Guest Blogger: The Elephant’s Trunk

Hey there everyone! My name is Lauren and I’m usually blogging over at my blog, The Elephant’s Trunk or creating items for my Etsy shop of the same name.

In my Etsy shop I sell handmade wine accessories and original acrylic canvases.

A couple of months ago I shared a tutorial on my blog for wine monograms I made for my kitchen so when Allison asked me to stop by and hang out here for the day I knew I wanted to share them here with you all. Take a peek…

I first saw this idea pinned via this site on Pinterest and I knew that it was something that I had to do. This project was very easy and took a small amount of time to complete. I started off with a few pieces of cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby a B for Brendan (my boyfriend) and a L for Lauren (me of course). I then fired up my glue gun and was ready to go.

From there it was easy, I was given a large amount of corks from a friend who had saved them for a fundraiser to use as center pieces and then was going to throw them away. If you don’t have a large cork collection laying around or a friend to donate them to you- the best place to find cheap wine corks is Ebay (I’ve bought some there for another project as well- super inexpensive). After all the corks were glued on the letters I had completed cork monograms! Seriously, that was it. Best craft ever! 

Happy Holidays to all the HOH readers and thank you to Allison for having me here today! 

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  1. Ooooh, I like. I have about 20 + wine corks laying around. i’ve been saving them to make a wreath, but maybe i should do this instead.

  2. who won the ladder giveaway? i never saw a winner posted

  3. Leigh Healy says:

    Super cute! Gonna have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

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