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The PBNBBG door hinges on the new hinges

From the day we closed on this house, my first priority has been to do what I like to call, "Project Brand-New Basic Builder-Grade" (or PBNBBG for short. Just kidding. That acronym is redonkulous). Basically, I want to update this house enough so it feels like we moved into a brand-new, albeit basic builder-grade house. A lot of the basics you take for granted when you move into a house were either gross or broken, or missing. I have spent a lot of time doing busy work such as painting, changing out the light switches and plug outlets (still not done with that one), painting doors, adding … [Read more...]

How to hang a heavy full-length leaner mirror on the wall

Last November when I hosted a local Kirkland's grand opening event I found the perfect mirror for my daughter's room. The mirror has a beveled mirror edge around it and looks glam enough for a tween girl's bedroom. It is a full-length floor leaner mirror, but I wanted it hung on the wall. Here's the pretty beveled edge: The mirror came with a stand on the back so that it could stand freely on the ground while leaning a bit. I wanted it hanging on the wall, but the stand on the back was in the way. It also didn't come with any hanging brackets, so I had to add that as … [Read more...]

The master bathroom is looking a lot less fishy

Hey! Do you remember my master bathroom? Ya, totally not my favorite color in the world. It reminds me of salmon. No thanks. Well, I shared a post today over at True Value's blog, Start Right, Start Here (this link only works from a computer, not a device ie: phone, tablet, etc), about how paint can totally transform a room. And guess what room got a new paint makeover? This guy. Click on through (this link only works from a computer, not a device ie: phone, tablet, etc) to see the new paint color. Now it's time to bring in the decor and make this place really shine! … [Read more...]

Craftsman style moulding makes me happy

Hey y'all! How the heck are ya? Hopefully not freezing to death. Even in Austin, where it's usually H-O-T, it has been so fr-fr-fr-freezing cold I can hardly stand it. I'm so used to hot weather that I pretty much just shut down and hibernate if the temps get below 50 degrees. I seriously cannot stand cold weather! Well, fortunately Saturday the weather gods shined upon us for one glorious day and we had temps in the high 70s. As soon as I felt that warm air, it light a fire under me and I started a project I've drooled about for 9 months now. The last time I mentioned our living room it … [Read more...]