Labeling & organizing massive amounts of Legos

Well hello hello! Things have been cray-cray around here! I have been doing stuff around the ol’ hood, but mostly I’ve been trying to soak up the last few weeks of kid action before they head back to school… which they did, Monday. sniff. I love having them home, but I’ll admit, it is time.

It’s been two days and I’ve already got the house totally torn apart with projects! The first of many is to get some labels on the Lego Organization System I set up in my son’s room.

{Lego Organization}

Remember that post? About a month ago I showed these cool storage units I found over at ikea. {Love that place!} Well, today I finally sat down and labeled them all. And I’m pleased as punch. Check it out:

Pretty tight. I approve. 😉

I’m seriously digging how they turned out. Hopefully my almost-11-years-old son can refrain from picking and peeling the labels off. I’m sure it will be fine.

I tediously made all the labels with my Silhouette CAMEO. I say tediously because I had to swap out the correct color vinyl for each individual word. Kind of time consuming. You can easily make them using pre-cut sticker letters or even just using colored sharpies too though. Or if you are really ambitious you can always hand cut them out with a pair of scissors.

(I hate to have to say no, but no, I can’t make a set of these for anyone. I don’t have the time or resources to mass produce them. Sorry.)

Each label was cut out in coordinating vinyl, except the words “figures” and “clear” are with a frosted vinyl.

Of course the “orange” is my favorite. Are you surprised in the least?

I just went through and slapped all the vinyl right onto the plastic drawers. The yellow didn’t want to stick as well but it’s the only non-Silhouette vinyl I used. The rest is the premium vinyl from the Silhouette store.

I had two shades of brown so we got a little funky with that one. Kinda random, but so am I.

So glad to have this project done! And they turned out so cool looking. Oh, I almost forgot, the font I used is called “CK Ali’s Hand” which I found for free (can’t remember where – google it). Just make sure if you use this font to “weld” the letters together.

* This isn’t a sponsored post by Silhouette, I just love using mine! However, if you want to order any vinyl or a machine, here’s the link to the premium vinyl (sticks better and is thicker than the regular) and here’s a link to the CAMEO.

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  1. That is a great font! Very impressed with how it turned it. I am not sure how I would organize legos but by colors seems like it will be easy for kids to keep us. Just pinned this! Vicky from

  2. you know that post was great, within a day I had hubby at ikea and we got two sets for our kid and his massive amount of lego, no way we can sort by colour, but it is so nice to be able to take a bin and then clean up and put it away.

  3. This is such a good idea! I’ll definitely have to do this for my kids one day, or my husband, he also has quite the Lego collection!

  4. I love your hard work. I know the Silhouette can take some time. I’m glad you let people know that this stuff does take some time. I also appreciate that you tell us what type of vinyl and things you use. It’s very helpful. I got ready to order some awhile ago and didn’t know whether to order the regular vinyl or the premium. I have to go back and see which I eventually ordered…haven’t used it yet. Still using contact paper for a lot of my stuff. I guess I don’t want to waste it. but these small details help a lot.

  5. That looks so fantastic! I love organization like this. I’m going to have to share with my family members who have lots of lego loving kids.

  6. That is a WHOLE LOT of legos (smile). Great organization tip.

  7. That is my favorite font. I have been using it for everything lately! I have a similar lego storage system, but with a bookshelf and bins on the shelves. I was going to label all the bins, but my son is already mad I labeled the bins with the minifigures and manuals so I am going to hold off for now. I don’t want him peeling all that off after working on cutting all those letters out! 🙂

  8. test

  9. This turned out completely AWESOME!

  10. I thought i had my son’s lego organized, but i bow to your greatness. lol Great job

  11. My children insist on sorting their lego by colour. LOL!

  12. My children insist on sorting their lego by TYPE not colour. LOL!

  13. Christina Fisher says:

    Would you tell me what the Ikea storage unit is called? I was trying to search on their site and was overwhelmed by the assortment! Thanks!


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