Got mean comments?

Hey guys! Just poppin’ in to let you know that I’m guest blogging over at the lovely and talented TaraDara’s today!


I’m participating in her series, “What I wish I knew when I started blogging”.

I’m pretty excited about my post, which talks about

mean comments

Click on through HERE to see what I have to say about trolls.

How to deal with mean comments

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  1. BRILLIANT post!!! Is it weird of me that I would love to see all the nasty comments from various bloggers? Don’t you think it makes us all feel better to know that there are hating people hating ALL of us?? Know what I mean?

    anyhow, great post on keeping positive…working hard and creating your “big doggedness” instead of just wishing for it 😉

  2. Ohhh my gosh, GREAT post!
    And I love that you referred to them as trolls. 😉

  3. its kinda hard to believe that HOH would get a bad comment! your stuff is amazing! HOH is one of the 1st blogs i found before i started have given me tons of inspiration…one of the first projects i did was the dawn soap pump…i am now in love with DIY…i don’t spend alot of time making my blog look good, which i know i should, but i try to focus on doing things that make me happy and i have finally found it…thank you allison!

    ashley @ love & joy

  4. I know another way to look at it:

    It’s a sign that you’ve “made it” as a blogger. My blog is small – it’s been small for the last almost 3 years now, and I doubt it will grow too much. As a small blogger, I’ve never had a mean comment. Mostly because the only people who read my stuff are related to me!

    So, if your blog is popular enough to garner mean stuff, it means you’re one of the big dawgs!

    And I still don’t get why people take the time to be mean. I’m too busy. If I really don’t like a post, I just CLOSE THE STUPID TAB!! Why bother being all rude and stuff. But when I like something, I’m trying to be better at leaving a comment about how much they rock!

  5. You are right on the money in removing the mean comments! Focus on positive and good!! We love you and look forward to more of HOH 🙂

  6. Great post! I left a long winded comment over there, haha. Thanks for that!

  7. we all will keep on…keeping on… and never let the trolls get to us !

  8. Great advice Allison! Thanks for sharing your bloggy wisdom 🙂

  9. Allison! Thank you and thank you to all your READERS for stopping by to read your words of wisdom!
    Even though we know that ‘trolls’ have nothing better to do with their time, some their words can cut deep. This is something that not many bloggers have talked about openly. So, I do thank you so much for opening up and talking how to deal with mean comments. I love the last line.
    ‘Choose to be awesome’

    xo Tara

  10. Great post, Allison! Very well said. 🙂 I’m glad you don’t let those haters get you down when there are so many people who KNOW you’re awesome.

  11. What an awesome read girl! I loved every word and Im not just saying that, it really is a great authentic read on how to deal with and shake off negativity concerning blogging. Kudos:)

  12. This is a great topic. Fortunately I don’t get enough traffic to get mean comments but I would definitely delete them. My blog is my place where I can say and do anything I want and no one else’s opinion matters. And by the way, I think you are awesome because you answer comments, even on posts from ages ago from people who are too clueless to search your blog for your follow up post before commenting.

  13. I have been reading your blog for a while. I began reading because I loved your creative ideas. Now, I continue reading because you make me laugh and keep me entertained. I only wish we lived closer so we could hang out!! Don’t change because of “mean” people be yourself.

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