Ceramic animal heads are better in trios

Hey friends! I hope your week is off to a better start than mine. My blog decided to blow up on me Monday, and I’m stressing big.time.

A three month chunk of photos have been deleted from my blog. I’m trying to restore them, but if you see broken images, that’s why. Thank goodness for *chicken (see bottom of post).

So anyhoo, enough about me and my pitty party. Let’s talk ceramic animal heads, shall we?


I bought my beloved cow and pig ceramic heads back when I lived in Los Angeles. I drug them back to Texas with me, spray painted them Heirloom White, and hung them in my kitchen.

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more awesome and appropriate for this meat-eating family then to have kitchy animal heads hanging on the wall.

Right after I posted about my cow and pig, Stephanie from Room*6 found this chicken head and mailed it to me.

I died. Right there. A chicken to go with my set! Plus, groups look better in threes anyway, so my set of two was now a perfect trio.

From here, this quick easy project takes a turn for the weird and awkward…

This should have taken me one day to paint the head, then hang it. (That’s what SHE said!) But nope. Finally, FOUR months later, I’ve finally painted the chicken and it’s hung. Whew.

For starters, I could have sworn I painted the animal heads basic gloss white. So I bought more Rustoleum white and painted the chicken.


The second it was dry I held it up next to the cow and pig and it looked horrible. Absolutely horrible. And then it dawned on me. The cow and pig were actually painted in my favorite white; Rustoleums 2x Heirloom White.

No biggie. I headed to Home Depot to pick some up… They don’t carry it. Lowe’s… nope. True Value… out of stock.

Seriously?!!! SERIOUSLY?

So I had to order it online. Luckily amazon has it by the can, or in a 6-pack. The cans are $7.67 each (ouch) but if you buy the 6-pack it’s only $22.14 ($3.69 a can). (These are affiliate links)

Finally, my 6-pack of Heirloom white arrived (I say finally, but I think it got to my house in like 2 days).

Ah, much better… The chicken isn’t blinding me anymore.


I know ceramic animal heads aren’t for everyone. Some of you made that pretty clear on my last post about it. But that’s coo’. That’s what makes this world a great place to be; diversity! Some, like myself, may find complete and utter joy in cheap kitchy crap like ceramic animal heads. Some, NotSoMuch… Whatever floats your boat, I say!

ceramic_chicken_head_hoh_5  ceramic_chicken_head_hoh_3

Regardless of your opinion, they make a fun conversation piece. And if you hate them, I don’t even care, ’cause this is my house. 🙂


Finally. FINALLY. I first posted about my cow and pig back in February. And it’s almost the end of August. And I’m just now painting, hanging, and blogging about the chicken. {I’m just a tiny bit lazy}. I’ve still got projects to blog about that I started TWO YEARS AGO. Not kidding. Procrastination. Did you know that’s my middle name? For real.
Allison Procrastination Hepworth.
Look it up.


Who’s getting hungry for a burger?!

* {This post is dedicated to my friend Beth, who loves chicken as much, if not more than I do. She and I can (and do) eat at Chick Fil A together on a weekly basis. Some weeks, more than once (or twice… or three times). It’s a chicken and diet dr pepper illness. But you know what?! No matter what crap life dishes out and sends your way, it’s nothing that a lunch at Chick Fil A with your bestie won’t cure. Girl talk, chicken, and diet dr pepper cure everything.}


(notice my moulding around my windows?)

A special thanks to Stephanie from Room*6 for finding the chicken and sending it my way.

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  1. Jenny Sawyer says:

    LOVE the barn yard animal heads and I don’t care who knows it. Nice job!

  2. Seriously LOL right now. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Seriously love your writing style, your humor, and your animal heads 🙂 Just sayin’

  4. It’s fun…I bet not many other kids can say they have that in THEIR kitchen!! What a fun thing to remember forever…your kids will talk about those animal heads to their kids!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  5. Omg, I would die if my Hone Depot quit carrying Heirloom White!! Hope that they aren’t all discontinuing it! I can’t believe yours doesnt have it!! Now I have seen mine run out of it, but they get it back in! I just saw it there 3 days ago! It’s my faaaaave color! Not too white, not too beigey, just perrrrfect! I’d prob have to order it if I couldn’t find it either! Glad you stuck with it and ordered some bc it looks much better than white!

  6. Haha, I’d also die if Home Depot quit carrying it! 🙂

  7. Nuh-uh! I have a ceramic duck head. No lie. It’s small – I hang some of my vintage beads from it. Lurv.

  8. I think of you every time I spy one of those things at a Goodwill. Just so you know, there’s a duck out there too!

  9. The 3 look great together! I love them white and I love that you have them in your kitchen, awesome!

  10. Soo cute!! And I totally love your middle name, it’s the same as mine! Sounds like I’d better go stock up on Heirloom white, it’s my favorite go-to color!

  11. I agree!! Three is the answer!! And Heirloom White!! Perfect!!
    No I don’t want them in my house..but at yours is wonderful! Ha!
    Have a great week

  12. So awesome! Just wondering . . .would the pig look better in the middle? I LOVE them – but the pig head is head on . . .while the cow and chicken are “up” . . .thinking it might look nice to have him in the middle but that is just me. LIke I said – I totally 100% love this post 🙂

  13. The meat trio looks fabulous! Thanks for the mention- you are a sweetie!

  14. Truthfully, I don’t love the animal heads for myself, but I do love how much you love them!! Anything in your home that brings a smile to you is a good thing!!!

  15. i will say again – i love the animal heads! if you ever decide that you no longer want to decorate your kitchen with animal carcases, please contact me 🙂

  16. Love your heads…I’ve been jealous for a while now…maybe I’ll spot them at our Goodwill like someone said above!! : )

    I stocked up on Heirloom white from your link, because our Lowes didn’t have it anymore! : ( Boooo. So thanks for the link/heads up.

  17. I freakin LOVE it. too funny. and they all look soo good! & I also am like obsessed with Chic fil A. I could eat there like everyday.. haha


  18. they are so cute! I love the chicken head “thats what he said”? LOL

  19. I love the meat trio! So much better than the meat duo. FUR SHUR.

  20. I love the little guys, on the wall (in ceramic), or on the plate! Good thing it’s lunch time. All this talk of chicken has me hungry!

    I do agree with jacquelyn Koll though about the pig in the middle or even a more staggered arrangement, but whatever you and the family likes it what matters.

    Enjoy the sweet trio!

  21. looks great yes threes are better I agree.love your cluck-cluck

  22. Heirloom white! I agree – it’s awesome. I used Heirloom white when I redid my Ikea nightstand and there was enough leftover for me to paint a jewelry rack!

  23. I freakin’ love you. That is all. 🙂

  24. I love Chick fil A’s Carrot Salad. I’d go through drive through to just get a soda and the salad to go. We don’t have one near us. We don’t have Sonic Burger either. We do have In and Out though, had that for dinner. 🙂

  25. OH MY GOSH! Those are so flipping adorable!

  26. Ha! I heart this post, and I am very grateful for your tip about the paint. I’ve been meaning to look for it since I had seen that Centsational Kate spray paints everything she can get her hands on with this one. But I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen it and either HD or Lowe’s. Good to know you can get it so much cheaper in packs because $7 a pop is ridiculo!

  27. Bethany from Michigan says:

    I think that they are adorable, however I think you should consider swapping the positions of the chicken and the pig. Maybe I am just a symmetrical freak but I think it would be more balanced that way. Super cute, though!

  28. I was just browsing Etsy and saw a ceramic duck head. I instantly thought of you and your animals you have hanging in your kitchen! 🙂

  29. Hi! I know this is an old thread, but I stumbled on it when I was trying to find out more about my white, ceramic, animal heads. Mine have yet to be hung because I can’t figure out how to do it?? What did you do?
    Thank you!

    • Mine have little holes in either top corner. I just hung them on nails through those holes. If yours don’t have that, try some really heavy duty command strips from 3M. Those things rock.

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