The difference 2 years makes

Two years ago when we bought our home I cringed when I opened the door to welcome you in.

These days, not so much.

Welcome to my home.

It’s still not perfect and I still have loads more I want to do, but when I see these before and after pictures I can’t help but smile and pat myself on the back.

In case you are curious, yes, I’ve changed a few things since I snapped this picture. The house is always in a state of flux.

My favorite thing? I’d say the paint and moulding. <3 What is one of your favorite things about your home? What is something you can't wait to improve on?

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  1. What an improvement! Love the clock and the planter. It all looks so welcoming!

  2. Nadine in Nevada says:

    Looks amazing – just like everything you do. I hate the way our house looks as we have no “style” just a mishmash of stuff. *sigh* So jealous of you talented ladies.

  3. I like the pet carrier in the first pic.. I think you need to add that back! 😉 Although the photobombing dog is pretty adorable too!

  4. Well done Allison. I’m buyin!

  5. My favorite thing about my house is my Garden Tub. Mainly using it – LOL. I can’t wait to get new floor covering in the living room and hall. Wood flooring will be so wonderful…sigh.

  6. oh I so want to do so much, but the amount it would cost and the fact hubby is not very, how would you say it, handy, it will not get done for years.

  7. Your home is beautiful! It looks very happy no matter what you say.
    I love to paint and decorate and have for years. My house is very tired looking right now. Arthritis makes it hard for me to do a lot of painting but my brain wants to do a lot of stuff. I have a young cat that is clawing the wallpaper off my bedroom walls and it needs a re-do soooo bad. The whole house does.
    My hubby is mechanically challenged and a terrible painter, so it’s always up to me to make the changes. I sigh right now just thinking of all that needs to be done. Any hoooo… not trying to sound down, just the facts.
    Your sweet blog inspires me to keep plugging along and maybe I’ll post my next project someday….

    Take care and thanks for sharing!


  8. I love that all of my floors are wood and that they are original to the home built in 1920. I would love to expand my kitchen a little and add a bathroom in my laundry room. Your home is lovely. Love the wood trim!

  9. Since we’re about 3 weeks into the new house – I’m stuck at picture #1 right now.
    But this gives me hope! It may take months or years, but eventually I will be proud of how our house looks!

    Its amazing what a change all that paint made!

    I love the clock hanging, too. Makes me think of Harry Potter and hopping on the Hogwarts Train 🙂

  10. You’ve made so many great improvements over the years! My favorite thing about our house is the open floor plan. I moved in 3 weeks ago so I haven’t thrown a party yet but I know it’ll be great for entertaining! My least favorite thing is our non-landscaped and sad looking excuse of a backyard haha

  11. Definitely looks way better! You have a gorgeous home!

  12. Great job I like how it looks now, I love the clock you have hanging on your wall

  13. My favorite thing is my kitchen, I’m even there right now although that means I just spilled water all over my computer!

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! We’ve been in our house for 1 year and it feels like nothing:)

  14. What cute things you have going on! Just wanted to Drop a HELLO from Mama To Three Chicks!

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