My dirty rug’s now looking so fly

This is my foyer.

This is my foyer with a filthy rug.


Any questions?

The moral? Don’t Do Rugs. Or wait, isn’t it Don’t Do Drugs? Um, ya. Never mind.

I couldn’t resist stepping back into the ’90s for a minute there. Or was it the ’80s? (“This is your brain on drugs” – remember that campaign?) Okay, I’ll stop now.

Moving right along… ::whistling::

So if you hadn’t guessed by now, I have a really dirty rug in the foyer.

What dirt? Seriously? Did you really just ask me that?!



Even the poor rug was begging me to clean him.

I’ve heard though that you aren’t suppose to wash rugs. Old Wives tale? Truth? How the heck do I know. All I know is that my cheap-@ss $15 indoor/outdoor rug from IKEA has it’s mind in the gutter. ‘Cause this bad boy is dir-ty!


We won’t even talk about what the brown spot is.’ (Probably dirt from some kid’s shoe.)

So anyway, how on earth is one suppose to wash a rug?

Take it out back, give it a good beating, then hose it off? That sounds like rug abuse to me.

Drop him off at the dry cleaners? Seriously? That will cost me more than the rug itself. Might as well buy a new one for that.

Use a carpet shampooer? Well, I tried using my Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, which is awesome by the way (This is an affiliate link, fyi), and it worked pretty well, but the rug is big and it was taking too long.

So I did what any PMSing sane person would do. I threw caution to the wind and shoved that sucker into my washing machine.


Now I’m not necessarily saying to shove any rug into any washing machine. Use some common sense. First off, this thing was cheap. Don’t go stuffing your Persian rug into your washer. Secondly, I like to live on the edge. If you don’t like to live on the edge, play it safe and protect your washer. I’d hate for you to ruin your agitator or something.

But anyway, I washed it. I think I put it on the bulky and delicate cycle. No funny noises were heard. No smoke came out of my washer. No plumber needed to be called.

BUT, and I repeat. B.U.T. Please don’t put your rug in the dryer (no, I didn’t, thankyouverymuch. I’m not that dumb). The back of the rug is rubber. The rug itself is some type of polyester or plastic something or other. THE DRYER WILL PROBABLY MELT YOUR RUG!

After I washed it, I took it out and draped it over the railing on the deck to dry. It dried really quickly believe it or not.

And now…. {{drum roll}}…

AND NOW… for the big reveal of the washed rug! ::GASP::


Now it’s lookin’ so fly like a G6.

My husband HATES that song. He says its dumb. I LOOOOOVE IT. Makes me want to dance!

Here’s the song if you have no clue what I’m talking about. People that hear this song will start actin-actin like they dru-uh-uh-unk 🙂

And on a plus side, washing it helped relax the edge that kept curling up. Now it lays flat.

Wasn’t that just the most riveting post you’ve ever read? I know, I was on the edge of my seat as well. You are welcome.

And on a side note, is it just me or is that door begging to be painted? I’m really not digging the brown. I’m thinking black or white. Thoughts?


I’m sorry, but this Chipmunk version is just plain wrong. I am starting to think that the Chipmunks have covered pretty much every song ever recorded. AL-VIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No go feel fly like a G6!

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  1. natalie Baldwin says:

    i put my $20 Walmart rug in the washer and it well fell apart… I guess that is what I get for buying a rug from Walmart!

  2. ack!! your blog, or the internet, ate my comment.

    you’re too funny. I throw everything into the wash, too.

  3. OMG. Fly like a G6 is so my favorite song ever. My bff and I would always blast it and dance in her car at red lights. People think we’re crazy, I just say it’s fun. 🙂 And I have that same rug! OMG. Can we be bbffs? I think it’s meant to be!

    Much Love,

  4. Oh no, don’t paint your door!!! Could you just refinish it to a rich dark brown? I don’t think a painted door would hold up to the abuse, (especially white) and to children and husbands who shut the doors with their dirty shoes. (or is that just at my house…)

  5. Good call on throwing it in the washer. When our bathroom rugs get nastyfied, we throw them in the washer and hang them dry. It’s amazing how they get a new life.

    True, I don’t know how many trips through the wash they will handle, but for rugs that take such a beating and were inexpensive, it’s probably a sign I should be replacing them every so often.

  6. G6… I always heard “fly like cheese sticks”… knew it was wrong but who cares! Now it’s stuck in your head that way and you’ll hear that every time the song comes on. 🙂 You’re welcome!

  7. K- sooooo didn’t look dirty…lol

    I say a bold BLACK for the door !!!

  8. so….I sold shoes years ago, and sometimes we’d have teenage boys moms come in all “ewww his shoes smell so bad” ,or ” he went to camp and they all muddy…” And I would say, if you’re going to throw them out, then wash them.

    Just sayin’….

  9. OMG – YOU ARE INSANE!!! I love it! I have that same rug and I would NEVER in a million years have thought it would hold up to machine washing! Granted, I have a top loader with an agitator, so it probably wouldn’t even fit into my machine, but still. I seriously was wondering if this post was going to end with a shredded, falling apart rug after seeing the photo of it in the washer.


  10. Ha! I laughed and laughed and glad your rug didn’t fall apart! You crack me up!!
    As for the door…paint it for sure…white I would say!!
    That brown stands out and shouts…hey look at me! I am brown!

  11. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh! 🙂

  12. Sherry (BTLover2) says:

    Brilliant! I think if you can’t stand the way it is or you’re thinking of tossing it, throw it in the washer (or do whatever seems “sane”) to improve it. Kind of like clothes… if you can’t wear it with that stain, might as well try getting it out and see what happens.

    As for the door, I say go for black! Maybe Im partial — I am about to paint mine a nice deep semi-shiny black (I have white trim around it). Good luck with whatever you decide!

  13. I’ve always thrown my rugs in the washer!

  14. Most of those kind of pliable, rubber-backed rugs are MADE to be washed in the machine. I do it all. the. time.

    Won’t go wrong with either black or white. Both will show prints, dirt. But both will be scrubbable. I have white doors, three kids – no problem. Black might make your accessories pop a bit more, though.

  15. Julie Molliver says:

    I throw small area rugs in the washer all the time. Especially bathroom rugs. Just fine, and I even put them in the dryer, too. And it’s all the rage to paint a door aqua. Maybe a shade of aqua, blue, green would look nice.

  16. I say paint that door black…..I’m loving the look of black doors lately!! Good luck with your decision! 🙂

  17. You crack me up! I say paint the door black!


  18. Crystal Williams says:

    Hey Allison,

    Just a note….When I worked in a nursery and someone “made a mess” on the rug, I took it to a self-serve car wash and used the high-powered spray nozzle to clean it. Most rugs there were 8×8 or larger. It worked great and I’ve used this method ever since.

  19. Only you could make a post about washing a rug funny and entertaining! 🙂 Loved it. And we just got a new washer and dryer (yesterday!), and I’m DYING to wash and dry anything I can get my hands on! Including our dirty entryway, rug… but thanks for the tip on not putting it in the dryer, because I was totally planning on doing that (that’s what those maintenance plans are for, though, right?!).

    Thanks for making me laugh on a Monday and saving my brand new dryer from a horrible pregnant-brain-induced rubber rug incident. 🙂


  20. Before you even mentioned the door, I was thinking how hot it would look if you painted it black! Then please post all about it, because I’m going to paint our doors, and you always have the best tips. : )

  21. Paint the door black for a dramatic pop, or paint it white so it coordinates with your other doors and molding. I prefer black:)

  22. I just have to tell you:
    1. You rug looks fabu.

    2. I love that song, as does my 5 year old who likes to sing it as he hears it “So fly like a cheese stick!”

    Gotta love the kids.

  23. 1. I have two of those rugs. I’ve been thinking of painting the dark brown parts but I’m not sure if I could pull it off.

    2. I’m voting for a black door. Cuz all the cool kids are doing it. And even the not cool ones like me, who are just copying. But I’ll fake the coolness with my sleek black door.

    Okay, so that was random. But it’s Monday, and I’m all out of energy from painting the house.

  24. Alison, really, a blog about washing your rug? Come on sister. Your blog used to be really fun and have substance. It’s turned into something so sarcastic and boring that I only check it about once a week. And when I do – a blog about washing your rug? You can do better.

  25. I have the same rug in my laundry room and I loved it before and now that I know I can wash it, I think I love it more now. I think I’ll buy one for my foyer too. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  26. Definitely paint the door black .. we did about a year ago and it made a world of difference and we LOVE it!!

  27. I painted and posted all of my exterior/entry doors black! love them!
    Posted under paint! laura

  28. OK! That was probably one of the funniest posts I have ever read! Love the personality coming out in that one!!!!!! I think we could totally bust a move together while we dirty your rug! Your foyer is gorgeous! I want it. AND, I can’t believe you could wash that big boy! Way to go!

  29. @Katy: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I found this post to be hilarious- it made me laugh. If you don’t like it- move on, but don’t hurt someone’s feelings or post comments like yours- it’s just not necessary.

  30. Allison,I absolutely enjoyed the post. It was funny and I’m sure informative to others. Not everyone knows that you CAN wash a rug!

    Katy, once you saw what the post was about you had a choice to make, you kept reading. Why? OK so you didn’t enjoy it, but was there really a need to express that in such a rude way? Not every thought has to be spoken.

  31. Allison, I really love your ideas!! I think it’s great to not only offer DIY projects but also practical tips like these! Your posts are always funny & you do not disappoint.

    @katy, REALLY?? Geez, you’re a jerk. I really hope that if you have a blog that you aren’t one I follow. I’d hate to support such a hateful person. This blog is awesome, but nevertheless, if you decide you don’t enjoy it then don’t read it. Be a mature adult. I’m blown away by your rude comment to such a neat person. Keep your nasty opinions to yourself. No one likes a drag.

  32. Heather Anderson says:

    Katy, the rug hate hate hater is NOT fly like the G6!

  33. @Katy..I feel sorry for you. Your life must really suck to leave such a mean spirited commment to Allison. I love your blog Allison! You are super talented and we all love u very much! I hope u have a Terrific Tuesday! !! ;))

  34. Allison, I loved this post. 🙂 If you lived close to me, I’d want to be your friend, because you make me laugh! That’s a pretty powerful written word.

    I have thrown IKEA rugs into the washer, too! Why not? 🙂 It looks better!! I think you should paint your door black. Stunning.

    Don’t listen to the haters, they are proof that something in their life is lacking so much that they need to put down others. Typical bully behaviour.

    P.S. I looooove that song, makes me want to dance, too!

  35. I would of never had the balls to stick a rug in the washer, but now I do LOL. And maybe I can also stick Katy into the washer & hope she falls apart in there, then in the dryer so she can meehhhhh—-llllllllltttttttt LOL!

    Anyways, LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of sticking the rug in the washer. It came out great. As for the door… I say white cause it would look nice with the colors on the wall.

  36. So Katy…who is making you check this blog? Keep your snarky comments to yourself and don’t bother to come here. Fun, NICE people only, please.
    And Allison, keep doing what you are doing. Your funny stuff about the mundane is part of why I love you <3

  37. Katy, really, so much energy wasted criticizing a blog post about a rug. Didn’t your mom ever teach you that if you can’t say anything nice, just keep your mouth shut? If her blog has become so boring to you, just cease stopping by and save yourself the frustration. Geesh.

  38. Allison I love how you can take a post about a rug and make me laugh out loud {and make my kids look at me funny} to making us all bust a move to the super fly song!! Thanks for a great start to the day!

    @Katy WOW girl! Do you really have to be so rude and leave a nasty comment like that? IF you don’t like what Allison is posting you have the absolute right to move on. But, do so with a little self respect and go quietly.

  39. Ok Allison I think your blog is HOT and the post was hilarious. Um, I’m not going to call any names but maybe “one” of your readers should kick rocks. Im just saying…that was totally uncalled for:) Have a great day Allison and keep those posts coming girl!

  40. HAHA Katy – you’ve been so told!!

    There are always blog posts we come across that we say “hmm..not interested” and just move on, I’ll come back tomorrow, or if you are not liking stop reading, every blog post by your fav blogger cannot be 100% to your liking, I along with loads of others obviously thought this one was funny – so it’s not your thing, move on.

    OR, if you feel the need to give some “critique” send a private email…that would have been much cooler!

    Just sayin…

  41. Katy, What a shame you had nothing better to do with your hater self but to waste our time and Allison’s for reading your rude comment! My mom always taught me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything. I look forward to reading Allison’s crazy posts. After all, you never know when you might need a laugh or you might actually learn something. Like this time, hope you learned to keep you nasty thoughts to yourself!

    Allison keep up the good work!

  42. Love the rug idea, Allison!!

    Talk about living on the edge, I tried EVERYTHING to get my grey 1998 minivan floor mats clean. I mean everything, including, but not limited to, clothes detergent and a stiff-bristled brush, carpet spot remover, baking soda, pressure washer. One day in a fit of…..of……of something, I tossed those grungy, grimy, disgusting, gross puppies in the washing machine (rubber facing outside and carpet facing the agitator in the center)…and, lo and behold, they came out clean (angels sing here). You should have seen the wash water. GACK!!

    Now, I’m sure this is AWFUL for your machine, but I don’t care. I have clean floor mats. If you are crazy enough to do this, be sure you stay in close proximity in case the machine goes off balance, which it most certainly will, and lay the mats on the floor to dry. I only wash two small mats or one big mat (like the one between the first and second row of seats) at a time.

    Oh, and I concur with the crowd in that I couldn’t disagree with Katy more. Allison, you are a damn laugh riot and I enjoy House of Hepworths immensely!


  43. Omg .. this post was hilarious … I live on the edge and put my rug in the washer .. bawhahahah …

    Definately paint your door black .. I just did mine and I love it … great for kids grimey fingers … and oh so modern and pretty.

  44. I love the rug humor and your blog….You make me laugh all the time…I would be one to stick my rug in the washer as well…Love living on the edge…haha!!!

    Like you I blog about whatever comes to mind…it might be useful information for some and not so useful to others…If people (Katy) are looking for a certain type of blog than they really need to delete the ones they have no interest in…Don’t lose sleep over it..You have alot of great followers…and you are AWESOME!!!

    If someone is going to leave rude comments than own up to it and leave your link so we can follow and see what you have to offer!!

  45. Your door IS screaming paint Me! I dunno if white or black is the answer. Tape up some swatches to see what looks good in the hall with your lighting and lovely rug!

  46. Allison: love this blog – LOVE IT!!! Especially love all the ((love)) you were shown in this comment section – betcha Katy feels really embarrassed now. 🙁 Shame on her. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Keep up the good work – oh..btw – have you thought about swinging half size doors (shutter type) for the toilet area??? hehehe

  47. I was so tired of my rugs falling apart in the washer, decided to look on Internet for anyone else having this problem. I’ve spent hundreds through the years and never knew what things I could try before tossing them
    I want to think you for starting the postings! And the part about it being a bad idea and could do better is from someone that’s never had the problem. It always takes a person to have the guts to go for it , to help other people. Thanks!

  48. Thank you for posting about how to wash the area rug. It was extremely helpful. I was surprised to read the comment about how boring the subject is. Why did she need to use words to hurt someone who is giving such helpful advice just because it didn’t apply to her. I assume no one forced her to read your post. I don’t like bullies like her. Keep up the good work.

  49. Candy Platique says:

    Yes black. And move your rug over to wall about 4or 5″. Would be fly.

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  52. Cindy Hazen says:

    You are adorable!!! Thank you for making my morning!!!! I’m going to put this gorgeous $5:00 rug that I bought at a garage sale in my washing machine now. I’m going to take that risk and be a “DANGEROUS WOMAN” Ariana Grande

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