I’m calling the guest bathroom DONE. (for now, anyway)

I think it’s a first in HoH blogging history, but today I’m officially calling the Guest Bathroom…


Well, that is until I’m in the mood to swap out the faucet and add moulding around the window. (What’s that phrase?… “A woman’s work is never done?” This might apply here.)

Everyone likes a good old fashioned before and after reveal, so let’s start with the hideous ‘before’ picture.

Having a super ugly ‘before’ photo makes the ‘after’ that much better. That’s why I love that the previous owners of this house had such horrible taste in paint colors. It makes the reveal so much more epic.

I’d say, even if this style isn’t your cup of Joe in the least, that it’s still an improvement from the gallbladder-colored paint that was going on when we moved in.


I’ll include a source list at the bottom of this post, so hold your questions to the end please. 🙂

I’ve spent the last few months tinkering and searching for some accessories to finish the room. I’m really great at painting and doing all sorts of crazy DIY stuff, but adding accessories just about does me in every time.

I found some art that I hung on the back of the door. No one knows it’s there until they shut the door. I like knowing there’s a little secret surprise for guests. Plus, it gives them something to look at while they are doing their business.

It took me a good five minutes of serious brain gymnastics before I figured out what the heck this eye chart says, so I’ll save you the agony. It reads, “Simple is Beautiful” over and over. Trying to decipher the art is anything but simple. But hey, it makes your time in the loo pass by much more quickly. Especially if you forgot to bring your iPhone in with you.

I also hung this random alphabet typhogoraphy art up. It doesn’t say anything so don’t waste your time trying to figure it out. It looks cool though.

I found a few little accessories to add to the shelves above the toilet, like this little fake plant.

And any room of mine wouldn’t be complete without something weird and unexpected like this ceramic hand flashing a peace sign.

I also added a little basket next to the shower to hold extra towels. It’s probably one of my favorite accessories in the room.

So that’s pretty much it. I’m glad I can finally call this room “done”. Of couse, when you are a Home and DIY blogger, are you really ever totally done with a room? Probably not.

The befores and afters, side by side:



And now for the much promised source list.

Alphabet art – Target
Gray towels – ikea
towel basket – Marshall’s
Curtain – World Market
Rug – ikea

peace hand – dollar gift shop at a shore boardwalk in New Jersey
gray/white vase – Target
candle – Bath and Body Works
black vase – dollar tree
sticks – Target
q-tip and cotton ball containers – Target
fake plant on shelf – Target
Shelves – TJ Max
basket on toilet – Garden Ridge
Fake plant/planter – ikea

soap dispenser – Target
Towel/TP holders – Target
“Simple is Beautiful” art – Target
blue vase – dollar Tree

Paint color – Route 66 by Dutch Boy

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  1. “Peter, peter, pumkin eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her….”

    What a huge difference.

    Note to self, pumpkin is NOT an acceptable bathroom wall paint color.


  2. I love the shower curtain. I have the gallbladder color in my bedroom, but it looks amazing in there. I don’t call it gallbladder, though. I call it caramel, and it makes a big difference on the perception ;D.

  3. Shut the front door! We’re guest bathroom twins! My guest bathroom has the same exact layout as yours and looks like it’s the same size. (I’m pretty sure a lot of guest bathrooms look like ours, but whatever. I’m having a moment.) It looks awesome, Allison! The shower curtain is beautiful, and I love the ceramic peace sign hand. The new color is great– so much more soothing. Here’s my guest bathroom just so you don’t think I’m pulling your leg about this twinsies business (http://www.twotwenty-one.com/2012/07/guest-bathroom-reveal-and-makeover.html).

  4. So much better. Love the Moroccan vibe. Definitely a big improvement over the diaperesque brownish orange. Keep up the great work.

  5. Nice job! What a difference, and even if you think they’re you’re Achilles heel, your accessories are perfect.

  6. the room would really look “finished” if you would frame that mirror!

    i love the shelves and accessories.

  7. Awesome Allison! Man, I miss Garden Ridge! Not a one to be found in Colorado. I used to try to go every time I’d come to San Antonio to visit Nancy but it was so hard because I’d want so much and of course, not much fits in a suitcase on an airplane!!!

  8. Allison – you are so talented. The bathroom looks amazing! I find myself gravitating towards that bathroom in our house because it is so inviting 😉

  9. What a huge difference. I love the shower curtain. I just “finished” a bathroom as well. It was so hard to shoot because of no natural light. I love the color change, it makes the biggest impact. Great job! Lesley

  10. Huh. I was thinking of a “V is for victory” sign rather than “peace”. It seemed fitting for a bathroom… : )
    Seriously, nice job. You don’t appear accessory challenged to me, but then I’m terrible at that.

  11. Looks beautiful! Man, I struggle with the last bits of “decorating” too. Our bathroom is almost ready to post though too!

  12. I love it!!! especially the shower curtain. BTW, i’m sitting here watching Downton Abbey, thinking of those damask curtains your on the hunt for. 🙂

  13. Yay for done! Your guest bathroom is laid out exactly like mine – too funny! I know you are calling it done but you should do ONE more project and frame in your mirror – simple and easy with big impact. 🙂 Maybe paint the frame black/dark brown or ORB. And Iove the shower curtain. But my favorite party – the basket for towel!! Adding that to my list find. Here’s my bathroom – http://thefrugalhomemaker.com/2012/07/25/beach-inspired-guest-bathroom-final-reveal-or-how-i-redecorated-my-bathroom-two-times/

  14. Love it! The shower curtain is beautiful.

  15. Good job. It is so cute- i could live in there. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  16. April was in CT now CA says:

    Here I was thinking the hand was saying “number 2” since it’s in the bathroom (yes, I was just gross, sorry about that). It looks great and I love the shower curtain!

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