the Young House Love book tour made its way to the live music capital of the world

John and Sherry from the wildly popular blog Young House Love recently published a pretty awesome home decor and craft book, also titled Young House Love. Tuesday they flew to Austin as part of their book tour. They have been quite the globetrotters lately. Austin generally doesn’t get such an honor (usually we are skipped over for the bigger cities, Houston and Dallas) so we were quite excited and giddy to be able to attend an event.

My BFF Beth from Free Stylin’ went with me. Here we are eagerly awaiting John and Sherry to bust through the curtain and share some book insights with all of us.

They gave a great speech that was entertaining, witty, funny, and just downright adorable. They are great bloggers, but in real life? You just want to eat them up with a spoon. They are that lovable.

I have now met them “in real life” three times and have developed a friendship with them over the past couple years. They are as genuine as they seem on their blog and are definitely the real deal. Sherry emailed me about two hours before the event and asked if I would please record their speech for them. Of course I said yes. I didn’t have a tripod so it’s a little shaky in parts, but I never coughed or laughed too loud, so that’s a bonus. Here’s their 35 minute speech if you want to view it.

When the speech was over it was time to get in line for the book signing. I scored a “Group A” pass by preordering the book through Book People, so our wait wasn’t long at all.

I feel kind of weird sharing what they wrote inside my book. It’s like reading a card addressed to someone else. But they are bloggers and I’m a blogger, and we all pretty much share everything, so here you go.

Beth and I met up with our friend Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. at the book signing but she was in a later group, so we didn’t get to wait in line together. We were able to grab a quick picture and then we all (Jamie and her friend, Beth, and me) met up afterward to eat some Mexican food. I didn’t take any pics at the restaurant. Oops.

Just for grins and giggles, here are the three times the Petersik’s and I have met in person over the last few years. Random fact I just realized: we have only met in “J” months. That is kind of weird. I guess I’ll see them again this June. haha

July 2011:

June 2012:

January 2013:

While I was searching for the old pictures of us, I found this adorable picture of their Clara and my Kinsey. They are both so little! I can’t believe they have both grown up so much since then. You can read about that meetup here.

Aside from the heavy rain on Tuesday, it was a really great evening. I always look forward to and enjoy going to blog related events. It’s fun to get together with other bloggers and talk about blogging nonstop.

For more info about their book, Young House Love, or to read their blog, visit them at

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  1. Looks like Sherry is wearing the same Jacket/Shirt combo in the last 2 pics (June & Jan.) — way to go for being a frugal fashionista!

  2. I LOVE John & Sherry’s blog and they live only about 45 minutes away from me. I haven’t bought their book yet, but I’m going to and when they do another Richmond book signing I’ll be there. Have a great weekend.

  3. You look so good in these pictures! The life choices you shared about the other day are clearly agreeing with you!

  4. How fun! I had forgotten you had met them before…awesome!

  5. Hi, first I found you on accident through Instagram. I was search hashtags for Blissdom and I saw your comment on photo and … Any WHOO your BLOG, WOW I am beyond impress I want so badly to be a DIY of home projects but am almost afraid to try. I may start with something small and see what happens. I was hoping you could share your thoughts about Blissdom with me? I am up in the air about spending the money and will know NO ONE (which the not knowing no one isn’t the issue it’s the spending the money…i love meeting people). I live down the road from you in Brenham and make frequent trip to Austin and also through Austin (on my way to Horseshoe Bay). Any thoughts you wouls share on Blissdome I would great appreciate it.

    instagram: Tikaac

  6. That’s awesome that you got to see them again. And I love how in every “J” month picture, Sherry is wearing red and John is wearing plaid. 🙂

  7. Looks like you guys had a blast! Too fun.

  8. So jealous! I moved from Austin to Colorado in 2011, and was so sad to miss them on this tour! Great pictures! Have a great weekend, Allison!

  9. So jealous you’ve met and hung out with them so many times! I love YHL! Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

  10. How funny that your post today is on them…I just read an article in our local newspaper about them. They were in my town on Wednesday. I didn’t go see them as I am not familiar with them, but I’m going to listen to their speech here on your blog to learn more. It’s nice to see a recommendation about them from you.

  11. Thanks for recording their talk – it was fun to listen to! They are so funny! Can’t wait to meet them again when they come to Atlanta.

    and can’t wait to see you again at Haven!! 🙂

  12. Christine Kellejian says:

    How cool is that? Your daughter is so cute, I think they should make an American Girl doll just like her:)

  13. I saw you at the signing on Tuesday (I was sitting behind Jamie). I wanted to say hello, but felt too weird since you don’t know me. I have been a reader of your blog for a little while now. I got started on your blog through Kristy Swain of Hypen Interiors. Kristy and I have become email acquaintances just before she moved to Austin. I love your blog. You give me a lot of good ideas and inspiration.

  14. This is so wonderful! I read the whole story and when I read the part about “thanks for taping”, my mind went straight to the painting perfect lines with green tape tutorial. I thought “wow! they’re right, that taping thing is so entirely useful and creative”.
    Only later I realized they meant taping the 35 minute talk……anyway, thanks for taping………

  15. So cool that you got to go to their book signing. They only came to Miami and West Palm in Florida. 🙁

  16. Oh I am so jealous! I only live an hour and a half from them and couldn’t make either one of their local book signings – the first one sold out faster than a Buffet concert, and the second was on my daughter’s birthday. They really are sweet – everyone who meets them confirms it. They’ve answered almost every comment I’ve left on their blog, which makes me feel guilty because I know how hard it is for all you guys to keep up. And of course you always answer me too! Clearly I only follow the best bloggers in the interworld. 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for recording! Sadly they’re not coming to Australia so it was very exciting to be able to see them in a way!

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