How to hang a heavy full-length leaner mirror on the wall

Last November when I hosted a local Kirkland’s grand opening event I found the perfect mirror for my daughter’s room. The mirror has a beveled mirror edge around it and looks glam enough for a tween girl’s bedroom. It is a full-length floor leaner mirror, but I wanted it hung on the wall.

Here’s the pretty beveled edge:

The mirror came with a stand on the back so that it could stand freely on the ground while leaning a bit.

I wanted it hanging on the wall, but the stand on the back was in the way. It also didn’t come with any hanging brackets, so I had to add that as well.

On the under-side of the stand were two very small hinges that I removed with a screwdriver. From there I needed to figure out a way to hang it on the wall.

I bought this cleat picture hanging system on Amazon (affiliate link). It supports more than enough weight for the mirror, plus it allows the mirror to sit almost flush against the wall.

The cleat has two pieces – one attaches to the back of the mirror, and the other attaches to the wall. Installing the cleat was really easy, and it came with pretty short screws which alleviated my concerns about drilling into the back of a mirror. I would be so upset if the mirror had cracked. Fortunately the cleat attached just fine and the mirror stayed intact. No 7 years bad luck for me. Whew.

Before I attached the other piece to the wall, I first added some of my favorite heavy duty wall anchors, EZ Anchors (affiliate link). If I need a wall anchor, I will ONLY use these. They are so easy to use and are so much better than the little crappy ones that usually come with any kit.

From there I attached the 2nd half of the cleat. After that you just hang the mirror directly onto the wall. The cleats hook together and make it instantly secure.

So pretty!

Here’s a wider view so you can see that the mirror is hung between her door and her closet. I am still trying to wrap up loose ends in this room (plug covers, new closet doors, closet makeover, etc).

I really love the elegant mirror paired with the black door and the brushed nickel doorknob.

This is what the mirror looks like from the hall as you walk into her room. The view of it is partially cut off from the door.

After hanging the mirror I decided to go ahead and finish painting the back of her door. Until now most black doors in the house are still white on the opposite side. When I painted all the doors black I mentioned I used satin-finish paint and that I wasn’t very impressed. I’ve been slowly going around adding another coat of paint to all the doors, this time in a semi-gloss finish which I am much happier with. If you look closely you can tell that my daughter’s door has some shine to it but the door in the hallway doesn’t. I haven’t added a new coat of paint to the hallway door yet.

Just adding this fancy mirror is making her room look so much prettier. I’m still in a bit of a limbo as to where to take her room, so I haven’t really done much additional decorating yet aside from all the painting, new ceiling fan, and new blinds. She doesn’t seem to mind though. She’s just happy to finally have a full-length mirror to prance around in front of. She’s a little bit of a fashionista (I can assure you she did not get her love of fashion from me. I proudly buy clothing at Costco. lol).

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  1. I looove those cleats. They make it much easier to hang a group of items exactly level, too. Nice mirror!

  2. any idea how much the mirror weighs? I bought a scrapbook armoire that can hang on the wall but it already weighs 35 lbs empty. I live in a modular home so I am leery of hanging a heavy item. Can you buy those wall anchors at Home Depot or are they online only? I trust your opinion and would be willing to try both the anchors and cleat if you think they would hold the weight. Thanks

  3. I used a slightly larger version of those hangers (a.k.a. French cleats) to suspend floating Ikea Malm nightstands on each side of our extra-tall master bed. I also used another pair to hang a padded headboard for our guest bedroom’s Queen-sized bed. They work great and hold rock solid!

  4. Love that mirror! It’s adorable!

    We also used that same hanger system, but more heavy duty to hang out headboard in the master bedroom!


    I just did this and it is PERFECT! I got the 18″ cleat, and it was still so simple and now our bedroom is so much more open since the mirror isn’t all shoved away, with the lingerie chest jutting out into what little floor space we have.

  6. Wow, this is such great information! I hate trying to vacuum around the leaning against the wall mirrors and artwork. Thank you very much. And suspending nightstands??!?!?! Great ideas for our little house.

  7. The whole idea of using a cleat system is so you can guarantee
    the wall cleat goes into a wall stud! This is a must or your mirror
    will likely fall off the wall at some point!!

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