Goodbye green. Another room gets painted.

This summer has been so busy, but believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten a little bit of work done around this new (to me) house. I’m currently in that awkward phase where everything I do is so boring to blog about but necessary (aka painting every room).

So, shall I just get on with it then and get to the before and after pictures? I think I shall. This time on the agenda is my daughter’s room. Let me jog your memory with a before photo. Try not to lose your lunch.

Yup. Neon green. In semi-gloss I might add. I’ll admit, all the white along the baseboards and the rectangles on the wall were my fault from when I painted the baseboards using a spray gun, but the green paint I refuse to take credit for.

I am still kinda shocked we managed to live with the room in this condition for more than two months. There has to be a record somewhere for that. My poor daughter. This final before photo shows where I painted the bifold closet doors (that I ended up sticking in the attic anyway… doh!). It really ads a nice touch to the focal wall behind the bed.

Are you dying to see the afters? Me too. My eyes are burning having to look at those before photos again.

I went with Accessible Beige again from Sherwin Williams (in satin finish). I used it the first time in my son’s room. I also painted the ceiling in SW Alabaster (flat finish) and hung a brand spankin’ new set of blinds. I’ll round up the blinds info and give you the deets soon on those.

I know it’s not the most crazy fun color ever, but after starting at these crazy colors for more than two months I just really need to get this house entirely neutral so my brain can even begin to process where to go from here. I have been overly stimulated and I feel like I need to live in a nice calm atmosphere for awhile. Also, call me boring betty but I just really love the look of nice crisp neutral walls as a base and then bring in accessories that are bright fun colors.

And cry me a river, but my daughter is so over the pink. She is begging for purple. Time for a complete room overhaul I suppose (all the work I did on her accessories from her last room. Waaaaaa.) At least decorating and crafting is the fun part.

Her room is still about 99% undecorated. I at least have the bed made (give me some credit!). There are exactly zero items hanging on the wall and even the furniture placement is still negotiable. I did purchase a dresser recently that is sitting in my garage awaiting its makeover.

And because nothing is more fun than a side-by-side before and after comparison, here ya go!

Mind blowing, I know. It does help that the before picture was so terrible. Going from white to beige would have been so boring. I should thank the previous owner for being so bold with their paint selections. It makes for a better reveal.

And for all your pinterest junkies out there (raising my hand slowly), I whipped up this image with the paint color name on it in case you want to bookmark this color. No pressure but it’s there if you want it.

Okay, so I have been working on the hall and the hubster’s office too. As soon as I can steal away a few computer minutes I’ll show you those areas as well. Hopefully (finger’s crossed) this Friday morning, but it seems whenever I promise to post on a certain day I almost always get thrown a curve ball, so no promises. Just high hopes.

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  1. The room turned out awesome! I wish I had all the $ in the world so you could come completely redo my house! <3

  2. So nice to see the green gone. I hear ya on one day she likes pink and the next it is purple. PBTeen has some awesome purple designs lately. Perhaps a new challenge? I’m sure you could totally sell your knock off and get a good price on it or integrate the hot pink with purple. You’ll make it work 😉

  3. I used SW Accessible Beige for the first time in our old house (been renting it but will be putting on the market this week). I love how this color goes on light and then dries with a hint of gray. Thinking of painting my daughters room this color too!

  4. MarieRoxanne says:

    The triangles were an interesting “headboard” LOL
    I can hardly wait until it’s decorated, it’s a nice blank canvas to work with.

  5. I really love this color! I hope your daughter is sleeping way better without the neon walls! 😉

  6. Much better than the green! 🙂 Neutral walls are always great because then you can add pops of color with accessories to jazz it up. At least accessories are easier to change than paint. LOL! It looks great! can’t wait to follow along with you as you decorate your new home. 🙂

  7. Way better. Although in pictures the “before” looks alarmingly like my daughter’s current room:) We are over pink here too, but I refuse to redecorate, the “baby” gets a new “big girl” room first, then I’ll redecorate already “done” rooms.

    Barely keeping my eyes open, Haven recovery is killing me!


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