Adding trim to ikea drona boxes for the expedit {girl room progress}

Are you sick of hearing me drone on and on about my daughter’s room? I hope not because I’ve still got loads of little projects to complete before I call this room done.

Check out today’s project:

I found these cool Drona boxes at ikea that fit in her expedit perfectly. The best part? They are only $5. Oh, and they come in hot pink! Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. (They also come in black and a few other colors.)

The boxes are fabric and have what I assume is heavy cardboard inside to create the box.

They are great as-is, but you know me, I can’t leave fine alone, so I had to bling them out with some ribbon trim to match her curtains.

I love how they turned out and I really love that they go so perfectly with her new curtains I made her last week.

I can’t really fit a box in my sewing machine, so are you dying to know how I bling’d them out?

I started by making all the trim on my sewing machine. I sewed the ric-rac and the pom-pom trim directly onto the ribbon.

To figure out how much ribbon you will need, measure the width of your box, multiply it by the number of boxes you have, and then add about another foot for hemming and errors in math. 🙂

For each piece to fit, I started by measuring the width of the boxes…

…then I cut each section of trim about an inch longer, folded over each raw edge, and used a zig-zag stitch to to finish them off, like this:

Now I’m armed and dangerous with all my trim for all the boxes.

So, are you still curious how I attached the trim to the boxes?

Hot glue of course! Did you forget I’m the Hot Glue Queen?

Start at one end and hot glue the trim directly onto the fabric handle that comes on the box. I started on the right side and worked left because I’m a leftie and have to do everything backwards.

Continue adding ample amounts of hot glue to the ribbon and pressing onto the box. I would do about an inch at a time and press really hard until the glue was cool. Then I’d move to the next section.

Notice how the pom-pom balls are above the edge of the handle?

I purposely set the trim high so that when my daughter and her friends pull out the boxes to retrieve toys they don’t grab a handful of pom-pom balls and ruin them.

Gah. I just love it. And I love that it actually looks like I sewed it on. The hot glue is holding very well, by the way.

I love how the trim ties the curtains and the boxes together.

Here’s a shot of both the Expedits, the new boxes, curtains, and her ribbon lamp.

So, do you like ikea hacks as much as I do? The curtains and the boxes are both a hack!

I seriously can’t wait to get this room finished once and for all. I am going to kick it into overdrive and hopefully has this room checked off my list pretty darn quick.

Check out all my ikea HACKS! They will blow your mind. haha

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  1. I’ve commented before that I’d move in if your little girl didn’t want this room and I’d like to just mention that again, H’OK?

    This room is absolutely wonderful. I LOVE porange, to begin with, and you’ve just done a super job of balancing the brights with the white.
    🙂 Liz

  2. Love this idea! And I love the curtains too! What a great color combo!! Well done!

  3. I love it. I love it. I love it. And I thought I was the only one who like everything little thing in a room to match and coordinate. I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea! It’s amazing what I simple little upgrade can do to achieve a new overall look. Love all the photos.

  5. So stinkin’ cute! That really makes a big difference on those boxes.

  6. Those look great! She is one lucky girl.

  7. and BTW I noticed the Target American Girl Cabinet– are you going to be dressing that up in the future? We have one and would love some ideas on how to funk it up.

  8. What an easy and cute idea! Love that there is matching trim on the window treatments too.

  9. what a cool idea, I like how it changes the baskets. Thanks for sharing

  10. I’ve got two of these boxes in the living room holding my daughter’s toys. I should jazz mine up! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Allison,

    You are amazing! This room is awesome. Somehow I missed the posting on the curtains and went back and read it. Her bed looks great but it needs one thing to help tie it into the room even better. The bed needs a small round orange pillow. It will be reminiscent of the pompoms and bring a round feature to the other side of the room. I’m not a decorator by any means; just my oppinion.


  12. for the win! you had me at orange rick-rack … that is SO CUTE!

  13. I love it – especially with the matching drapes! I never have the patience to match everything so it ends up looking a little bit jumbled =(

  14. it is amazing the things you make, I see stuff at ikea and I am just happy when I put it together, let alone stuff like this!

  15. I Love it! Also- keep the little updates coming- I love the little projects! 🙂

  16. What a great touch to those containers! The color scheme of this room is fun and beautiful. I love seeing all your projects. Megan

  17. Love, love, love pink! Beautiful room!

  18. Loving your room!! I am so like that with doing every little finishing touch to make it awesome! 😉

    And what is up with Pinterest?? I was following you but had to re-follow?? Never heard of them doing that before?

  19. I have these same boxes in my craft room but in the turquoise. I think i might just need to spruce them up!

  20. OMG! That is brilliant! Love how easily you transformed the boxes. They are beautiful!!

  21. Oh my gosh! Gorgeous! I wish I could have this exact room for my daughter. She would be in love!! If you were to sell that trim for the boxes I would certainly buy it. I don’t own a sewing machine. Nor can I sew. LOL

  22. I have black ones and have been wanting to do an update i sm so inspired! Great idea!

  23. Sarah Thomas says:

    I love this! we have these boxes in our living room, may have to do some fun trim myself! Thinking on our teal boxes some grey ribbon and neon yellow rick rack and pom poms…


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