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Cabinets! We have lots and lots of cabinets!!

Guys, I am SO SORRY for the radio silence the past week and a half! I've had terrible server and hosting issues and the blog kept going down repeatedly (it's actually been an ongoing issue for more than a month, but the past almost-two-weeks has been the worst). Anyway, sorry about that. Hopefully the blog will be more stable from now on. The day finally arrived. The apex of the entire kitchen renovation. WE GOT OUR CABINETS! Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited? Thirty days from demo day 1 the new cabinets were installed. The cabinets arrived over the course of two days and came … [Read more...]

Putting everything back together again

This kitchen renovation is kicking our rear. So much prepping in order to get ready for cabinets. Let's see, where was I when I last left off? Oh, right... thinset, framing, and plumbing. As soon as the thinset was removed from the floor, John the Builder (man I get a kick out of calling him that because it sounds like Bob the Builder) had the drywall installers over here. In fact, they were a day early! I always hear horror stories about renovations taking 10x longer than expected, and workers being delayed by days or weeks. Lots of the waiting game. We haven't experienced any of that at … [Read more...]

The best way to remove Thinset from a cement foundation

In addition to renovating completely gutting and starting over in our kitchen, we are also replacing all the flooring in the common areas of the house (kitchen, entryway, family room, dining room, hallway). The majority of the house has tile so it had to be removed first. Ben and our son, Travis, spent several days with sledgehammers breaking up all the tile. We were then left with thinset under the tile, adhered to the cement foundation. Thinset is an adhesive mortar made of cement, fine sand, and a water-retaining agent. It is usually used to attach tile to cement. I did … [Read more...]

We’ve got pocket doors, counter-height walls, and under-cabinet lighting!

The kitchen renovation continues! We are just plugging right along, trying to live our normal lives amidst this chaos and dust. It's been so much work, and living in a house during a major renovation is definitely not for the weary or faint of heart! After we finished demoing and filling up the huge dumpster, it was time to prep for the framers and electrician. I did as much as I could before they all arrived in order to cut down on the cost. Time is money so if I can remove drywall for them, or cut down some studs or something, they won't be here as long and we save money. In order for … [Read more...]

The art of filling up a huge dumpster

Last weekend was "Project: fill up the huge dumpster". There is no way we were ever going to fill up a 20 cubic yard dumpster so we went around to a few neighbors and offered for them to throw away any junk they may have. 'Cause 20 cubic yards is a lot of space, y'all. Step 1: Dump all the tile we'd already chipped. This became more of a production than intended though considering each can weighed a LOT. Like, if I had to guess? 200 pounds. Okay, maybe less, but they were heavy. Each can took two people plus a heavy duty moving dolly but eventually all the cans were dumped. After … [Read more...]

I bought propane and propane accessories, I tell you what.

Guys, we are getting a propane tank. We have officially graduated to country folk. You might as well call us Hank and Peggy Hill. Travis is now Bobby. I'm not sure I can get on board with Kinsey being Luanne though. Hmmm. (If you reading from an RSS reader, to view the video embedded you must click through to my actual blog. Sorry!) Neither of us grew up in the country, so this whole "country living" thing is a learning experience for us. Now that we are renovating our kitchen we figured it wouldn't hurt to get a quick estimate from a local propane company. Our last house had a gas … [Read more...]