How to clean baked-on film off a glass cooktop

When we moved into our new (to us) house in Colorado, the glass cooktop had this gross baked-on film around each burner. After lots of elbow grease, trying every cleaning product under the sun, and some unconventional techniques, I finally figured out how to get all that gross film cleaned up.

Watch the following video to learn now to clean a glass cooktop!

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  1. Not to rain on your parade but you can purchase an inexpensive plastic holder to house those blades which allows you a bit more leverage when scraping. Great results on your cooktop!

    • PS If you can’t find one, I will look up here (Ontario, Canada) and be happy to pop one in the mail to you. ~Bonnie~

    • Bonnie, thanks for the suggestion! I do own a few of them but I never use them because a) I can’t find them when I need them, and/or b) I don’t have as much control or leverage over the razor blade when using one. It is a good idea to try to use one though.

  2. Diana Wilcox says:

    I don’t have a glass topped stove, so I haven’t researched this at all. Also, you might have objections to using chemicals. But what I do for glass baking dishes might work, here. I use Fume-Free Max Easy Off. I also use it, on occasion, on my S S cookware. It can’t be used on aluminum (which it looks like your burners are), but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on glass. A nice job on your stove, though. What have you used on the burners & covers? I’ve read that sticking the covers in zip loc bags with ammonia or vinegar works.

  3. There is hope!! OBVIOUSLY, it turned out beautifully … but can you talk to the faint of heart about how it didn’t scratch the glass?

  4. I really don’t like the squeaky sound when scraping off the foil using the razor blade! Lol. Good job on your stove though.

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