A planked wall by Alicia from Thrifty & Chic (guest post)

Today I am lucky enough to have one of my long time favorite blogs here, Thrifty & Chic! Alicia is not only beautiful, she is also a crazy good DIYer and builder. Her home is decorated so perfectly and is full of furniture that she made herself. Her post today is no different. She planked the wall in her living room and she is here to show it to you.


Don’t you just love Allison? I love her charisma…and not to mention her wonderful DIY projects 🙂 I’m so happy that she’s letting me steal her show for today! I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Alicia, voice behind Thrifty and Chic.

Like most of you, I’m sure, I love to create and decorate! I usually focus on projects like building furniture and easy….and cheap :)…..DIY projects for your home. I just got through with my last big project, a planked wall for my front room. Cost? $27! It was so much fun to do! I can’t believe the change that it brought to this room.

I use to have a love-hate relationship with my front room. It has changed more times than you can count…I love it for one minute, and then it drives me nuts for the next few months and I have to change it…and the cycle begins again lol. Well, I’m at a love point with it now…and it’s lasted more than a minute… so far 🙂

Here is the before of the room….well, one of the ‘befores’. I have beige-ish walls, and this room, you can really see the beige. I hated the color in here, but love it throughout the rest of the house. Probably all the burlap didn’t help much 😉

Figures all I needed was a white accent wall to help this space out.

Well, I did a lot more stuff than just that 🙂 I made some pillows using
my “sew easy 10-minute pillow tutorial” with Waverly fabric and some
linen. I also threw down some cheap faux lamb skin rugs from Ikea.

The window treatments are completely no sew from fabric I got from Hobby Lobby. 

I also made that giant chalkboard and table.

To transform this room over the past few months from….so so…to this (hopefully it’s more than just ‘so so’ now lol)…cost about $70. Nothing like redoing a room…and re-loving it again for under $100 🙂

Plus, the planked wall is such a perfect backdrop for photos!

Of course I had to show off my sweet little girl 🙂 I probably have more tutus than I ever thought I would own because of her…and pink. Tons and tons of pink 🙂 You can also follow my adventures in raising her on my blog The Baby Files…it’s kind of my confessional as a first time mom.

You can check out the rest of my house here…all of my rooms are done under $100 (minus mattresses and couches)…some far far less than that 🙂 And if you like building furniture, I have a ton of tutorials for cute sofa tables, side tables, benches, tables, coffee tables...headboards…everything on my blog! I hope to see and talk to you soon!

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  1. Oooooo, you’re “the one” with the absolutely beautiful mirrors! I’ve been trying to remember where I saw those! They are on the to-do list. I’m off to see all other good stuff you’ve got going. Thanks!

    (Hope you’re enjoying your vacation, Allison, we miss you!)

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