awesome SILHOUETTE discount (40% off!) and Cameo offer {Black Friday promotion}

The new 2012 Black Friday promotion can be found HERE.

Want a new Silhouette Cameo?

You can get a very nicely discounted one tomorrow on Black Friday by using this “secret” link:

Super Secret Black Friday Silhouette Cameo Link HERE

And this code: HoH4ever

I don’t know the exact discount yet (I’ll update you as soon as I know), but it is suppose to be a really great deal. (The deal won’t post until 12:01am MST. Don’t be alarmed if you click through now and see it at the standard price.)

Oh, and I’ve been told by the Silhouette Man himself that they are expecting to sell out of the Cameo tomorrow, so if you want one, get it at 12:01am MST. 🙂

Also, if you already have a cutter and just want some CHEAP supplies, you can get ’em for 40% off!


This is pretty much the best deal I’ve ever seen at Silhouette, so stock up on vinyl now!

New starter kits for only $24!

Blades for less than $8.

Cautie-patootie Advent Calendar for $24.

Premium vinyl, transfer paper, & heat-transfer material for only $9 a roll.

Adorable Cameo totes for $60.

Pretty much the deal of the year.

So anyway, click on over to Silhouette on Black Friday to score all these amazing offers.

One more time:

Silhouette Deals LINK

And this code: HoH4ever

Happy Shopping this glorious Black Friday! I hope you score lots of goodies for dirt cheap.

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  1. Thank you so much for this tip!!! I ordered my cameo and starter kit today 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. I have had my Silhouette SD for over 6 months and just started to really use it this month. So, I was so happy when I saw your 40% off code. It saved me over $50….

  3. I used your code to order myself a Cameo and some accessories for an early Christmas present to myself. I can’t wait to play around with it. Thanks!

  4. Do you know if they will offer another sale before Christmas?
    I want this cutter but just trying to find the best deal. Thanks!!

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