Most awesome ikea dresser hack of all time by Katie from My DIY Habits (guest post)

You probably don’t know this, but I am currently on a cruise with Ben’s family! While I’m away I’ve asked some really awesome bloggers to share a tutorial with you. Today through Saturday I have some of the best DIY projects and recipes lined up that I know you guys will love. Enjoy and I’ll see you again next week!

You guys know I love ikea, and hacking ikea furniture makes me all giddy inside. I swear, one day I’ll actually put my money where my mouth is and hack an ikea dresser myself. But for today, I’m sharing Katie from My DIY Habit’s ikea hack. This one will blow your socks off. And while I’m at it, My DIY Habits is a blog I discovered recently thanks to my weekly link party, and it is now one of my favorite reads.


First off I just wanted to sincerely thank Allison and House of Hepworths for allowing me…Katie…to take over the blog for a day and share with you a super simple and wildly impactful DIY project.   It’s so nice to virtually meet all of you and please feel free to check out my blog My{DIY}Habits where I post about my DIY adventures, in home updates and design.   My current “Big” project is our Master Bedroom Upgrade and today I’m going to give you all a recap of an Ikea Hack that I completed for this room.  So here are our new Glammed Up Bedside Tables.

Ikea Hacking is totally up my alley because: a) I love Ikea prices b) they have a ton of furniture options and c) since Ikea designs are simplistic you can totally transform the piece.  When I started our Master Bedroom Redesign I knew that I wanted large bedside tables, in Emerald Green, that were glammy and fabulous.  But lets be honest, I have expensive taste and “Glammy” and “Fabulous” is not exactly in my price range.  So I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration…and that is where I came across this dresser at Simple Details Blog.  The use of drawer pulls turned on their side was pure genius and a great way to save money on hardware (which can get pricey when shopping for large accent pieces).

For my Ikea Hack I added a bold color, accent hardware and created a Greek key design on the top of the dresser.  Bingzy, bangzy, boomzie, the Malm is now unrecognizable…
and here is a shot of the Greek Key Inspired design on the top…
So here is a quick recap of the process…for more “How To” pictures, please feel free to visit our Ikea Halm ||  Malm Upgrade Post.

Ikea Hack  || Malm Upgrade Supplies and Price Breakdown:
Ikea Malm Dresser – $79.99 
Benjamin Moore Advance in High Gloss – Color matched to BEHR’s Precious Emerald – $24
1″x1″ wood from Home Depot – $6

Ikea TYDA Handles –  $9.99/per pack 2 pack

Rust-Oleam Gold Spray Paint from Home Depot- $8

Zinsser Primer (I used oil based)
Rubbing Alcohol (for cleaning)
Frog Tape

Ikea Hack  || Malm Upgrade How To: 
1)  Assemble, Clean and Prime.   For New Ikea Furniture I don’t sand – my typical method is to clean with Rubbing Alcohol and do one coat of Zinsser Primer (oil based to ensure best bonding results).

2)  Once the primer was dry I started to work on the design for the top.  I spray painted a coat of gold, waited until dry and then created my design using Frog Tape.  I made sure the tape was secure and on tight, then sprayed gold again. The additional coat is to secure the tape in place and prevent bleeding.
When I do a design like this again I will likely do a gold paint vs spray paint.  I found the spray paint did not bond the tape and a bit of primer and green paint leaked under the tape. 

3) One more coat of primer over the gold. So to recap: prime, spray gold, tape, spray gold, then prime again. 

4)  Now paint the dresser in your desired color.  I used 3 coats of paint to get a really rich dark emerald shade.  While I waited for the paint to cure and harden…I started on the handles.

5) Clean your handles with rubbing alcohol, spray paint primer and then spray gold.   

6)  For the wood portion of the handle I cut my wood to be the exact height of the dresser fronts and then cut of the edges at a 21.5 degree angle…just a personal preference…not necessary.  These got primed and painted as well.
7)  Once the paint was dry I nailed, set and spackled the nail holes.  Then just glued on the handles with power grip and super glue.
8)  Then once your paint is almost dry you can peal back the Frog Tape on the top and see that you have a beautiful gold design underneath!

Here is one more Before and After…and disclaimer I have new bedding check it out here.
My favorite Ikea Hacks are ones inspired by expensive furniture.  With a little paint, hardware, stencils or even frog tape, you can make this furniture look truly glamorous and expensive. 
Here is collection of my favorite Ikea Hack Ideas.   

1 – Christina Murphy Interiors // 2 – Bijou and Boheme //  3 – Frances Herrera // 4 – The Boo and The Boy // 5 – Bijou and Boheme // 6 – There Comes a Yes

You will for sure see me attempting #5 in the future…I hope you all got inspired to get your Hack on!

Thanks so much for letting me entertain you all for the day and feel free to stop by My{DIY}Habits and follow along on our DIY’ing adventures!!!

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  1. You’re not kidding! That really is the most awesome Ikea hack ever. Super amazing and the color is superb! LOVE LOVE LOVE – must have one!

    Thanks for sharing this great project.

  2. Crazy to think that was the same nightstand before! Cute!!!

  3. Katie, this dresser is so unbelievable!! Thanks for sharing it here on HofH… such a great hack it is incredible!!

  4. That is awesome! Great work Katie! The Malm dresser are on craigslist a bunch, would make it even cheaper. 🙂

  5. Some great ideas Katie! We would love to share these with some of our furniture assembly customers as we’re always seeing new and innovative ideas on a daily basis. Keep it up, we would love to see more specifically on IKEA projects!

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