A video walk through of our new Colorado house!

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Hey friends, guess what! It’s VIDEO House Tour Time!

Remember when I posted pictures of our new house? Well, still pictures are like, so last year, so I did a full-on video walk through tour of our new house.

And before you watch it, I have to say this next part in all-caps. I apologize in advance. IT’S MY FAVORITE VIDEO I’VE EVER MADE. I am getting obsessed with youtube. It is so fun making videos. OMGersh. I love it.

Here’s the video!

If you are having trouble viewing this video, click here to watch it. Also, do me a solid and give this video a THUMBS UP! It’s one click. You can do it!

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See all the “before” pictures of the house again here.

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  1. OMG……BEST. Video. EVER!! LOL about the carpet in the bathroom. Being the OCD “germaphobe” I am, I almost gagged even thinking about that. I was also laughing about your adjustment to the high altitude at the end of the video. I can guarantee I will watch that video more than once! Love it! I can’t wait to see what you do to your beautiful house.

  2. Cute house! And I’m excited that you’ll have more projects to tell us about! I also noticed your shirt – do you guys have a Tuft & Needle mattress? We need a new mattress and I have been seriously debating trying one of theirs!

    • Molly, you have an Eagle Eye! As soon as I realized I had that shirt on I changed. haha! Yes, we have three Tuft&Needle mattresses actually. We really love them. They aren’t quite as soft as my Tempurpedic but I’ve also had it for a few years and have broken it in whereas the T&N mattresses are brand new. I purchased my 3 mattresses and am not affiliated with T&N at all. They just sent me a t-shirt because I guess they are excited that I ordered 3 mattresses? Yes, we love them, and if you order through their website (not amazon) you get 100 days to return the mattress for a full refund if you hate it so it’s pretty much a win/win.

      • Good to know, thank you! I’ve read a few reviews, but they’re all people who got the mattresses for free, and it’s a big purchase to make on the opinions of someone who got it for free – even though I know they try to be unbiased, I know I would have a hard time if it was me!

        • I completely agree and this is why generally I try to just buy it myself and then do a review. Every once in awhile I will yield on that, but generally I tell companies I will just pay for it myself. I want an honest review that people can trust.

  3. Haha! Loved it! We have the same favorite house feature: carpeted bathrooms!!! I just looooove my kids carpeted bath. You hit the nail on the head: giant towel. Who could not love that? GAG. Must. Rip. Carpet. Out SOON. Ours is much worse shape than yours, just to add to the beauty. …On the other hand, we lack your tub-step, so maybe we’re even. : ) This is going to be SO FUN to see what you do with your house!!!!!!

    • I think builders go with carpeted bathrooms because it’s cheaper than a heated floor? Other than that theory I got nuthin’. It’s super gross though. Sigh. I am looking forward to remodeling this whole house but I also want to take it kinda slow because I’m sick of living in a construction zone!

  4. Amber Mitchell says:

    I love the runner heading to your garage! I believe I have the same 😀

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