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The plans for the new kitchen layout

As promised, I am here to show you the new kitchen layout. I talked about our plans in my first "We're renovating the kitchen!" post last week, but as per the usual, once I published the post with all my plans, I freaked out and changed all the plans. I'm very consistent in my inconsistency. :) I'm going to show you several before photos first to give you a good feel for the space before I show you all the changes we are making. I used painters tape to measure off the new layout and live with it for a week or so to make sure I LOVED it before gutting my entire kitchen and building the new … [Read more...]

More kitchen demo & updates

Hey guys! This kitchen renovation is in full force around here. As promised, I'm back with a few more updates so you can follow along in as close to real-time as I can muster. Monday night the cabinet maker... (and his assisstant? Helper? Friend? I'm not sure exactly who the other guy was. He only spoke Spanish and the extent of my Spanish is "Hola! Como estas? Muy Bien! Y too?". … [Read more...]

Let the kitchen demo begin!

This weekend we demo'd the kitchen. In order to save some money we've decided to do as much work ourselves as possible (plus, hello! I'm a DIYer!!). We've hired out for the big stuff (cabinets, countertops, electrical work, etc), but we will also be DIYing as much as we can. We started by removing all the upper cabinets. I helped unscrew them all while Ben and Travis took them to the garage. We tried to remove everything as carefully as possible because we are going to try sell everything on Craigslist. Removing the kitchen took a little longer than expected though because, hello! … [Read more...]

Let’s talk kitchens. Or more specifically, my kitchen renovation.

The kitchen renovation begins! Can I get a holla?! After months and MONTHS of planning every last detail of a new kitchen, we are ready to pull the trigger. This is only a small sampling of all the hand-drawn layouts I've done in the past 10 months leading up to this renovation. And none of these are even the final drawing either! Before we bought this house, we fell in love with the house, the layout, the 1+ acre property, and many other things. There is one thing we haven't loved though... the kitchen. It is an awkward layout, the breakfast area is too small for a table to fit … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: cleaning out the rain gutters

(I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.) One big job I've wanted to tackle since moving in is cleaning out the rain gutters. For some reason, presumably leaves and debris, they overflow when it rains yet hardly any water actually exits the downspout. I finally got up the energy and … [Read more...]