Meet my friend Kerry from House TalkN (guest blogger)

Today I want to share one of my bloggy friends with you. Meet Kerry from House TalkN. Kerry is one of those snort-soda-through-your-nose funny people. Let’s be honest here, I try to be funny. Kerry is actually funny. I got to actually meet her in person last year at the Haven blog conference, and this gal may have made me pee my pants. Her blog is a home blog that collided with a humor blog. If you want a good giggle fest, follow House TalkN. Enough of my gibberish, here’s a guest post from the funny gal herself. Take it away, Kerry.


Hello, House of Hepworth’s gang! I have been trying to be Allison’s bestie for months…a guest post is the perfect way to kick off our new BFF status!

It seemed like a really good idea to let my four kiddos swap furniture and bedrooms…all over the course of one weekend. That’s what good mothers would do, right? Our dining room table acted as the poker conference table for negotiations. “I’ll see your wicker dresser and raise you a black side table.”

Here is a lookiloo at the weekend warrior process in bedroom one! My nine year old daughter’s room was a light and bright Shabby Chic space.


At great risk to my mental health and fearing a call for purple swirls and glitter, I asked my daughter to provide an inspiration photo. I was shocked when she proudly presented this Country Living page.

Suspiciously, this bedroom makeover coincided with a visit from my dad and his wife. When we have house guests, they have come to expect project ambushes. They have cracked my code speak. For example:

What I actually say:
“Want to help me paint a bedroom?”

What I actually mean:
“Want to paint and stencil a bedroom for the entire 36 hours that you are visiting until you curse the day that I was born?”

Game on!

My daughter was so proud to go to the paint store with her inspiration page in hand to pick out the paint!

She chose Behr “Pewter Ring” in a semi-gloss.

My dad’s wife did all most of the prep work and I did helpful things like make cocktails and organize my jewelry drawer.

“We” used a Cutting Edge Stencil and Benjamin Moore “Balboa Mist” in eggshell.

I love white walls, white furniture and white, white and more white. So, you can imagine my heart rate as this unfolded! My lamaze breathing finally came in handy!

AAAAAAND, it is finished! Come on in!


Quote from my daughter: “Every time I walk in my room, I think WOW!”

Here is a little breakdown of the makeover costs:
Stencil- donated by Cutting Edge Stencils
Base paint- $40 but paid for with a gift card
Stencil paint- $5 from The Restore
Pottery Barn curtains- $10 at a yard sale
Pottery Barn bedskirt and blanket- free hand-me-downs
Dressers- won in an arm wrestling match with brother
Light fixture- nabbed from friends trash pile
Family therapy- priceless

Thank you for having me, Allison! Call me…


Beautiful room. Great job Kerry! Take a minute to stop by House TalkN and say hi.

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  1. THANK YOU, Allison! It was so awesome to stalk you…I mean meet you at Haven!

  2. HOLY GUACAMOLE, Kerry! That makeover is AMAZING. So semi-gloss on walls, eh? WHO KNEW? I need to spend more time on blogs like this one (Hi Allison!) and less time Tweeting about my lady business.

  3. When I was looking at that first picture, I was thinking it was pretty but needed a bold gray and white graphic bolster or something. Then as I’m scrolling down, what I was envisioning for the room was all over the walls. It is perfect! Love, love.

  4. This is gorgeous! I love the color scheme and your daughter is right, “Wow!”.

  5. Wow, this looks really amazing, I love it. And it looks incredibly hard, is your dad’s wife for hire?

  6. Oh my gosh! I got chills looking at this beautiful room. Well done!

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