Meet our dog, Chase. He does funny stuff. For example…

Meet Chase:

Chase is our 8.5 pound Yorkie. He doesn’t really look like a Yorkie though because we keep him shaved.

He’s really suppose to look like this (which personally I think looks ridiculous, but I’m not a dog show person either):

This is his, “Sup?” face:

When he’s being naughty he tends to have an “Oh Crap! I’ve been caught!” look on his face.

Chase loves to bark at cats. All.Day.Long. And he also loves to bark at people who come to our front door. He’s a pretty good watch dog.

Chase’s favorite spot for cat-watching and cat-barking is the left window in our piano room. It’s low enough that he can see out. He spends lots of time behind the chair looking out the window.

I noticed something the other day that I found hilarious. Usually my piano room looks like this (notice the perfect carpet lines?):

Chase must be doing extra cat-watching lately because the room looked like this:

and this:

Do you see it?

How about now?

Chase runs back and forth through the piano room so much that you can actually see his little paw prints across my vacuum lines.

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Yes, I do like having my carpet look nice, but to me it’s really not that big a deal. My grandma had a formal living room that we were NEVER allowed to go into because “it messed up the carpet lines”. I am not like that.

When I bust out the vacuum once a week I will make the carpet look nice, but the rest of the time I don’t care. We live here. And a dog lives here. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really could do without so much of this though:

Do you have any pets? What little things do they do that you think are so adorable? Do they do anything that drives you cray-to-the-zee?

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  1. Nadine in Nevada says:

    We have 3 dogs (a Puggle, a Yellow Lab/Shephard mix, a Chihuahua) and 3 cats. Toss in our 11 year old son and the 1 year old I babysit and my house is a constant 3-ring circus!

    The dogs are amazing with the baby. He can do pretty much anything to them and they just look at me like, “um – think you might be able to do something?”. LOL Just this morning I hear the baby making motorcycle noises. I figure he’s riding his hippo so I don’t pay much attention…then he starts laughing. I look over and he is sitting on the big dog, holding her ears and making Vroom Vroom noises. Dog is just patiently waiting for him to move.

    My cats are a PITA. I’ve had cats my entire life and these three are the only ones who don’t care that I’m in the room – they just jump up on tables and counters. That makes me CRAZY ‘cuz it’s pet peeve. If I don’t see it it’s not so bad but to do it in front of me!? Good Grief!

  2. haha what a sweetheart, footprints and all! I have two cats that are the sweetest babies, but when they dont get their way they will let you know.

    One thinks he is too good to eat out of his bowl and will ask for you to take a handful out for him. If you dont, he wont stop meowing!

    The other starts trouble. If I could have a kitty timeout, I bet he would visit it often. Plus he scratches the carpet up

    But I love them more and more each day!

  3. Jennifer Burgett says:

    We had a dog that left paw prints ALL OVER our hardwood floors. And usually the worst ones were right after I steamed the floors. Of course right?!?! Drove my husband crazy!
    I guess the worst was right after we put the hardwood down Rufus put huge scratches in the wood. Sadly we lost Ruf back in December and I wouldn’t trade those scratches for anything…except for him back!

  4. We have two cats: Awesome aka Boss (our two year old male) and Little aka Bitty aka The Kitten Ninja (our 10 month old female). Her favorite hiding spot is inside a case of water once some of the bottles have been removed. She just sits and waits … to pounce and scare the BEJEEZUS out of Awesome. It’s hilarious. And happens over and over and over again. Never gets old.

    And the Tale and Trail of Chase are adorable 🙂

  5. Our Jack Russell mix, Nick Charles, looks like a 20-pound Chase, and just as I finished reading your post, as if on cue, he started barking at the UPS guy (can’t wait to see what we got!)

    We moved into this house a year and a half ago, in the middle of October. On Halloween, 2 weeks later, one neighborhood trick-or-treater said, “Oh, you’re the people with the dog that barks so much.”
    What a great reputation to start out with!

    But we wouldn’t trade our guy for anything! He’s smart, loving, plays hide and seek, and also bats toys around like a cat.

  6. Our cat, Aphrael, outweighs your Chase 3-1! She started life as a feral kitty – smallest of the litter and is the only survivor. She still has all her claws and attitude. I regularly sport claw marks, and I’ve got to decorate with fabric that she can’t “pick”. She’s not completly adept in the litter box, and there are sometimes “presents” attached to her rear when she lumbers up onto the furniture – so light fabrics really don’t cut it here.

    However, she tucks me in each and every night, greets me every morning and flops at my feet when I get home from work. My house would probably look nicer without her, but my heart would be lost.

    This is our home – all three of us. The Ogre, the Cat and I. And that, my friends, is EXACTLY how we like it!


  7. aw i had a yorkie and she was the cutest thing ever! I loved how she would sleep in the sun spots, So during the day as the sun moved across the room, so did she.

  8. Chase is awesome! Way to redecorate the house! My dog Blitzkrieg also thinks he is an interior designer. He likes to bring the outside in after every walk, there are leaves and stuff dropped artfully from his fur to my floors. He also arranges toys around the house when he thinks a room or corner needs a little something. Best of all, he is my project manager when it comes to DIYing and especially when I develop recipes for my food blog!

  9. I have two kitties, Detective Tubbs who is an arrogant asshole, and his sister Barbara who is terrified of everything. I love them anyway!

    Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator

  10. It’s not the little guy’s fault. If there were no cats around, he wouldn’t have any need to go to the window and bark. So blame it on the cats, they’re just taunting him so he gets in trouble. yeah, that’s it!

    We have one very mixed breed dog and her name is Princess. She is funny and precious and has the sweetest eyes. She loves to play Keep Away with her torn up basketball. Plus, she used to do this thing with her food bowl where she would put one paw on it and push it up & down the drive way. Come to think of it, haven’t seen the bowl lately….

  11. Aww! That Chase is such a sweetie! I had NO idea he was supposed to have long hair! That picture actually made me laugh out loud! Not quite sure why I never offered before, but if you ever want us to dog sit let me know. The boys would love it, and I get to give Chase back. 😉

  12. I have a Yorkie that I keep shaved as well. It’s just so hot here for most of the year, and even when it’s not, that hair is such a pain to deal with!

  13. My Border Collie/Lab Mix cracks me up when her ears go back and she starts running the Indy 500 through the house! But she drives me nuts when she barks at everything.under.the.sun! To top it off, we live across the street from a golf course, where most of the golfers can’t hit a ball & it either lands in our front yard or on the course right in front of our house, causing Daisy to go nuts! She is so not a people person!

  14. I’ve got 2 bichons who sound like they would be great friends with Chase! Question for you…do you get a professional grooming for him to keep him shaved? I keep mine shaved too and it gets pricey!! I’d love to know if you have any cost saving tips, thanks! Love your blog 🙂

  15. Chase is too darn cute!!! LOVE his little paw prints on your carpet, dogs can be so funny (and annoying) sometimes! I have two mini Schnauzers, they bark at every bird, squirrel, rabbit, or flying leaf they catch crossing our lawn all the time. One of them, follows me around the house all day long, and loves to bark at the vacuum. Such silly creatures.

  16. LOVE the oh crap look on chase’s face! I have Louie-he’s small like chase, and he too loves to bark at cats and anyone walking down the street.
    Here’s my story about Louie-it just happened tonight. Every time I take a shower, Louie hangs out in the living room and waits for me to get out and walk into the living room. I can tell he’s always worried that the shower may mean I’m leaving for the day/afternoon or whatever. I generally looks right at me when I walk around the corner to see if I’m “ready” or not. Tonight when I got finished working on my projects, and took a shower, I put on my pj’s.
    When I walked around the corner, I literally saw Louie look me down, and then up. He then wagged his tail and I swear, I think he smiled. He knew I wasn’t going out.
    Those critters sure can surprise ya!

  17. That is the most adorable thing I’ve read. But yes, I hear ya! I have a little critter too. Her name is Lila. A chihuahua, cockerspaniel mix. Crazy little dog she is. Bark, bark, bark at everyone walking too. She chases birds and has a personality you can’t deny. She has that “Oh Crap” look when she’s guilty as well. If she gets accussed for something she didn’t do, trust me, she looks at me like I’m totally stupid. Ha! Thanks for sharing your little guy today.

  18. That is a cute dog. And I am not a dog person…except my childhood dog.

  19. Oh my goodness! Our dogs could be twins!! My dog Zero looks so much like Chase. I don’t keep him shaved short, we kind of like him to have a scruffy look. He loves to sit on the back of the living room sofa and watch for anyone walking their dogs, and he goes nuts barking at them. I can’t even take him for walks during normal daylight hours because he wants to tear apart any dog we encounter. It’s so embarrassing, especially when the dog is so much bigger than him and it’s not barking at all. So we walk at night.
    Chase is a cutie. We just can’t imagine life without our little tail waggers can we?

  20. We have a bird, he loves to whistle. He is a great mimic of things around the house, he can make the same sound as our microwave, kitchen timer, even the squeak our front door makes.

    The only really annoying thing he does is follow me into the bathroom & wolf whistles at me. Disturbing and annoying. Though really cute at the same time.

  21. Melissa Aguayo says:

    Loved your post today! We keep our schnauzers shaved too! And love your doggy trails.

  22. We have two dogs – a Mastiff/Rottie cross named Chloe and a pure Rottie named Sasha. Both are my angels. Chloe is sweet and zen. Sasha is crazy and full of beans.

    My lastest fav thing Sasha does is this: She’s not allowed in the kitchen when we’re cooking and if we find her there we’ll ask her, “Is this where you’re supposed to be?” or “Are you on the carpet?” She’ll cock her head, think about it, and then trot off and lay down on the carpet in the livingroom. So smart.

    And this is her favourite way to hang out. We call her the neighbourhood watch. Also Butterpants. Just look at that rear end.

  23. He is too cute! and I love that he messes up your carpet lines. 🙂

  24. We have two cats. Two black cats. We have lots of white furniture. I need to buy stock in a lint roller company!

  25. Okay, Chase is completely adorable! I love when yorkies have shorter/scruffier hair. love!

    And his path across your carpet? That’s just precious! <3

    Our crazy kitty, Eve, likes to watch the cars in the apartment parking lot. Not the birds/squirrels/etc on the golf course out back – but the CARS! She's a goof 😉

  26. Katie Ohning says:

    We have a large golden-doodle named Tonks. She’s about as dumb as they come, but very sweet. I HATE that she runs the same place every day when I let her out. The grass is nearly dead in her “track” and of course that is always where my kids want to play – in the MUD. She also runs up and down our stairs if my husband and I leave. She runs up the stairs to check it out through the window on the landing, and down the stairs to look out the front door to see if the car is gone. It’s irritating, especially with a sleeping baby! But she is fantastic with my kiddos, so I can’t stay mad at her for too long.

  27. My dog watches TV with me. Especially when there are other animals on the show. She’ll sit on the floor and stare at the TV waiting for another dog to show up.

  28. So cute. I love that you can see his prints in the carpet. My companion is Scout, our “it is all about me” beagle. He is the center of our household and HE wouldn’t have it any other way. ha ha. Dogs are the best!

  29. I have a 66 lb. Boxer (Maggie) who thinks she’s a lab dog! She will jump up and just stand over me on the couch. She also gets jealous when my husband and I hug each other. She whines and thinks she needs to make it a group hug! She’s a goof ball but I love her 🙂 She just recently turned 5 and I posted some pics on my blog…

  30. Have you ever posted about those 2 slipcovered chairs??!
    I have 2 similiar shaped chairs, in espresso colored leather, in a room with norther exposure windows=too dark.

    QUESTION: did you buy them with the slipcovered or did you MAKE them? I long to cover them, but, alas my sewing skills leave much to be desired. The small unique shape pretty much excludes purchasing anything to fit.

    It looks so clean and fresh 🙂

  31. Seriously cute pup! I like the short hair…very fitting!

  32. Oh this makes me laugh. I always see our dog prints after we vacuum!

  33. That is hilarious! Our dog, Honey, used to love to jump onto the couch after it had been vaccuumed and settle in to one spot. You could always tell when she had been up there {while we were out of the house of course!} because it was the only spot without the vaccuum marks.

  34. We have a yorkie, too! We also keep her cut short but she is kind of a pork chop as my mother in-law likes to refer to her as since she is a little over 10lbs!

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