Recreating model home decor {decorative moss rocks}

One of my favorite things to do is browse through model homes. They are chock full of decorating ideas that are usually very appealing to most styles. I have learned so many little tips and tricks about decorating and styling a home simply by walking through model homes and taking lots of photos.

In a recent model home crashing I saw the simplest decor that had a big impact. I just had to recreate it the second I got back home.

Can you believe it’s as simple as a bowl full of faux moss rocks?

I saw this simple wooden bowl filled with basic fake moss rocks and just knew it would be perfect for my piano room. It helped that I already had the rocks and the bowl at home in my stash.

I found these moss rocks months ago at the Dollar Tree. I have looked for them since then with no luck. However, I saw a box of moss rocks last week at Target that will work just fine.

On a side note, if you see these rocks pop up at the Dollar Store again in the future, let me know, k? They are the perfect cheap versatile decor item that you can never have too many of. They look great in glass vases, wooden bowls, lanterns, wreaths, etc.

I scored this large wooden bowl at Target last year on clearance and have been stumped with what to do with it since then. It is large and deep and besides using it for salad I was really at a loss as to how to decorate with it. Thank goodness for the moss rocks!

I used four packages of moss rocks but I probably could have used at least 8 packages. To make up the difference I wadded up a bunch of tissue paper and stuffed it in the bottom of the bowl before I added the rocks.

This new cute little decor is the perfect addition to my side table between my two chairs. I love how the green moss really pops out against the red in the pillows.

Isn’t the wood grain on the bowl just fabulous? This whole ensemble just gives the perfect amount of earthy vibe to our piano room.

I still can’t get over how simple this addition was to recreate. And I’m kicking myself that I had the bowl and the rocks just sitting there for months and never thought to put the two together until now.

The moss texture on the fake rocks is so soft and fuzzy. When anyone sits in the room they instantly gravitate towards picking up and playing with the rocks. Kids and adults alike!

So there ya go, a simple easy to assemble decor addition that really makes a room *pop*. It’s always fun to be crafty and make stuff, but sometimes the simplest things end up being my favorite.

What are your go-to decorating accessories? Do you like browsing model homes? What is your favorite decor item in your home?

Enjoy life and have a great week!

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  1. I love how the green moss rocks pop too! I picked up those rocks at the dollar store too (probably about same time as you) and have used them scattered among the books and what not on the bookshelf in my bedroom. Works to have that tiny bit of “natural” in any shot that really helps layer it in. In your set up it just looks so totally fresh and cool!


  2. It’s so nice to have a textural element in your decor. And something natural too, is a bonus 🙂 They look so fresh and beautiful!!

  3. Such a great and simple idea!! Maybe I can score some soon, I have a deep trifle dish i got at Kohls and have been needing something to fill it. Great idea. err re-idea?!

  4. I love the wooden bowl and I love regular rocks. Moss rocks look like they will require dusting. So, I am not feeling that.
    And every time I look at your blog, those pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing drive me a little more crazy!!!

  5. So cute – and such a great idea! Schlepping the kids to the dollar store today to look for moss rocks…

  6. Now that’s just really different! My husband makes fun of the decorative balls I have all over the house – I can just imagine what he’d say about the rocks!! Can’t wait to see!!!

  7. Thanks for the idea…i bought several bags at DT and haven’t known what to do with them

  8. Love when it is fun to look at and touch

  9. Landing Page WordPress Plugins says:

    These are too cute. I much more prefer the bowl you picked out for the moss rocks. I haven’t stopped at the dollar store in awhile – time to make a quick stop! (Oh, do they “flake”? Because I totally see my son taking these out and trying to play with them)

  10. Hi Allison…I use these little moss rocks all the time in my decor. They do make a perfect little pop of color and texture and work as a filler in so many places. Going to check out my local Dollar Store to add to my stash!

  11. I LOVE the wood grain bowl! I could barely look away to even notice the rocks!

  12. I love going thru designer homes. I usually look at the ones 100K+ more than my house would ever sell for for inspiration, and those around my own price range to assess value of whatever ideas I have planned.

  13. Hey, that’s a nice new font that you are using on your image. The typewriter font “Decorating with moss rocks” what font is that?

  14. These are adorable~I’ll have to look for them at Dollar Tree next time I’m there. They sure make a nice statement for your wooden bowl.

  15. Very cute, and I love the whole organic vibe they bring to the room!

  16. They would be so versatile … fitting in decor for any season. 🙂

  17. Allison,
    I just had to come back over to your blog after going to Dollar Tree today. I found the moss rocks and purchased several bags of them. Whoo-hoo!! Thanks so much for posting this the other day. I hope your DT has them in stock again soon.

  18. Brilliant idea. I’m planning a woodland themed party and these will fit in perfectly. Afterwards I can use them in a tall vase.

  19. Have been looking for these ever since I read this. I figured they would put them out with the Spring items and was right. Bought some today! Thanks.

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