Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time {probably} thinks I’m nuts

So, last week I went to the SNAP Conference…

WAIT. Don’t stop reading. This is not a recap post, I swear.

So my plane was delayed and I got there late and everything had already started, so I dropped my bags in my hotel room and raced to the first class which surprisingly I was on time for. Well, the class was about using Pinterest and how to take better “pinterest worthy” photos and how to promote your blog better on Pinterest… yadda yadda, you get the idea. (You know what? Maybe this was the 2nd class of the day now that I think of it. Honestly, doesn’t matter.)

Anyway, the class was taught by two lovely gals, one of which is the amazing Jamielyn of I Heart Nap Time.

I don’t know why she was chosen to teach this class because she only has like 4.1 freaking million pinterest followers. Up until this class I was feeling pretty good about myself with 28,000+ followers. Way to put me back in my place.

Okay, so she was one of the gals teaching the class which was really awesome be-tee-dubs and I left feeling all inspired and ready to tackle the universe. Or at least the internet.

And before I forget, I need to mention that I have read Jamielyn’s blog since I started blogging more than three years ago. I know this chick very well and I had just sat in on an hour and a half class of hers starting at her face the entire time.

This has a point I swear.

After class it was time for dinner, which had me pretty excited because food was involved. So I met up with several of my blog friends and we were just chatting it up with all these rockstar bloggers, saying hi and introducing ourselves to a few dozen people.

So I go up to this girl and I’m all, “Hey! I’m Allison from House of Hepworths. It’s nice to meet you.”

And she was like, “I’m so-and-so (I’m terrible with names and forgot) from I Heart Nap Time.”

Me: “Oh my gosh! I LOVE your blog! I have read it for three years!”

Her: Awkward silence.

Her again: “Um, well, er, um… I am actually Jamielyn’s virtual assistant. It isn’t my blog, it’s hers.”

Me: Awkward silence.

Me: “Oh my gosh, haha, I totally knew that.”

Her: backing away… “It was nice meeting you.” (And I’m sure she was thinking “crazy weirdo” as she dashed off.)

Did you catch that? I have known Jamilyn for three years and just sat in an hour and a half long class taught by her. I was on the first row, starting at her for an hour and a half. And then I go to her assistant and tell the assistant that I love her blog.

I am such a tool.


When I got to the conference the first person I ran into was Brooke from All Things Thrifty.

She was like, “Oh my gosh House of Hepworths, hi!!”

And I was like, “Brooke! I love you!”

And then we hugged. And then she called me Heather, and immediately knew she had the wrong name and apologized profusely and then called me by my real name. It was seriously water off a ducks back. But poor Brooke was so embarrassed.

So later that night, after the I Heart Nap Time caper I ran into Brooke and she apologized again for calling me the wrong name.

I was all, “Seriously Brooke? That is nothing. I have a story 10x worse”. So then I told her that just 2 minutes earlier I told Jamielyn’s assistant that I love her blog. And to make matters worse, I had literally just sat in Jamielyn’s class and after class even had a full-on conversation with her.

Brooke was laugh-crying by the end of the story. And I’m pretty sure I made her feel 100x better about calling me Heather.

And that is why Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time probably thinks I am nuts.

And also why I shouldn’t be allowed in public. Or allowed to talk.

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  1. Oh ya, get this…I got all blog-star-struck at SNAP when I met Nikki from Chef-in-Training, and I blubbered an incoherent sentence and forgot my blog name. Yes I forgot my own blog name. Gah. AND I didn’t get a chance to redeem myself. Yep. She probably thinks I’m cah-ray-zay. 😉

  2. You kill me. But I totally believe this seeing as you completely forgot about me and almost stood me up at dinner the last night.

  3. Girl.Friend. Don’t even worry- you know how many people I “thought” I knew…and then couldn’t “find” them because they looked different from their blog photo- and then once I figured out it was them..I was like…Smackin’ my forehead?!!!! Jimminy. Any-who – it was super great meeting you at SNAP! It was quick, our little meeting..at the PJ party, with Mom 4 Real sportin’ those old navy bottoms…we all matched. But yes- super great meeting you!

  4. bhahah! How did you not tell me these stories?!

  5. THIS is why we need to hang….seriously

  6. Bwah haha!! That’s flippin’ hilarious… and totally something I would do. Seriously.

  7. I will make sure to remind you of this at Haven 🙂 Hell, I will probably do the same thing.

  8. Ha! I love it! First of all, every single time I called someone by their name I was worried that I flubbed it. I have to point something out because I think we may be long lost sisters…okay, first we wear the same pj pants, now I see that you say b-t-dubs! Seriously, I say that all of the time, and have never heard anyone else say it!!! It was so cool meeting you, and as I see above, I guess I’ll see ya at Haven girl!!!

  9. Allison,

    But overall, did you have a good time. Was it informative? Is your goof up going to keep you away from the next one? Everybody does stuff like this and everyone survives, not happily but they survive. It will be OK. Love you anyway.


  10. First – that’s hysterical!
    Second – Whaaaat? 28,000 Pinterest Followers! That’s nothing to sneeze at! (Pardon my old-fashioned grandma saying!)

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the laugh!

  11. HAHAHAHA! You make me feel so much better after an exhausting week of various faux pas. Thank you!

  12. Seriously?!?!?! Girl you make me laugh like no other. Why the heck do you have to live in TEXAS?!?!?!?
    Come to Seattle. Pleeease????

  13. Oh my gosh! I was seriously laughing out load when I read your post…the first time! I was so tickled by it I had to read it AGAIN but this time out loud to my husband… and we both were cracking up. My husband has never read another blog other than mine so when I asked him what’s so funny? We was like “that you. I can just see you in that ‘awkward silence – slowly backing away’ moment when you get someone confused like you do.
    So I smacked him and then gave him a kiss! Thanks for a good laugh … and for laying the foundation for my “I really want to go to my first blog conference” campaign. 😉

  14. Hahahaha! That is awesome! Totally sounds like something I would do!

  15. You tell the funniest stories! Love it.

  16. LOVE this post! I know I’m going to be a total blumbering fool at Haven…it’s so different seeing people in person than reading their blogs! And keeping people’s real names lined up with their blog names. Thank goodness for name tags!

  17. Lol, love this! =)

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