I will finish it!)

As you can see from the unfinished kitchen we live up to our mantra of “inspiring those who are just as un-savvy, but otherwise passionate about diy as we are!”

I have plenty more projects queued on my to do list so just come on over and make yourself comfortable at The Scott’s Crib!

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  1. Lots of good things going on there! Latoya! So glad to meet you!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Giveaaway from of a wonderful painting by Mary Maxam

  2. Thanks Karena! Nice to meet you as well:)

  3. Congratulations on guest posting! You have fearless ideas!

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