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Cheap & Easy Stenciled Tray tutorial

Last week when I showed you the Mini Monogram Pedestals I mentioned I had made two more projects using my Martha Stewart Crafts supplies. I had so much fun crafting I ended up creating three separate projects and then chose my favorite to go with the Plaid promotion. Well, here's the 2nd of the three crafts I made... Are you ready for it? I found this tiny pink tray at the Target Dollar Spot (I think it was $2.50) and thought it was so cute! It's just perfect for my daughter's room to house all her little lotions and perfumes. I used some Spray Adhesive for Stencils … [Read more...]

orange color-backed decor bowls tutorial

The dining room is getting tinkered with again. What I really want to do is finish those chairs (!!!) but that requires W-O-R-K which is kind of a turn-off for me. Ten chairs = very overwhelming. (Can you tell I've been painting them though? hint hint) I still want this room finished though, and I've got this big ol' blank wall staring me down mocking me. I've been trying to figure out what to put here, but all my ideas seem to compete with the curtains, which I want to be the star of the room. I don't want anything on this wall that will distract from the curtains. … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #97

Hey my friends! I hope you have had a great week. I'm currently listening to Somebody That I Use To Know by Gotye. Man, I love this song. I first heard it on American Idol a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked. American Idol (Elyse & Phillip): (Click here if you can't see the video) Gotye (original): (Click here if you can't see the video) Have you heard this song? Do you love it too? On a side note, I hate that Elyse is always in the bottom three! She is my favorite singer this year. Okay, okay. I'll get back to Home Decor and crafting! ** So, are you new here? I throw … [Read more...]

Make your own Mini Monogram Pedestal

I am so stinkin' excited about these Mini Monogram Pedestals. I love how they turned out! This is such an easy project and would be a great Mother's Day gift. To make your very own Mini Monogram Pedestals you need the following supplies: Martha Stewart Crafts Supplies: Raspberry Ice Craft Paint Habanero Craft Paint Carrot Craft Paint Jonquil Craft Paint Surf Craft Paint Paint Brush Set Other Supplies: 3" piece of wood (mine are 3" x 2.5") Mini Candlesticks Strong bonding glue (I used Gorilla Glue) Silhouette Cameo Black Vinyl and transfer paper sandpaper clear … [Read more...]

I’ve been tinkering in the daughter’s room again

So, I've been working on my daughter's room for about 5 months now. I have a full mood board my head, it just takes me awhile. I like to take my time and make well-thought-out decisions. I'm sure that is driving you nuts! Get it done already, am I right?! Anyway, here's her most recent room picture: It's from my PBTeen Inspired Bedding Week where I showed you how to make all this bedding for a fraction of what PBTeen charges. Well, I guess I'm a crappy blogger because I have ZERO zoomed out pictures of her room with her new bedding. So picture her new bed and bedding in place … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #96

Before I begin the party tonight, one of my best friend's brother died in a car wreck Monday. He was 26 years young. Will you take just a minute of your time to head over to Beth's blog and give her a little virtual {{hug}} or kind thought? I sincerely appreciate from the bottom of my heart you taking the time to let her know there are people thinking about her and praying for her and her family. Thank you! Let's show off all our awesome creations this week! ** So, are you new here? I throw the Hookin' Up with HoH Party every week to give all of you a chance to find other … [Read more...]

The odds are stacked for the LG (laundry room update)

The laundry room is making progress finally! Here's the "before": And from the opposite angle: The goal is to move the washer and dryer down by the window and create a locker-type unit where the washer & dryer currently sit. The door in the middle of the room leads to the garage, so when you come in it makes more sense with the flow of traffic to have the washer & dryer out of the way on the right and a mud room type area on the left. That way when the kids come in from school, as they are passing through into the family room they can dump hang their backpacks up and have a … [Read more...]