The new digs and deets

Okay folks, I know I left you hanging last week when I dropped a bombshell that we are moving. (Okay, okay, maybe I’m being a little too dramatic here.)

Well, I’m back and ready to spill more deets about the new digs (aka house #2). We love house #1 and I have spent the last three years updating it and making it our own, but our dream is to live a little further out, on a little more land, in a smaller one-story home. After following the Total Money Makeover plan for what seems like forever and a day, we finally paid down all our debt and had enough money in the bank and equity in the house to sell it and move into our dream house (which just happens to be cheaper than house #1. Dave Ramsey would be so proud).

When our perfect home popped up in the mls one day, it was a no-brainer to jump on it:

I have several more projects and tutorials for house #1, but for today lets just focus on the house tour for house #2. Holla! And, obviously, I can’t buy a house unless it is oozing with potential, though it isn’t quite there yet, so keep that in mind as you look at the neon green walls… I am a DIYer after all.

When Chase greets you at the front door, this is what you will see:

An entry way, a family room directly ahead, a dining room (our piano/formal living room) on the left, and the kitchen on the right.

Eventually I want to redo all the floors in the main living space to the same type of flooring for a more cohesive look.

From the corner of the family room looking back towards the door:

That hallway on the right leads to the kids bedrooms, office, and game room.

Another view from the family room looking towards the door:

That hallway on the left leads to our bedroom. The laundry/mud room is off the kitchen.

Here’s a view of the family room from the kitchen:

The kitchen:

I have big plans for this kitchen but this will be a “someday” project because it will probably be expensive. I want to open the area up to the family room even more and have a bigger island.

Another shot of the kitchen:

The archway leads to the entry way and then the dining room (our piano room) and the bar on the right overlooks the family room.

Here’s a view of the kitchen from the bar in the family room:

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

Another view of the master bathroom:

You can’t tell from the photo but the closet entrance is next to the shower. It’s a lot smaller than house #1’s closet so I’ll have to get creative to fit everything in there.

Bath 2, the kids bath:

Lots of awesome tile countertops in this house that I get to rip out and make over!

Bed #2, the girl room:

As much as I love the neon green, I’m thinking something a little more subtle…

Bed #3, the boy room:

It’s a pretty purple but I don’t think my son will be too thrilled about a purple room. 🙂

Bed #4, the husbands home office:

Ben works from home and needs a designated office. This space is perfect because it’s at the far end of the house and will be very quiet for him. Also, it is the largest of the kid bedrooms in the house so we will put a guest bed in here for any weekend guests.

The game room:

This room is almost the exact same size as the master bedroom. It’s smaller than the game room in house #1, but still big enough for us.

One corner of the game room has french doors that overlook a large patio that you can also access from the family room.

The mud room:

The mud room and laundry room are one big room shaped like an “L”. This part is the mud room. The laundry area is ahead and to the left.

Laundry nook:

I am very excited about the size of the laundry nook and mud room. In house #1 this area was the hardest working room in the house, and this new area is just oozing with potential. I can’t wait to get some built-ins and beadboard on these walls.

We actually moved into the house yesterday (Saturday) but I have been so incredibly busy the past month that I am really backlogged with projects to blog about. I actually spent 3 days last week doing some DIYing in the new house in preparation for new carpet that was installed Friday. For the first time in my life I picked out, ordered, and purchased carpet. I guess I’m officially a grownup now.

If you have any questions about the new house or are curious about something that I haven’t mentioned yet, ask in the comments and I’ll put together a Q&A post.

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  1. Nice — so excited for you guys!

    Becky B.

  2. Yay! So happy it all worked out 🙂 And I love your little pup in the 1st pic!

  3. Sooo happy for your Allison!! What a fun house to move into, I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Beautiful!! I love it the entrance and how open everything is. Can’t wait to see your projects.

  5. Sarah Lambert says:

    I love it Alison! I know you will make it beautiful!!! I love a ranch, and the property looks beautiful!

  6. Yay! So excited for you and can’t wait to see everything you have planned for it.

  7. Congratulations! What a great home. I look forward to seeing how you make it yours.

  8. You are going to enjoy working on it! You have great bones to work with.

  9. Congratulations! It’s already got great “bones” and I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  10. Oh wow Allison, what a great home! So much potential. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

  11. So exciting. Nothing beats getting into a new place and dreaming and doing it over. All the best!

  12. So much potential! I am very excited for you. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  13. Beautiful! I’m so excited for you guys!

  14. So glad you posted the details. So much potential! Cannot wait to see what you do with it. BTW, can we see the backyard?

  15. Is this house smaller than your previous house??!! Looks big to me! May I ask the age? (I was assuming it was an older home, but think it’s not that old-er from the inside pics.) (What kind of flooring is there currently around the ?hardwoods? and yes, why do people do that?!) Are you in the same school district? I still have the email where a certain someone said they didn’t think they would be able to move for another year…..hmm…..did you already know then? (smile) Any sadness at all moving out of the other house? Or was it like when you got rid of the van? You guys deserve a pat on the back for attacking the finances!
    Hey, I did send another–lengthy email–suggestions for Max, please reply.

  16. I think the new house looks perfect! Just the right amount of potential without being overwhelming. I’d love to see and hear more about the outside space and land. We live in a cookie cutter subdivision and dream of owning an acre or two.

  17. Julie @ Being Home says:

    Is it selfish for me to be super excited to see what you do in your new house? lol I am very happy for you and your family! Gotta love your big laundry room! Have fun decorating in there! 🙂

  18. How exciting! I love the floor plan, the bedrooms look fairly large and so do the bathrooms! Yay! I agree, the flooring would look wonderful if it was all the same… I love the hardwood. And, wow, the previous owners loved them some bright colors, didn’t they? Eek!

  19. Congratulations! How exciting to start DIYing all over again. I’m looking forward to seeing you transform this house into your home. Enjoy!

  20. I actually like the hardwood and the tile look, but I would I imagine if it was the same uniform flooring throughout it would look better. I like open concept kitchens And yeah, the island seems kind of small for that space, needs to be bigger.

  21. How exciting!! I know it will be a lot of work to move in and get everything the way you like it. But it will be so worth it! Glad you found your dream home…AND following the Dave Ramsey plan 🙂

  22. The house is fabulous, and great job on the Dave Ramsay plan, but I HAVE to ask – where did you get that yellow bag? I MUST know.

  23. show the back yard!

  24. Congratulations! I am sitting back and waiting for all the greatness you have planned. I am having ranch envy right now.

  25. Very nice!! Perfect house for a DIY’er…needs some updating and things, but not too much that you can’t live there too!

  26. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see all the new projects you’ve been up to. And maybe a floor plan, when you have the time?

  27. Congrats! You are going to make this a stunning home!

  28. GORGEOUS! Ahh, I’m so jealous! Question: are you going to do the same color scheme you did in the first house?

  29. yay! really happy for you and excited to see what you do with all the potential!

  30. So exciting!! The house has lots of potential and I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve! 🙂

  31. So much potential. I am dying to see what you do with it.


    Is the new neighbourhood far from the old house? Pics of the Backyard (The trees through the living room window look beautiful)? Basement? Attic? I think there is a garage (hard to tell from the pic)? I am kind of crushing on the floor. I think once the furniture is in- it will help designate the rooms- although I can understand one type of floor throughout- you can re-arrange how you please, etc.

    You already moved in? did you sell house #1 yet?
    I am working on Dave Ramsay- Working on Step 2. Credit Card #1 almost paid 🙂

  32. Love the new house! How exciting for you!! It has so much potential, and I know you’re going to do great things with it. And I dare you to keep the neon green walls in the girls bedroom make it work! 😉 I think you could do it…it would be a fun challenge!

  33. Allison Hepworth is the only woman on the planet that has had two gorgeous houses in a row, each with a Barney room! How does she do it? It’s as if she has Barney radar. The Barney room in the new house is a far cry better than the other one, which actually looked like the scene of a Barney homicide a la Dexter. Not sure if I ever told you that I LOVED what you did with the Barney room at the former home, it was *gorgeous*. Those drapes were to die for, and the dining set was amazing.

    The purple room in the new home is actually a really nice color, but I’m sure your son would want a change. That neon green is not my favorite shade, but if you decided to keep it, I bet you could make it work because you’ve got talent in spades, woman.

    The new home is beautiful. It looks very spacious, and I like the layout. It doesn’t look like you’ll have to do a lto to it, but I’m sure whatever you do to make it the new HoH will be creative and wonderful!

  34. Elaine in Ark says:

    Congratulations on the new house, and thanks for pictures of the new one. I’ll bet every single thing I *think* you’ll be doing is wrong, and that it will be better than I expect (I have no vision, really, none at all).

    Last year, Dana at Housetweaking bought a smaller fixer-upper, and now this year both you and YoungHouseLove are getting new homes. I love seeing how all of you make them beautiful, and work for your families!

  35. Allison, I LOVE IT!!! So excited for you guys and cannot wait to see all of the awesome stuff you have planned for this place. But, I am sure you are keeping the hot and sexy bedroom colors, ya?
    xo, Jennifer

  36. Congrats on your new home! I look forward to seeing all your new projects.

  37. CONGRATS!! How very exciting!! We need to get crackin’ on some DYIing around here to be on track to move in 5 years .. so ready to be in the country!

  38. wow we are going to be getting some really good projects to watch!!I certainly hope you are going to share what you have accomplished with Dave Ramsey.

  39. Rachel Nolen says:

    I’m a blue-prints kinda gal. Any chance you’d rough up a sketch of the layout? It looks like a fantastic floor plan! Also square footage since we’re all up in your bidness anywho?

  40. Wow! Those neon walls are crazy! But the house looks great! There is so much potential!

  41. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I see lots of primer in your future! Can’t wait to see what you do to make it your own!

  42. Congrats on the new house…love the floor plan! (the neon green paint in that one bedroom….not so much)

    You will make this house rock!

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