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We are weird, but want to be weirder (Dave Ramsey & our total money makeover)

At the beginning of January I did a little 2012 recap and shared some goals for 2013. I wouldn't go as far as to say I created resolutions, but I did touch upon a few big changes we made in 2012 that we want to continue to work on in 2013. One of these big changes is to follow the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover. I've been meaning to expand on all of the points I made in that post (including going Gluten-Free), so for today I'm going to start with our Total Money Makeover experience: where we were, where we are now, and where we are headed in the future. (If you are reading this … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #137

Happy Hump Day! Now, I'm not usually one to apologize for not posting as much the past two weeks, but I just want to say, I've had an exceptionally difficult week with a cute, but mouthy little 11 year old boy around here. *ahem* I'm not mentioning names though. Let's just say, this child is itching to be an obnoxious teenager and has started testing those freedom waters very early. I'm guessing 11 is the new 13? Needless to say, the blog has been put on the back burner a little more than I'd like while I try to parent this little person who is currently trying as hard as he can to give me a … [Read more...]

The fence post post

This "The Fence Post Post" post is brought to you by Bob Loblaw from the Bob Loblaw Law Blog. {wink} Name that TV show! Who else wants to give Netflix big wet kisses for bringing this series back? We've had fairly good weather here in Austin for the past few weeks so Ben and I have tried to take advantage of it and get some much-needed outdoor work done. The biggest project on our list was to replace a section of our fence that fell over two years ago. Yes, I said TWO years ago. We have spent the last two years holding our fence up with a large rock and some 2x8s leaned against the … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #136

I'm so over this overcast and cold weather. Spring and sunny skies... come quick! This drab weather is depressing me. ** So, are you new here? I throw the Hookin' Up with HoH Party every week to give all of you a chance to find other awesome blogs to read. Below you will find several hundred mini links to other people's blog posts. Have fun browsing through the links in search of new ideas. Also, if you are a blogger, please feel free to add your own links to the list! Please refrain from posting links to shops and stores. Please note: RECIPES/FOOD is a separate link. Please … [Read more...]

I was a guest on the Down & Dirty w/ Frank Fontana radio program

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend and an even better start to this week. I didn't intentionally fall off the blogging planet last weekend; it just happened. Sorry 'bout that. So, I've got some pretty exciting news to share. I was on the radio last week! Frank Fontana from the Down & Dirty Radio with Frank Fontana show asked me to be a guest on their live online radio show about all things DIY. (Don't worry, no one is dumb enough to have me on as an "expert". HA! They wanted to talk about a DIY Disaster of mine.) They pretty much wanted to heckle me about the … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #135

So my son called me out last night for "always yelling at other drivers while I'm driving". Apparently I talk very aggressively at other drivers who do idiotic things. He bet me that I couldn't go a week without griping at or telling off another driver. I can SO go a whole week. I bet him a dollar that I could go an entire week without griping at other cars while driving. I've got this in the bag. So, um, ya. I made it 15 hours. 14.75 of which I was at home and not in the car actually driving. Isn't it great when your kids call you out on your bad habits? Apparently I have a little problem … [Read more...]

Check out the kids’ teal and grass green bathroom makeover

Guess what? I am done. D-O-N-E with the kids' gender-neutral bathroom makeover! Well, done enough. I still need some art for a wall or two, but for now, I'm calling it. I stayed pretty true to my original plan, but I did change a few things which I'll get to in a minute. Before-and-Afters are my favorite, so let's just start off there. No point in dragging it out and keeping you in suspense. You are welcome. I am super obnoxious and labeled each before and after photo just in case any of them pop up on pinterest. I am so stoked with how this room … [Read more...]