The final before & afters of the old house

Well folks, it’s the end of an era. The old house will officially belong to someone else by Thursday. We had a good run, this house and me. I have the final photos of the old house that were taken last month for the MLS listing. I thought it would be fun to compare them to the “before” photos from three years ago when we bought the house. It’s come a long way baby. I am so pleased to see how much nicer the home is now. But honestly, I just can’t wait to start rolling some paint on the walls of the new house. 🙂

I’ve got a few more tutorials of the old house to share with you guys as soon as I can get them together, but in the mean time, enjoy this one last walk down memory lane (que some sappy Enya-esqe music now).

It’s an MLS photo face-off. In one corner we have the Old MLS photos, and in the other corner we have the New MLS photos. Who will win? Team crappy or Team Now (aka Team Awesome)? My money’s on Team Awesome.

The House Now:

Three years ago:


Three years ago:

The Backyard Now:

Three years ago:

Another “Now” from the backyard:

The Foyer Now:

Three years ago:

Dining Room (aka the Barney Massacre) Now:


Piano Room Now:


Family Room Now:


A few more Family Room Nows:

Kitchen Now:


Kitchen Now:


Downstairs Guest Bathroom Now:


Ben’s Office Now:

Mustard Yellow Before:

Master Bedroom Now:

Way back when:

Master Closet:


Master Bathroom Now:


Laundry Room Now:

A long time ago:

Guest Bedroom Now:

It’s Smurf blue past:

Gameroom Now:


Upstairs Guest Bathroom Now:


The Boy’s Bedroom Now:


Kid’s Bathroom Now:

The Boring Before:

The Girl Bedroom Now:

The Football Field Before:

It has been a LOT of hard work to get the house to where it’s at now. I really hope the new owners enjoy the home as much as we have and that they create just as many memories there as we did. When we moved in our babies were 5 and 7. Now they are almost 9 and 11. We have a lot of sweet memories with our little family in this home, but I am excited to look forward and create even more sweet memories in our new home.

If there is anything that you noticed in these photos that you have a question about, please ask in the comments! We scrambled to get the house ready to put on the MLS, so we did a lot of last minute tweaks to it that I may not have blogged about yet. Your questions will help jog my memory so I don’t forget and leave out any details in the small handful of posts I have left to write about wrapping things up here.You can visit

Thanks for following along the last three years as I turned an ugly foreclosure into this beautiful house I’ve been proud to call my home. I hope you stick around and follow along as I turn our new Ranch house into our {hopefully} forever home. New rooms, new paint, new moulding, and new DIYs! I can hardly wait to get the sledge hammer out and turn this place into “Ours”.

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  1. I didn’t follow along 3 years ago so I have not seen all of the before. OMG the dining room, it looks so much better after. Can’t wait to see what you do at the new house. I love the laundry room too. I wish mine was that big. I was going to ask if ya’ll made a profit since you have been there the same amount of time we have been in our house and we have wondered about the value of our house. But between the fact that I’m in Alabama and not Texas, yours previous house was a foreclosure and we converted our garage to a bedroom and added a lot of footage to our house I guess it’s not the best comparison.

  2. We have just put our house on the market and one question I have to ask is. Where do you have all of your stuff at? Did you rent a storage area or just downsized alot of your belongings?

  3. The after pictures are definitely an improvement. So much more clean, fresh and open feeling. The before MLS pictures were so close, I like the wider after shots since you can see more of the house and how big the rooms are and open everything is. Great job. I will for sure be following along. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new house. So much potential, and you have so much creativity and craftiness – it’s a good match. Best of luck with moving and all the changes.

  4. everything was sooooo dark!

  5. Hey – love everything you have done to the old house, I have followed for about a year now and I have followed a few of your diy with my own home (framing a window with rounded corners, brilliant!). Anyway I have a question about the curtains in your piano room, where did you get them? Thanks!!

  6. My question: what about the dryer vent? Are the buyers okay with the set up you have now or do they plan on changing it?

  7. I was wondering the say thing as Laura W! Congrats on the new chapter in your lives!

  8. CONGRATS!!! I will (hopefully) be joining you as a fellow “ranch-er” in the next few months….had the inspection today but we still need to sell our current home. I’m excited for you and I can’t wait to follow along on your new adventure! xo

  9. House looks great! Love all the red accents in the laundry room. No wonder it sold so quickly. Couldn’t help but notice the orange dining room curtains were taken down. Do you have a spot for them in the new house? Have you mourned your beautiful capiz chandelier? sob..I dont think I have yet 🙂

  10. Allison, comparing the before and after pics really drives home the point – you did an amazing job redecorating that house. You really “classed the joint up,” lady. I for one will never get over the Barney Massacre room, the transformation is amazing. Not sure who took the before MLS pictures but they are woefully unrepresentative of what a beautiful space the home is, the after photographer is far more skilled. It’s really a lovely home and it sold so quickly because of the amazing amount of love and care you took with the transformation.

  11. How hard was it to say goodbye to that beautiful light in the dining room?? I’ve wanted it ever since I saw your post!

  12. Such a beautiful home, Allison and Ben. Some clients are a joy to work with–and you guys are at the top of the list. Now that I am a part of the Hepworth following I look forward to seeing what you do with the new home! And I should probably tell you that I have already starting turning my other clients on to your web site for ideas of things that they can do to add value and increase the enjoyment of their own homes. I think your creative eye and your actual work is so good–others should know about what you are doing. I think you guys are great and I hope we will maintain our friendship over the years. My best to the whole family for this new chapter in your life! tT

  13. ok girlie. here is what i noticed. your orange curtains in your dining room are gone! what? i know….your realtor probably told you to have a ‘clean slate’. minimal personal items. nothing to trendy. well, i say “bull pucky!” your orange curtains rocked! if you are thinking about selling them, i’m your girl! tell me how much. include shipping. i live in southern Arizona. hope your heart is healing. look for tender mercies. cause it’s those little things that soothe! xo
    p.s. i am serious about your curtains. i need them.

  14. It is amazing to see it all put together. Would love to hear your advice for staging, cuz you rocked it. So many projects I recall over the last few years….the black door and the super duper laundry room. Cool kitchen chairs, bead board in the bathroom, the perfect shower curtain, the controversial black fireplace (which I love), the kids’ beds and the list goes on. Always one of my favorite places to visit (virtually) and your blog always gives me a smile. Especially “Whenever I get sad I just stop being sad and start being awesome” Too cool! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  15. You did so many amazing things with this house! What a difference! I can’t wait to see what you do with the new place over the years!

  16. Can I ask where you got your day beds that I see in the above pics? We’re looking to get a white one for my daughters bedroom and I really like the one you have.

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