adding casters to furniture; an easy solution to a big problem

I have this little round coffee table in my family room:

(Really old picture of the family room)

I’ve had it for about 2 years now and it’s there whenever I blog about my family room.

Many have asked about the little coffee table and I’ve replied in my comments, but I’ll reply here again. My friend found it on Craigslist, spray painted it black, used it for a year, then sold it to me when she moved.

Just try to ignore the fact that the pillows on the couch don’t match. They are both really comfortable! And I just haven’t gotten around to finding the perfect pillows for the space yet.

Anyway, it’s been a great little table. In our house coffee tables aren’t just for displaying chachkis and pretty books. We actually use and abuse the poor thing. On a very regular basis we eat off it, put our feet on it {ewww gross, right? eating and putting our feet on it?}, & I do craft projects on it.

We also move the table As in, if my feet can’t reach it and I’m way over here, I’ll drag it towards me. If the kids want it and they are way over there they’ll drag it back. I drag it out of the way when I do workout DVDs. The kids push and pull on it when they are building forts and pretending the carpet is hot lava.

Unfortunately even this sturdy solid-wood table hasn’t been strong enough to withstand the Hepworth abuse. I noticed a few weeks ago one leg was getting a little loose.

So when I was at ikea and stumbeled on this 4-pack of casters for $10, I knew just what I needed to do to fix the table issue.

I flipped the table over, drilled tiny pilot holes, then screwed the casters onto the feet of the table using some 1″ screws.

Not only does the table still feel as solid and sturdy as ever, it glides across the floor effortlessly.

I thought the additional height might be an issue, but no one has noticed it at all.

Now we can drag the table wherever we want without worrying about breaking the legs off.

The table might glide too effortlessly actually. When I put my feet on it I have to be careful not to push even the slightest bit or it will roll away. 🙂

It’s great when we want the table out of the way for a friendly Wii competition or a sweat-fest with a workout DVD.

And I really like that I can drag it up to my chair where I sit when I blog so I can sprawl my legs out while my computer sits on my lap.

Here, I’ll show you a picture of me blogging. I drew it myself. I’m such an artist.

I’ve decided I like the casters so much now I’m trying to find even more stuff to add casters too. I need some wooden crates. That would be cute!


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  1. Great solution! Now the table will be even more useful =)

  2. this is great, so many things to use it on now!

  3. You are cracking me up! I ADORE the picture of you working on your blog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I am sitting at the computer laughing out loud.

    I have a serious beast of a coffee table that I refinished from completely ugly to cute. I have debated putting wheels on it because it did come with some originally, but they were OLD and a mess. Not cute, stylish old…70’s ugly and gross. I am thinking I need to hop in the car and head over to Ikea to get some wheels right now!!


  4. I really like your blog. And I love your table. It looks like the rollers made the table the perfect height for all your multi-purposing!

  5. Ha, I did the same thing to my coffee table a few years ago…for pretty much the same reason. It was one of the best things I ever did. We’re also a “feet on the table” family. We eat on it, sit on it and my kids play on it. We USE our furniture like you do. Furniture can be useful and functional at the same time, right? Who wants to live in a museum?

  6. Fantastic job! I have been meaning to go to Home Depot to get some casters but now will swing by Ikea instead. I’ve been wanting to attach some to my heavy planters so that I can move the container plants in & out of the sun as the daylight changes this summer. Love the idea of putting them on wooden crates then adding container plants to make a moveable garden.

  7. I do love that table! And I’m loving the stick figure blogger…too funny!

  8. What an awesome idea! So clever and thrifty!

  9. That’s exactly what I need to do to make our family room more Wii-able. Thanks!

    I could be wrong, but your table looks like it might raise and lower. I was helping set up an estate sale a few weeks back, and we were selling a “coffee table” very similar to yours. An astute customer came to the sale, and raised the table up….instant dining room table! (Dang, could have doubled the price, ha ha.) Just curious.
    Love your blog, and really loved your artistic depiction of blogging. Made my day.

  10. Actually the spray paint was a pain because overspray made it look awful- we ended up using a foam roller & Rustolium black furniture paint- loved the results! On a side note we miss Dallas Craigslist, much more fruitful than Atlanta!

  11. Marsha Stevens says:

    Usually on the castors, don’t they have a lock position, also? So when you put your feet on the table if you have them locked they will not move. Then you can simply unlock them when you want it to move.

  12. Such a great idea! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. So, if you could just hop on over to my blog to look at the rules I would appreciate it. Thanks and congrats! 🙂 BTW love your blog.

  13. I was looking for that sollution. It was hard for me to find casters to buy, but in the end i’ve found it. It has numerous applications, one of my favourite is for audio-video carrying boxes.

  14. Howdy! This post couldn’t bee written much better!
    Looking at this article reminds me oof my pevious roommate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will send this information to him.
    Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. Thanks for

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