Come hang out with me! Video walk-through house tour + meet our new pet Lily

Hey guys! My entire house is actually clean, so I made a video tour! Have you ever wanted to walk through my house with me? Well now is your big chance. 🙂

It’s kinda long (13 min) but not only will you see my whole house, you will be video bombed by my kids a few times (they are super adorbs so it’s worth it) and will also meet our newest pet, little kitty Lily (also super adorbs).

If you can’t see the video, you can click here to watch it.)

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  1. I didn’t make it all the way through the video yet. But it’s super cute so far. But, Did i miss something? Why is there a lock box on your front door? Are you moving agaiN?

  2. Where did you get your cute topiaries from?

  3. Thanks for sharing your house with us! It’s beautiful. Kenzie on the swing was awesome!

  4. Your house is beautiful! How did you get the whole thing clean at once?! That is my goal before I die!

  5. Loved the tour. You have done a really nice job. Good to see you.

  6. Thanks for showing us your new home. I still remember how unsure you were in making the move. How are you adjusting to your new country life? Looks great. Love to see the updates that you have made to your house, making it “Your” home. We moved right after you did, and I am still adjusting…… to our move further away from everyone. And still trying to make our house, a home for us to enjoy. Ah, so many things we have planned to do yet. Looks like you have pretty much finished remodeling now? I always look forward to every one of your blogs. Keep them coming when you have time. Again, thanks for sharing, what many would consider more private areas of their home for others to see. Great job!

  7. Thanks for the tour! I actually had the kid’s hallway going to the right (with the game room and office switched), and the master to the left of the living area in my mind. I’m a “visual” person, so this helped a lot. Looking forward to more posts!

  8. I love the tour – thanks so much. I noticed the lock box as well – are you moving?

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