Address Subway Art & a Full Monty (project 24)

Project 24: Hang subway art.

Who would have thought that having a list to work off of would make me so productive?! I should have made a list a year ago.

So, if you haven’t figured out by now, the Subway Art is hung, so I can finally show it to you!! And it’s ca-ute. You are forewarned.


Jessica from Craftily Ever After use to make these cool printables. She even had a little shop where she sold custom prints. She was so kind and made me this custom Subway Address Art using all Ben and my addresses we’ve lived since tying the knot almost 13 years ago.

I uploaded it to Costco and had a huge poster printed of it. The poster was around $9 I think. I rummaged through my stash of crap I should probably give to goodwill and found this picture frame that I took out of my friends trunk while she was on her way to drop it off at goodwill. 😉 One man’s trash…


All I did was print the art from Costco, spray paint the frame, and then put the two together. Easy peasy.

I primed the frame first, then gave it a coat of yellow. I don’t remember the name of the yellow because I painted the frame months ago. Yes, it has taken me MONTHS and months to put a nail in the wall and hang the art. Totally pathetic.


The print was a tad too big, so I just cut it down to size. Again, pretty easy.



Now, just put the two together, and voila. Custom artwork. Why this took me a good 8 months or more to hang is beyond me. I guess I just didn’t know where I wanted it.


* There isn’t really a blur through the middle of my art. I blurred out my address to keep all my stalkers at bay. It’s no fun trying to stalk someone when they just give you all their info. Gotta make ’em work for it.

I found a perfect spot in our gameroom for the art.


I almost didn’t show you because of how much of a disaster the gameroom is, but I’m all for keeping it real.

When I get around to Phase 2 of to-do projects (oh yes, I have a new list starting for yet another list of crap I need to finish around the hood), this window will be top 5. I just forgot to add it to my first list. Thank goodness, ’cause that list was too long anyway.


Here’s a wider angle of this little desk area I’ve created in the corner of the gameroom.


Total mess, right?! I know. It’s awful. I hate showing you guys this room. It’s a hot mess fo’ shizzle.

Well, if I’m going to expose myself, I may as well just do the Full Monty.

It’s a “home decor” bloggers nightmare. I lose all credibility in this blog when I show you guys this room.


Besides being a complete mess (kids!), the decor, or lack thereof, is awesome.

Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees, so this room will just have to wait. But anyway, doesn’t the subway art look good?!

Well, whatever. I’m pecking away at my to-do list and I’m feelin’ so productive anyway.

So, how is YOUR to-do list coming along? I know you have one. Tell us how much (or little) you’ve done lately.

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  1. I reorganized my tiny kitchen last week and it felt soooo good. I need to own stock in 3M command hooks though. I used more to hang stuff from cabinet doors.

  2. I love how you keep things real. It’s one of the reasons I read your blog (besides the cute projects!). You’ve inspired me to keep plugging along on my projects. Mine are all very time consuming and my deadlines (Christmas, my sister’s due date) are all coming at an alarming rate! Ack!

    Well good luck on your quest to finish your list!

  3. Congratulations!!! I just saw your mantel featured in BHG! So cool!

  4. I wouldn’t want to read this blog if ya didn’t keep it real. 🙂
    Love that subway art btw. 🙂

  5. Very cute! No, you don’t loose credibility. Props for keepin it real! I’ve got much more than a game room that is in “transition” as I like to call it! I just finally hung a memo board project that’s been sitting in the corner for months cuz I couldn’t figure out where to put it…

  6. OK, it’s official! I’m posting my to-do list this week! Maybe it’ll motivate me to finish up some projects too.

    Oh, and I love that you “keep it real.” You don’t even want to see what my living room looks like right now…you know because we actually live in it.

  7. neat idea ! i do like it there. the black and white are stunning.

    – KAT –

  8. I made a list too and you’re right, so much more gets done! I think I tackled 6.5 projects this weekend (.5 because although the light is painted it still must be hung to count) and it feels good.

    Don’t think of the room as a nightmare. Think of it as the blank slate full of possibilities for how you will amaze everyone. 🙂 You’ve done so much with it already just with the color/couch etc and it’s coming along nicely.

    • Well thank ya my dear! I do love the new paint and couch. I have big plans churning in my head for this room, now I just need like two grand to do it. UGH. I really want to add a bunch of ikea wardrobe things with doors along the back wall for storage, and the ensemble I want is $1600 for all of it. Argh.

  9. Love the subway address art! You’ve inspired me:)

  10. Love your subway art, especially hung up! I’ve made a list too, checking things off at a slower speed than you but hey, we’re getting there, right?! Keep it real girl, you know that’s how you get respect in this hood 😉

  11. Thanks for not having a perfect house- it’s so refreshing to know that not every space is perfect, just like a real person’s house. 🙂 I love your blog, your sense of humor, and your taste. 🙂

  12. Love it!! And your house looks lived in…the way a house should look!!

    Keep up the great work….love following your blog!

  13. oh well all have an embarassing room! you’ll have it cute in no time. love the sub art 😉

  14. That is such a cute print!
    Okay, you have inspired me. I am going to post a list on my blog I think this week and see what I can’t check off of it. Hmmm….want to come help?
    New follower and added you to my blog roll!
    Your blog rocks!

  15. I LOVE the subway art!! It’s totally cool!! Your room aint so bad! I have quite a few HOT MESS rooms. Our poor room still has no bedding set and OH thats right our walls are still Bama Red!!! *gag* lol!

  16. I loved that you can show the “real” full monty of how the room functions. A game/play room with out toys? then it’s not real. That is my problem…I want to take pictures of my kitchen and when I get around to getting it clean I forget to take pictures. That is on my to do list to take a picture of the kitchen, now that I finally got my curtains back up (after a year).

    I figured that the blur was your real address and wanted to deter your stalkers. lol Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love it! I’ve been wanting to do a subway poster with our addresses. Someday….

  18. Great job with your subway art! The poster makes this project so much easier! I also used one to make mine, but affixed it to a canvas. FYI- I got a 30 x 40 in poster printed off at Staples for only $3.50!! Crazy, right? Way cheaper than everywhere else I checked.

    Here’s the link, if you’re interested-


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