The great big plans for the kids’ bathroom overhaul

As promised, I’m back with some exciting updates in our kids’ bathroom. I have been putting off redoing their bathroom for two reasons. 1) I had a hard time coming up with a unisex theme that my son and daughter could both enjoy. And 2) (the main reason)… I was dreading going up and down the stairs like twenty billion times. But I sucked it up and have started the great kids’ bathroom renovation of 2013.

Here’s where we are starting from.

The bathroom is standard size and shape, except the toilet is across from the sink in this little alcove. I wish it were just next to the tub and sink like a normal bathroom, but it is what it is.

Here’s a floor plan of the bathroom so you can get a better idea of the layout.

And here’s the moodboard that I whipped up of how I’m picturing the room to turn out.

I just love white beadboard and trim mixed with metal, wire, and rustic. Can you see my vision yet? Kinda sorta?

Here’s a breakdown of each item:

1) Finding a shower curtain that is gender neutral is not an easy task! I have had my eye out for months looking for just the right one. My daughter has been on a blue kick lately so when she saw this one she insisted it was the perfect one for the bathroom. I have to agree. It’s from Target but is not listed on so I can’t link to it.

Also, random tip that has helped me a TON… I cut out the image of the shower curtain off the package and stuck it in my purse. Now when I’m out and see something that I think will look cute in the bathroom I can pull out the card and make sure it matches.

2) As far as big DIY projects for the bathroom, I want to add some rustic floating shelves above the toilet in the little alcove. I love the ones Desert Domicile hung in their home. So pretty!
3) I have been looking for cute accessories that would fit in a bathroom and not look like some random kitchen accessory misplaced or some weird decor accessory that does not belong. I found these cute jugs at ikea that fit a bathroom motif and also are the perfect color. Best part? You get two of them for $13!
4) In keeping up with the teal and green color combo, I also scouted out this perfect green-colored rug at ikea.
5) Between the sink and the tub is a weird little space that is pretty much useless. I wish the builder put the toilet there, but alas, I am stuck with an awkward space that leaves visitors who glance into the room wondering what happened to the comode. I need to intentionally fill the space so that it doesn’t look I went on a crazy DIY tangent and ripped out the John for no apparent reason.

At ikea they have a metal shelf on the smaller side just perfect for the little alcove. Not only is the right size (check!) it is metal that will be paired with beadboard, which I’m digging so much right now.

6) Along the same lines as the metal shelf, I want to bring in a big wire metal basket or two for extra towels or toiletries. I imagine a big black wire basket with handles filled with towels and loofas sitting on the bottom of the metal shelf.
7) To bring in more of the blue, and to contrast against the green rug, I’ve chosen these teal towels from, big shocker here… ikea.

I have been using these same style of ikea towels in my own bathroom for several months and I have to say, I kinda love them.

8) “WASH” artwork. When I saw this artwork from Done Is Better Than Perfect I instantly fell in love. I’m not sure I will make her exact artwork, but I do love the idea of a custom piece of bath art made out of wood.
9.1) Every room needs life in it. And since I have a big fat brown thumb I bring life into each room through fake ikea plants. I love them! This is a brand-new style of plant and I’m excited to see how it looks on the new shelves.
9.2) Along the same lines as the fake plant, I think this little white vase is just adorable and will fit the vibe of the room well.
10) I want to frame out the mirror using the tutorial from The House of Smiths. I can’t wait to see it all come together! They used baseboard with a small piece of quarter-round glued to the outer edge. So smart!
11) I have been planning on putting a beadboard treatment in there for over two years. (That’s the part that made me not want to start the room – cutting wood, going upstairs, measuring, going downstairs, cutting more wood, repeat approximately 3 billion times.) I’m doing a beadboard treatment in there the exact same way I did the treatment in the laundry room a few months ago. Oh man it’s going to look so good when I’m done. (edited to add: The skinny black cabinet in this picture of my laundry room is a shoe cabinet from ikea.)
12) Instead of putting up a towel bar that my kids won’t use, I’ve decided to install these pretty coat hooks. It will be much easier for them to hang their towels on a hook and will still give them plenty of space to hang their bath robes to boot. The white knobs on the end make it that much more charming.

So that’s the plan for the kids’ bathroom. It will be a lot of work to get all the moulding and trim up (ouch, my legs from walking up and down the stairs all day! Oyi, my fingers from puttying up all the nail holes and caulking everything!), but it’s always worth it in the end. I will pretty much 100% add more accessories or take away something already on the moodboard. Moodboards are just there to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. I’ll share with you all my updates to the room as I go.

And as a sneak peek for next week… I have already started on the beadboard and moulding and it is looking mighty fine if you ask me. As soon as I’m done caulking and the paint dries I will show you the trimmed out bathroom. Squeal!

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  1. Yay! This is going to look amazing! 🙂

  2. What great plans! I can’t wait to see the final product. I love those shelves by Desert Domiclie too!

  3. love this look but was hoping when you got to picture 11 you were going to tell me where that skinny black cabinet came from. Let me guess – Ikea?

  4. I like the beadboard so far. I can hardly wait to read what you’re going to do next.

  5. Love the blues that you’ll be using and the other decor pieces that you’ve chosen. The beadboard does look mighty fine!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!! I’ll be saying this politely, “Now get to work!!” LOL


  6. Love the colors you chose! This bathroom is going to look awesome!!

  7. I have the beige version of that bath rug in my powder room. I love it, so soft and doesn’t get flattened like so many other rugs. Still looks good after several months of use. Can’t wait to see how the kids bathroom turns out. It looks like some fun colors.

  8. Love it all! And i’m going to be installing beadboard in our half bath soon, so I’m excited to read your tips! Happy Day!

  9. Love your plans, Allison! Thanks for including my shelves in them! Can’t wait to see how yours turn out 🙂

  10. I love your ideas. I can’t wait to see it when you are done. It is going to look great.

  11. I am dying over those rustic hanging shelves… I want some of those in my house somewhere.

  12. Allison, I just got 2 of the Hyllis shelves from Ikea, and I love them!! They are perfect for little nooks. Love your mood board for the bathroom.

  13. I love this mood board, especially the shower curtain that you’re using! This is going to be a gorgeous, kid-friendly, gender-neutral bathroom and I can’t wait to watch it all come together!

  14. I love your plans! It’s going to look amazing! And it looks like I need to make a trip to IKEA soon! I want those blue jugs and that plant. I love their fake plants.

    I think I need to start making mood boards. It really does help you envision a whole room instead of just randomly buying stuff that ends up not working together.

  15. OH! I see you already started…but did you know that beadboard wallpaper existed? I just saw this on Pinterest this week!

  16. can i please just borrow you for a few days. i promise i will feed you. and i will fill you up with the liquid of your choice…i can’t remember if you are a dr pepper or diet coke kinda gal…but whatever it is i’ll have a boatload here waiting for you. and it is quite lovely here in warm, sunny southern arizona (only not today…today is dark, dreary, and wet). if you don’t come you are going to force me to be a copy cat. i don’t like being a copy cat because my 4th grade teacher called me out once when i was a copy cat and it scarred me for life. so what do ya think?
    p.s. no pressure… hold my guest bath in your clutches….but really no pressure. unless you count the the meltdown i’m going to have if that room isn’t rescued soon….

  17. Oh looking good looking good girl! I was clicking thru you links to Ikea I <3 that store & noticed that I have a lot of those same items saved to my shopping list. I just have a question about your walls, since they look like the same TX texture I have on mine. How on Earth do you paint them? Can you share what products you use specifically? Thanks

  18. I have those same metal shelves from ikea. I liked the wall of my study with them to display some artwork. They seemed flimsy when we first assembled them, but once you attach them to your wall, they are way stronger than they look! And they are easy to clean! I love your ideas, I spy some stuff on your moodboard that I want to try in my house!

  19. Thanks for including my bathroom art in your inspiration! Love your bath is looking so far!!!

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